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  1. Kapucinski

    Hurtful Truths

    Yep, my bet was on Chris too. But the way you write them, BTW your writting is brilliant as always, all /any of them, Eddy, Chris and Ryan have a lot of potential to being douchey. And of course you of all people know, who ist the rotten egg.
  2. MrsGnomie, are you OK? Nash & Penn are probably not behaving in Hawaii
  3. I guess Zaran will be so powerful he is going to need 2 Alphas to keep him somewhat under control. And the twin pups ... this is getting better and better.
  4. I read the story somwhere else for the 1st time, this is my second time around, sorry I didn't leave any comments. The story is so well written, it's just like knowing the boys (and girls), being with them in person. Thank you so much for sharing
  5. Ok, I'm with you, signing off 👻
  6. She's clever, I'm going with the reverse psychology. I was thinking about ghosting, but I'm not strong enough for shit like that #desperateforupdate
  7. Yes, because he really is frank.
  8. Dad's name is propbably Cash (short for Cashville) and he doesn't want us to know. Maybe Tom would be nice, he sounds like a real Tomcat to me. Take your time Mrsgnomie, Nash has to prepare for a marathon and Penn is helping with diapers, so they need some time off
  9. Oh, please, DO go there! #mylifeissoboringIevenreadinstructionmanuals
  10. Nash & Penn are old geezers by now, and Leeeland wears suspenders and a combover
  11. Kapucinski


    Yes! ABBA is great, I grew up with ABBA, I even watched them winning the Eurovision song contest...
  12. I woke up in the morning excited, convinced there will be a new chapter... Now I'm just sad. I guess it must be intoxicating to have such power over the readers😁
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