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  1. I love this chapter so much. Only happy tears this time!
  2. This chapter still brings tears to my eyes!
  3. I'm currently Re-reading all the old castaway chapters on my way reading all the stuff I haven't read. Just wanted to let you know I still love this story and its many great characters.
  4. Reading again for the third time. I love this series. I hope you write more unison island stories soon.
  5. I cried also so sad yet he doesn't want all their friends knowing. Poor little rauf he sounds adorable but still traumatized I think with reinforcement from Anton and Stephen they will get him through it. I really hope that shooting star was good omen also. Wonderful and emotional chapter lomax thank you.
  6. Lizzydolphin37

    Jaymes & Nathan

    Another lovely chapter. Getting frisky in the tub can be a lot of fun but almost always makes a real big mess😅😅
  7. Lizzydolphin37


    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us Lomax. ❤❤❤❤
  8. Lizzydolphin37


    Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh! I love it!
  9. Lizzydolphin37


    Ohhhh what a great surprise i absolutely loved this chapter!❤
  10. Lizzydolphin37


    Loved it. Thanks lomax
  11. Lizzydolphin37


    Fete here we come lol😂
  12. Lizzydolphin37


    Wow did Nathan kick butt or what! Poor Doris but I think she knew it was coming what with that note to nathan and all.
  13. Lizzydolphin37


    Woohoo go Nathan tell it like it really is honey😂
  14. Lizzydolphin37


    I'm glad Nathan finally knows what happened to his mother but i think his father is a real ass for telling him what happened and leaving him to think up bad scenarios about his mother.
  15. Lizzydolphin37


    Great chapter though you scared me to death😳
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