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  1. And you're going to make us wait for the next chapter, aren't you? Cruel. Very cruel. 😉
  2. KellyONE


    I like this turn of events. Should be fun to watch it unfold.
  3. KellyONE

    Chapter 19

    Agreed. And the hug from Mrs. P. was perfect.
  4. KellyONE

    Chapter 18

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. KellyONE

    Chapter 17

    Mr. P. could sell both houses and buy a bigger one with 4 bedrooms. Drew would get a real bedroom and feel like he is wanted (and not someone they were forced to take in). Plus, he would not have to see the house he grew up in on a daily basis. That would help with the healing.
  6. KellyONE

    That Summer

    You always have the best endings to your stories. I'm so happy for Jeff and April/Theo/Wednesday.
  7. KellyONE

    Chapter 15

    Ok. Just finished the chapter. Loved it, but I have 1 question. Doesn't Drew know how to lock his front door?
  8. KellyONE

    Chapter 15

    I come home from work to find 37 notifications - all from the same story. Can't wait to read it. And, yes, I added my comment before I read the chapter and the other comments.
  9. KellyONE

    Chapter 14

    I like the person Drew is becoming. I think moving in with Mr. P. would be a set back.
  10. KellyONE

    Chapter 13

    Cole reacting poorly wasn't due to his dad coming out. It was due to his mother's reaction. He's had time to process it. I think Cole & Keith can come to an agreement about each other in the future.
  11. KellyONE

    Chapter 12

    I honestly hope Mrs P. and Drew get a chance to talk alone with no one interrupting. I think both of them need it. I have the feeling she will be the one who gets Drew to change his opinion of his father. If she can forgive, so can Drew.
  12. KellyONE

    Chapter 11

    I took a peak at my notifications while at work. I had to read the chapter on my phone during a lull. This was a great chapter.
  13. KellyONE

    Chapter 10

    Did anyone else read this and get excited that we won't have to wait long for a new story once we finish this one?
  14. KellyONE

    Chapter 10

    I came home the other night to 57 missed comments. I've started looking forward to reading those almost as much as the stories themselves. BTW, congrats on the adoption. What I've noticed is that the parents who adopt because they truly want a child seem to have a better idea of what it takes to be a parent as opposed to those who need the status symbol of being a parent.
  15. KellyONE

    Chapter 10

    I see both Drew & Cole having MIL issues further down the road.
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