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  1. Kapucinski

    Chapter 11

    No worries, I'm huge Nine Inch Nails fan
  2. Kapucinski

    Chapter 11

    I like Jett even more now, a fellow AC/DC fan 💗. You sure know how to write your characters, and now I expect nothing less than some more You Shook me all night long action
  3. I just love this story, it's so refreshing how Kai and Sebsatian just go with the flow and don't ruminate on "how did I got here". Thank you so much for sharing
  4. Yes, Matt is a fearless accountant
  5. Love this story (OK, I love all your stories) I just can't get over the little hacker
  6. Kapucinski

    Chapter 44

    Thank you so much for this story, you are a very talented storyteller
  7. “How much do we love Seamus?” Matt stretched Aidan’s hands into the air. “We love Seamus this much.” Yes we all love him this much. Aidan is a great "catalys", he will bring them together for sure. I'm a bit worried because they are a little family already and it's only chapter 4, this will go sideways at some point, I'm stressing already, sorry. And I kind of dislike Gibbs too...
  8. Thank you so much for this happy chapter, I fell all mushy inside After heraing wedding bells for Adrian & Edward there was no other way than marry Shane & Jared. I predict 3 weddings or I'm a bicycle
  9. Kapucinski


    This will be a very long week...
  10. Kapucinski

    Chapter 23

    Me too, you almost gave me a stroke and a heartattack
  11. Kapucinski

    A Little Heat

    Yes, exactly. Let Edward suffer or at least stew a bit, please?! I think Adrian is the most vulnerable of the 3 friends, even if he doesn't (want to) appear so. I really feel so bad for him, after reading the chapter last night I couldn't sleep, maybe I get too attached to some characters. Problably some side effect of the lockdown in our country...
  12. Kapucinski

    A Little Heat

    No way, Adrian shouldn't work harder, he should ignore the old fool
  13. Kapucinski

    Chapter 9

    Your writing is great, I just love this story (and all the other stories you wrote). Waiting (not so patiently) for a marmelade & cream chapter! Thank you
  14. Kapucinski

    Chapter 2

    Agree! Bev is really not very likable at the moment
  15. Kapucinski

    Dark Chills

    I was holding my breath until almost the end, took a breath and now I'm holding it again, this is just too much for me... Very well written, as always
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