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  1. Kapucinski

    Dark Chills

    I was holding my breath until almost the end, took a breath and now I'm holding it again, this is just too much for me... Very well written, as always
  2. Kapucinski

    Chapter 21

    The ordeal is not over, I'm afraid. Mann lets his characters suffer until we get crazy with worries, it's his speciaility. And cliffhangers of course. Great written piece of torture for me at least
  3. Thank you for posting so soon. This chapter makes me sad, Nash sounds depressed, the good thing is he's trying to establish some boundaries for the meddling family, hope it helps. Still, give them and us some hope,. Penn should be mature enough by now and see Nash for who and what he really is, not some precious statue on a pedestal. It was cold up there for poor Nash. Hope you are doing OK with other circumstances
  4. Nash's POV will be very appreciated, thank you. Please send food for my brain soon
  5. I liked Nashs POV, I can relate to him better. But saying that, it's good to see the other side. You are the master of their destiny do what you like, just get rid of Lee, please...
  6. Are you insane?! My heart just stopped, I need a defibrilator, pronto!
  7. I'm so glad you are OK Mrsgnomie, I have a vivid imagination and I pictured all sorts of things happening to you and your family, so hearing from you is such a relief. Now to the story, well, I really hope this is going where I think it's going. I have to agree with pvtguy If not, then not. But if I'm right and my "mathematics" are correct, there is no way for them not to end up together. Because you promissed HEA and if Penn ends up with Jason, who is there for Nash?! I don't see no deus ex machina here
  8. Kapucinski

    I’m Not Okay

    Great chapter! I feel kind of sorry for Andrew, even if he's beeing a jerk right now. Your characters are always many-dimensional, I can feel the fear and sorrow in his defensiveness. It's fear, not malice in his words, I guess. And I feel kind of sorry for Adrian too, Eddy-Darling needs space, because he can't handle the closeness. I guess, again... I hope Jared get's some nice action, I can smell some great shots and even a photo-exhibition with Shane... Let me dream a bit, even if I'm wrong And Ryan, just feed your man and make him happy!
  9. Kapucinski


    Your writing is excellent, even if I don't "get" the lifestyle, you make the characters so alive I just can't help myself but to care for them. Well, some of them, I really don't like Chris at the moment. Or ever
  10. Kapucinski


    Yep, I my (sad) experience "open relationship" was an euphemism for one party screwing around while the other thinks the relationship is monogamous. It still makes my blood boil... But of course, maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to get it...
  11. I hope, you and your family are OK, Mrsgnomie, please let us know, we really are worried. As for the story, I have to give up, with a heavy heart, but still. I just can't deal with more disappointment in my life at the moment, sorry... My OCD is making me crazy, 😢
  12. Kapucinski


    No worries, it looks beautiful in my head too
  13. Kapucinski


    Would it be possible to see some pictures of the cottage? Pretty please? I just love the way the renovation and their relationship were comming together at the same pace, a really lovely touch. Did I mention the pictures? Please?
  14. It seems, Adrian is really sensitive and empathic. I know less than nothing about the sub/dom lifestyle, if that's what this is about, it just looks like adrian would be a perfect dom and Edward is training him to be (the) one. But of course, I'm just babbling and I'm sure the story is probably about something completely different. Just wanted to say, I love the story. And they are in love, even if they won't admit it.
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