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  1. Thanks for the hard work to keep this great site running properly.
  2. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 16

    This chapter was so awesome, I was not expecting Louie to find a mate that was really cool. She is a real hot head though. I'm so happy that Louie can talk to them and understand them now can't wait to what happens next. 😍😍
  3. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 15

    Wonderful chapter! I can't believe Zane and Adrian are cousins,I really hope they get to meet up soon, maybe on jaspers home planet which I think is probably also Phenners home. Can't wait till the next chapter to see how the language chip works out for Louie and Zane. I really hope it will work for louie considering he isn't classified as sentient. Thanks for another really great chapter😍.
  4. Lizzydolphin37


    Oh my he is so gorgeous!
  5. Lizzydolphin37

    The Buckle

    Well I hate to repeat what everyone else said but here I go anyway, great story like all your others, would love to see you add to it. I also read all your stories between several different sites every couple months. Would love to see you posting new stories also. Thanks for sharing Rob.
  6. Lizzydolphin37


    Elias had gone from nit wanting mates to not being able to keep his hands off each new one lol!
  7. Lizzydolphin37

    The Trial

    Well I did like the third punishment, but still I really don't trust that clan, and what about the council member who wouldn't look him in the eye? That's fishy! Anyway I can't fully express how much I enjoyed this wonderful and unique story. Can't wait to read the next addition. You are an awesome author thanks so much for sharing β€οΈπŸ’—πŸ’—
  8. Lizzydolphin37

    Blood and Tears

    Well I'm late to the party also, hadn't seen your stories and such before during searches till Timothy M told me about you and the collaboration with you so I came and decided to read this story first. I am so glad I did. This chapter almost caused an anxiety attack though lol. Really intense.. loved it though. Thanks for sharing I am off to read the last chapter now!
  9. Lizzydolphin37


    All I'm going to say is that man was sick!!!
  10. Lizzydolphin37

    One More Day

    Aahhhh what the he*l!!! No no no this can't be happening! I'm afraid to read the next chapter 😬
  11. Lizzydolphin37

    Close Call

    Wowee temper, that doctor was something else though. Plus a possibly contaminated needle, ick. The doctor was obviously part of the faction that wants rid of the king. So loving this story ❀️.
  12. Lizzydolphin37


    Very interesting. This story is so unique!
  13. Yeahhh you tell it to him straight Noel, you are you just maybe with a bit of a twist lol.
  14. Lizzydolphin37

    Flare of Power

    I don't like that woman I hope she isn't around much.
  15. Lizzydolphin37

    The Letter

    Wow very unique story premise. I have not read anything even similar, very cool. On to the next chapter!
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