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  1. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 3- Ilohir and Kelius

    I agree with cmk's observations of the gallants so far. I also think the story is much better than the bio made it sound.
  2. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 2- Intros and Madhal

    Good chapter I don't really like this first gallant. To me the one from the mountains really stood out though not just cause he was late.
  3. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 1- Gallant Sindri

    Interesting start! On to the next chapter.😍
  4. Lizzydolphin37


    Yes yes inquiring minds want to know if even have jobs on pips planet. Theres no mention of anything like that there.
  5. Lizzydolphin37


    I'm reading this for the 5th or 6th time now, love this story lol, and was wondering do tilbei and pip both have abilities like star fish?
  6. Lizzydolphin37

    Back Together Again

    It is exceedingly lovely to be back with the Curries. I was very happy to see Ricky seems to have a very nice lady in his life now. Looking forward to many more chapters to come.😍😍
  7. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 2 - Duck

    Thanks Bill. I am so happy to hear that can't wait to read it, but it will be a bit cause I am still re-reading the rest. I am really glad you are continuing the story.😍
  8. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 2 - Duck

    This is my third time reading through the castaway series, I first found it on nifty then here also. Just wanted to tell you I love this story and hope you continue castaway next generation.
  9. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 15 Stark

    This made me feel like child again. I remember so many nights like that. Thanks for sharing this with us Gary. It was dark and a bit scary but wonderfully written.πŸ˜…
  10. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Having a new puppy can be such a joy. Companionship without the complications and difficulties that human companions can sometimes bring. Congratulations Gary πŸŽ‰.
  11. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 22

    I have read through all current chapters of this story several times now and yet this one still brings tears to my eyes. Why did Gizmo have to die😭😭
  12. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 17.2

    Another great chapter Caz! I can't wait to find out what Fran has been up to, with who or what, and what just happened to Meg. Thanks as always for sharing Caz!
  13. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 65 Engaging

    Wow this one really hits home for me right now, we just got 6 inches of snow here and and the high this morning was 18 degrees, 4 with wind chill but the sun on the snow was beautiful. I just refuse to leave the house lol.
  14. Lizzydolphin37


    Thanks for the new chapter. Was a bit kinky lol. I hope Munk can help turn Gal into a much nicer sepida. I did miss reading about the other two couples in this chapter, hopefully they will be back next chapter, which I hope is soon😍😍.
  15. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 64 Shields Up

    That was very good Gary. I don't really read a lot of poetry but this one really struck a cord for me. Thanks for sharing.

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