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  1. BETAS Boys enjoy trying all sexual OFFRS
  2. QUICK Quickly up inside Calvin's kinky SHRTS
  3. Ivor Slipper


    Thanks for the compliment @Daddydavek It is meant to be 'fun' story.
  4. Ivor Slipper


    Glad I attracted you. I can promise there will be an ending, simply because it is already written! It is just a question of waiting for that point to arrive. I agree with you about "Would I Lie to You", although I think it is Lee Mack who is the standout.
  5. Ivor Slipper


    George did have several books published, but that was some years ago and they are now all out of print. As for me, I have never reached those heights.
  6. Ivor Slipper


    Pleased to hear it. The boys will definitely keen to read what George writes next seeing how much they've enjoyed replicating what he wrote in the last one. But perhaps they have some ideas of their own?
  7. Ivor Slipper


    Thanks @Gary L Appreciate the comment.
  8. Ivor Slipper


    I guess that tickled your fancy @drsawzall 😁 Pleased you are enjoying it.
  9. Ivor Slipper


    Yep, the boys are smart enough to only reveal to each other. George will have to use his imagination, but then he's used to doing that as an author! Jake's no fool, getting in Mrs Travers' good books. Who knows she might be prepared to have him come again?
  10. Contact is Established George had submitted his story to the site earlier in the week. It wasn't a site that allowed authors to post stories themselves, so he had to wait until it appeared. He was though quietly confident that because his first story had been accepted, there would not be any problems with this one. Even so it brought back memories of when he used to submit manuscripts of his books to publishers. It had taken many attempts before his first book had been a
  11. George decides to respond to the second email he receives from jebanke69.
  12. FISTS Fellatio is sometimes the satisfctory RSULT
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