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  1. You never know, Rev Kirk may contact the regional council and explain how Rev Belem is not a good fit and would cause a mass exodus from the congregation. Rev Kirk might put enough of a scare into them with the loss of tithing to the church that regional council will intercede and remove Rev Belec before Rev Kirk leaves after Christmas. One can only hope that will happen. I take it that Joshie will be getting Coal in his stocking this year. 🤣 As always Bill thank you for the great story.
  2. I meant to ask this a few weeks ago, but if my memory is correct this book is taking place in the end of 2019. How or are you going the handle COVID in this story? A friend has started to read these stories from the beginning and was very upset at the deaths of Cody and Brent. I had to remind him that they may not be physically with the family anymore but they are watching over them all the same. Keep up the great story telling.
  3. Bill, Thank you for continuing you saga of the Currie Family. I love your approach of using different character telling the story. Please keep up the great work and thank you again.
  4. Bill, I know how hard it is to write this series without it becoming repetitive. I have enjoyed reading your stories of Josh and the boys. All through their joys and also through their despair. When you continued the story with a Danny and Brandon taking over the Castaway Hotel I was very happy. It has been a great series and while my hope is that you would at least tell the story of Danny and Brandon's wedding. I understand that you may just want to end it here. Again thank you for sharing your story within us. Jon
  5. Dewilmnative

    Another Milestone

    Bill, wow on what an emotional chapter. I was tearing up while reading it. I think it was very nice of the boys to want they adoption day to fall on Josh's Birthday. Please keep up the good work. I know how much time and effort you put into this story and I want you to know it is appreciated. Jon
  6. Dewilmnative


    Bill, Great chapter, it was good to meet the parents of all the Friends. I hope you continue to report on the fugitive that survived the gun battle. Jon
  7. Great chapter Bill, I like the way you are building the relationship between Owen and Ryan.
  8. Dewilmnative

    New Horizons

    Bill, Another great chapter. Big changes are in store for Ryan and Owen's relationship.
  9. Dewilmnative

    Problem Solving

    I agree that it would be great if Frankie found these two and brought the to justice. Keep up the great work Bill. Jon
  10. Dewilmnative

    Troubling Times

    Bill, Thank you for another great chapter with the Currie Clan. It is terrible what happened to Ryan during the game, but I am very proud that he controlled himself and went to talk to his coach and let the Adults handle the situation. Bigots are everywhere these days and the make themselves feel important by talking down to people they feel are below them. It's a sad commentary that we see everyday in the media. Again thank you for a great chapter. Jon
  11. Bill, Another great chapter! Great to see you figured out a way for both Benny and Ryan to join the family at the same time. I remember the difficultly you wrote about where Danny and Brandon trying to decide how to present the certificate to Benny and not make Ryan feel left out. As for the story of David, while I feel some remorse for his current situation, Karma in a B*t%h. I also do hope that the police find the jerks who assaulted Ian. If it is the same group that vandalized Elloitt's car then they need to be charged as a hate crime for both incidents. That way they will go away for a very long time. Jon
  12. Dewilmnative

    Summer Fun

    Bill, Thank you for the great read. I grew up near Hersehey and have great memories of the park. I know that I have told you this before but I really do like the way you have written Owen into the story. Please keep up the great work.
  13. Dewilmnative

    Staying Over

    Bill, Great chapter! I like the way you are writing Owen into the story, but could there be tragedy in the future for Ryan and Owen? Jon
  14. Dewilmnative


    Bill, Thanks for the great chapter! Jon
  15. Bill, Thank you for another great chapter. It is always good fto get away from the drama of day to day existence. Jon
  16. I love the ideas you come up with for the birthday celebrations. I hope that Ryan is able to control his urges I am starting to worry about him. As alway great chapter Bill.
  17. Dewilmnative

    Uneasy Times

    Great chapter Bill. By the way did I ever tell you I hate Cliff Hangers! 😜
  18. Dewilmnative


    Bill, First of all great chapter. I had a similar experience to Benny's when I was 5 or 6, I was hiding from my older brother in a cedar closet and couldn't get the door to open, really scary for a kid my age. You wrote it beautifully. Please keep up the good work. Jon
  19. Bill, thank you for the great chapter. Can't wait to read about Spring Break. Jon
  20. Dewilmnative

    A Change of Heart

    Great chapter Bill. I hope Ryan takes Danny's advise seriously.
  21. Dewilmnative

    Interesting Times

    Wow, the way that Ryan is adjusting to the being at the Cast Away is simply amazing. I hope that he will continue becoming a valued member of the family. Just as Wesley said above I am glad they made it back to Church. Thanks for the great chapter.
  22. Dewilmnative

    An Unusual Week

    Bill, What a fantastic chapter. Thank you! Jon
  23. Bill, What a great way to bring Josh home and a very touching ending to the chapter. ?
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