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  1. Kapucinski


    You write so well, it felt like being there at the table!
  2. Kapucinski

    Chapter 26

    What a great chapter! I'm curious about Seth. If he's another hot-tattoo-dude I will (maybe) go and get my first tattoo. At least a temporary one (already backpaddling)... Let's sort the laundry, I actually like doing it
  3. Kapucinski

    Chapter 38

    AHA! I knew it! I was actually expecting this at some point, you making threats and stuff, the next one will probably something in the lines "kill your darlings". You are like your demishous, we never know what to expect. On second thought, you are quite predictable: we should expect the unexpected, whatever that is. Trying to figure it out, what that could be, makes my head spin... One thing is clear, you never disappoint!
  4. Kapucinski

    Chapter 25

    Haven't read the story yet but CONGRATULATIONS for getting the job! I'm so happy for you!
  5. Kapucinski

    Chapter 2

    You are right, of course. Sometimes we all wish, we hadn't been blind about stuff our friends go through, no matter our age. A little "but" still: Maybe Jared is "blinded" by his girlfriend's charms, so it's not his fault, its the hormone-tunnel-vision
  6. Kapucinski

    Chapter 2

    Maybe Luke sees Jack like a brother? It really hurts hearing: "Jack are you...please don't tell me you're gay and into me." Two doors closed at once. Luke is actually not exactly likable, I really hope his lack of empathy is due to his youth and he will learn that he's not the belly-button of the world. Jared is blind too, not much of a best friend I'm afraid.
  7. Kapucinski

    Chapter 23

    Wish you luck, fingers and toes crossed. As a freelancer myself I can understand the magic of a steady paycheck, hope you get the job.
  8. Yes, our brains are sometimes in our way. The way you described yourself, we could be twins! The smiling eyes - I have been told this so often.. this is just scary! At my job I get reffered to by our customers as "the really nice one" which makes my colleagues testy and I get tips or gifts which is higly unusual for my type of work... Smile on 🖖
  9. What a great development, bringing Michael (friend/rival?) into the game. I sense some love triangle coming up. The Bunny has no idea, how he comes across, guys are almost lying at his feet and he thinks it's some misunderstanding. It's almost like some body/image dysmorphic disorder. As always, you leave us with more questions than answers, thanks! I guess Bunny feels somewhat vulnerable, not knowing, that the big bad Heath is a big softy. And already in loooove
  10. Kapucinski


    Congratulation on getting married! But damn, leaving us with this cliffie... PS We want some pictures, pretty please...
  11. Sadly no, but I shall be working on something in this direction.
  12. What can I say, I have a vivid imagination! No disappointment here, I'm happy with every chapter you so generously share with us.
  13. It just crossed my mind: The next Sunday is Easter Sunday, I'm sure we will get some treat with our Easter Bunny (even if there is no Easter in the story). Your timing is great, I'm sure you planned this years ago... This is Bunny with NDAs, packed neatly in chocolate eggs:
  14. Aidan's terrible co-worker is actually doing him a favor. He will get so annoyed and fed up that he will quit and get something better. I confess I had to google "body shots" and now I can't wait for next Sunday!
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