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  1. Thank's for commenting, hopefully this extract has answered many questions.
  2. As i said there is plans for a spin-off, i laid some bread crumbs much earlier in the story of where the spin-off will be. I may do some shorter stories within the New Dawn Universe, but at some point I will do a sequel but i'm taking a break from Sci-Fi for a little while.
  3. I thought many people would be surprised by Matty and Tobi, but I wanted the boy to be a tech millionaire and get at least one of the Walker Brothers.
  4. I have plans for a spin-off and a sequel at some point, but other projects await. Thank you for reading my story.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to read.
  6. Extracts from: The Hero who Saved us, by Myke Davis Today I’m sat here with Admiral Alexander Walker-Greyson as he retires from service after nearly thirty-five years. He became an unlikely hero at age fifteen when the world was invaded by the Cataii. Admiral Walker-Greyson’s father and the British military created Project OPGrowth, children from eleven to sixteen who would be the hope of the future should an emergency befall the world. However, Earth was invaded far sooner than the British military expected. He took command of Fort Walker and provided sanctuary in a period of
  7. As Chapter Twenty-seven seems to have left a lot of questions I will be posting an extra chapter in the next day or two to answer some of those questions.

  8. 25th December 2031 “Mac, are you ready to go? The car is ready,” Sarah called into my office. I saved the document I was working on and closed the laptop down. I grabbed my bookbag with several important documents in it and my coat before I met Sarah out in the main hall. In the last few months, she had taken to being my Personal Assistant when not working with the Science geeks. It had been three months since that fateful day when the Alien ships were destroyed. We had lost all contact with the team on board, and I had feared the worse. My mind went back to that day
  9. Westarcher

    Chapter 26

    Thanks for the wonderful comment, I'm really glad you enjoy the story. The Last chapter should be out soon and you'll find out what happens.
  10. Westarcher

    Chapter 26

    Thank you, I appreciate the comments. I'm pleased that you are so invested in the characters, means i've done my job correctly. I hope to have the next chapter out next sunday (7th March) so you won't have to wait too long.
  11. Westarcher

    Chapter 26

    Yep, the last chapter will be a bit more sedate.
  12. Westarcher

    Chapter 26

    thank you, Iknew people weren't going to be happy with this ending. I'm not going to tell you whether they live or die, but it won't be too long before the final chapter is published.
  13. I stared at the scene in front of me; five tall Cataii were cowering with Tobi pointing his handgun at them. He was nervous, I could just see the gun quivering slightly, but at least he had the safety off. His face looked calm though I’m pretty sure he was terrified. The soldier Cataii lay on the floor, dying, his blood oozing out of him. “Alex, is that you?” the voice sounded again, drawing me back to the bed. Unbelievably my best friend Kobe was lying on the bed hooked up to several monitors, wearing a hospital-type gown. He didn’t look any different from when I had last seen him near
  14. Hi everyone, I'm currently cleaning up chapters at the moment. As of 16.22 on 16/02 I have cleaned up chapters 1-16 and reposted 1-5. It's mostly grammer with a few mistakes in regards to names, etc. i should have the next 11 chapters re-posted in few days.

    Check out my blog for extras and my other story, Harry Potter and the Black Family Legacy:


  15. Westarcher

    Chapter 10

    Thanks, i'm sure most parents will still tell their kids not to swim after eating. Thank's though for the information, i will have to look up the science behind it.
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