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  1. Its a damn shame they took away the negative reputation button because you earned it tonight buddy.

    1. codywaustin


      Sorry I offended you.

  2. Devistated with the events in Florida. In shock. Greiving for those I don't even know. Heartbroken.

  3. I got rejected from MENSA. Not smart enough. I am now depressed AND stupid.

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    2. sandrewn


      I just reread what I wrote to you.What it is supposed to mean, is Mensa is of no importance,so who really cares about them. Not me!!! Nor should you.

    3. codywaustin


      Thank you, that does make me feel better! Not sure I even want to be part of them now if they ask.! HA!

    4. Shane


      Chin up cody hun! Your a smart guy in my opinion !

  4. Hello All, I apologize I can't figure out how to reply to each of your comments individually. As has previously been established, I am an idiot *HA!*. Anyway, thank you all for your encouraging comments and suggestions. I am putting the whole "amount of sex" concern out of mind and concentrating on finishing the story. Again, thanks for taking the time to give me your insight. Thankfully, Cody
  5. Not so good weekend.

    1. Mikiesboy


      Aw.. sorry to hear that cody.

  6. Hey Ron, Thank you very much for your insight. I appreciate it and will take it to heart. It's great to hear your advise and perspective. Regards, Cody
  7. It's Memorial Day weekend. We had a big family reunion/BBQ planned for this weekend, but, a lot of the family can't make it because of the flooding. My youngest brother and my Aunt both live between Austin and Houston and that entire area is in VERY bad shape. Plus, in the last few days they have had some terrible tornadoes there as well. So, the entire weekend kind of got cancelled. It's a real bummer because I was really looking forward to seeing the extended family. It's given me some more free time to work on my story. It's coming along pretty good. I think it's a pretty good story, but, I am biased of course. I am trying to make it a very character driven story with an interesting and unique premise. I am a bit worried about the amount of sex in the story. There isn't much and it doesn't go into great detail. I want to publish it on GA and Nifty, but, I am wondering whether or not it will appeal to these audiences since it has so little sex. But, at the same time, because it has ANY gay sex in it, the story really doesn't appeal to the mass market. I am afraid I am writing a story that no one will want to read. It's a little discouraging, but, I am trying not to think about it too much. My goal is just to finish the story. That will be a major accomplishment for me. I will be very disappointed if only 2 or 3 people read it, but, oh well, it's not like I am trying to make money I am just trying to tell a story. I am spending quite a bit of time on the GA chat in the evenings. It's pretty interesting. I have also discovered the PROMPTS. I am committed to writing a quick blurb on the next FIRST LINE PROMPT. Pretty scared, but, excited about it. That's enough verbal vomit for now. Take care, Cody
  8. Well... I enjoyed this very much. It was extremely creative, nicely written and was easy to read. A job well done.! But, I wish it had another chapter, because I would love to know who the gifts were from? Tease. Best Regards, Cody
  9. Can't wait for the holiday weekend BBQ!

  10. codywaustin

    Chapter 20

    Hello Zenith, Really good chapter. One of my favorite so far.! Can't wait to find out what happens with the kid that was shot. Take care, Cody
  11. @Valkyrie, @skinnydragon Thanks for your comments! I am really excited and have already started writing it, I have no idea how long it's going to take. I am trying to create a story that's kind of new and unique, it's going to be difficult. I can't wait to get it out. But, I have promised myself I won't publish any of it until the entire thing is done because as a reader, I hate starting a story and having the author just drop it and leave me hanging.
  12. The weather is unseasonably cold. I mean really cold. We are used to being in the high 80s or low 90s (F), but it is currently in the 50s (F). I had already shut off the fireplace and central furnace and had to relight them. It has been raining for 6 days straight. We DON'T get rain here like this. It's crazy. After my car accident I decided to get a new vehicle. I got a new Ford F-150 King Cab. It is so cool. I love it. First new car I have had in 14 years. I wish I knew how to bottle that new car smell. There is nothing like it. Luckily, I haven't had any adverse effects from the car accident. No new bad dreams or trauma. All is good. Good news, I finished the 26 chapter outline for my story "The Trial's of Sterling." It's about a kid that was abandoned when he was a 5 year old kid. Bounced around from orphanage to foster homes and finally found himself at a State Home for Children when he was 16 years old. He was then accused and subsequently found guilty of murdering another kid at the State Home and tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison without parole. 15 Years Later he is 100% completely exonerated of the charges and set free to live life on his own. My story starts with his release from prison as a 31 year old, and his struggle to join, exist and survive in the modern day society. Fun, fun, fun... don't you wish you knew what happens next? Stay tuned while I write the story... I only hope I can make it as awesome as it is in my mind.. I guess we will see. Take care everyone and have a great week.! I will post again soon. Regards, Cody
  13. codywaustin

    Chapter 19

    I love these characters and this story. I must admit that this was not my favorite chapter in the series. It seemed a bit rushed and disconnected. But, I can't wait to see what happens next. Regards, Cody
  14. My rain dance finally paid off.! God does have a since of humor.

  15. Rain, Rain, finally some Rain!

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