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  1. Kapucinski

    Chapter 19

    Let's hope for some bulletproof wests
  2. Kapucinski

    Chapter 19

    Because he can🀬
  3. Kapucinski

    Chapter 18

    Oh crap, this is so not good. I hope Zampa grows fast and saves the day! Nobody is going to hurt her momma Paulie and her servant Corbin 😾
  4. Kapucinski

    Chapter 11

    We want a picture of the tattoo! Please...πŸ˜‡
  5. Kapucinski


    I really loved the part, where Nate "confesses" to seeing only the Prince in the snow movie and Cliffie has the urge to boast with his other achievements. It really shows his character. And maybe his insecurities. Waiting (im)patiently for the next chapter πŸ––
  6. Kapucinski

    Hook, Line, And Sinker

    Rabbit stew was actually an (lucky) accident, I'm vegan, btw. But I like some dark (really dark) humor. Thank you for sharing your story
  7. Kapucinski

    Hook, Line, And Sinker

    Lovely, they both think, they have upper hand. This really is perfect. I heard a saying once, that a business deal is good if none of the parties has a feeling being screwed over. Maybe not the best choice of words They really are perfect for each other. But I'm sure somehow you will let them suffer a little, or at least to stew a bit πŸ‡
  8. He could present this incident like a test, is Mr. CrazyFitness honoring his obligations being family-friendly like he is supposed to be? Mr. Shy22yo going above his duties, sacrificing himself, being a bait and making sure, Mr. Stone stays 'clean'? Questions, speculations... and waiting (im)patiently for next sunday, hoping for some action πŸ‘¨β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨
  9. 😊I'm afraid Aidan will have to sign the confidentiality agreement
  10. Kapucinski

    Chapter 30

    Oh, thank you for the explanation. And thank you, GA, for meeting my obsessive need to read the story at 2pm CET.
  11. Kapucinski

    Chapter 30

    The pussycat, sorry big tiger, is such a nice touch. The poking part is so funny and real. But knowing your other stories and how much you like to let your characters suffer, I just can't relax. And your posting discipline is impeccable, every Wednesday at zulu 1400 (in my part of the world) there it is: your story to make my day. Thank youπŸ––
  12. Kapucinski

    Chapter 28

    Yesss! This is how I see things in general, I like to say (when totally lost), I'm not lost, I just don't know exactly where I am. Or about forgetting: I didn't forget, I just don't remember πŸ––
  13. Kapucinski


    Thank you! They are all beautiful. The squirrels practicing for spring will be forever edged in my brain...
  14. Kapucinski


    Thanky you so much for this story 😍
  15. Kapucinski

    Chapter 23

    Roku is a pussycat, how nice for Arad... I hope

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