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  1. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Seven

    Thank you! Very happy you liked it. Working on next chapter right now
  2. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Seven

    Thank you for the comment! Your theories look very interesting indeed, that’s all I’m going to say😉 Liam is definitely an asshole for taking advantage of Dylan, as for Jake... Well, the guy is keeping a secret. That’s not easy. Let’s hope it won’t blow in his face😬 More artwork is on the way!
  3. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Many questions that you guys have will be answered further in the story, I promise. I completely agree - Liam is a piece of shit, he does not deserve Dylan and has no right to have any sort of claim on him. So, there’s one thing that seemed unclear to my readers, for which I apologize - a kiss is a kiss, I don’t think that it’s fair to draw any long-term conclusions based on Dylan’s immediate reaction to it. In Dylan’s case it has absolutely nothing to do with love. Consider it a canon, if you will, a confirmation from author. At this moment in this story, Dylan does not feel any romantic attachment towards Liam, whatsoever. Every single thought he has about him, the irritation, disdain and annoyance he triggers, are real. The boy is 17, he’s drunk and a guy whom he had hots for in the past just kissed him. Should he have kicked Liam in the balls right away or maybe stabbed him with a pool cue? Absolutely! But that’s the thing - he’s a flawed character, he doesn’t owe anyone a reasonable and weighted reaction, for all I care he may have even liked it in the moment, despite all the horrible things Liam did. It’s his choice, if there even was one. It may be a purely sexual thing, and it may mean that Dylan is a crappy boyfriend to Jake, but it’s a largely instinctive response, which he can’t fully control. At the end of it, it definitely has nothing to do with love. Sorry for the long post, and thank you for the opinions, I truly appreciate that it triggered such interesting discussion. Once again, I agree with you, just wanted to put my spin on things.
  4. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Seven

    Thank you! Those took me a few days to draw, it was a pain in the butt😂 I agree that Dylan misinterpreted the looks, there were too many things that happened, he just overheated there for a sec. We’ll have to see what happens next, I guess 😉 Thanks, I’m glad you liked the chapter and a pic! I also pictured him this way, hopefully it clicked with many readers. Yeah, next chapter should be pretty... uh... how do I put it? Explosive? Thank you! Tried my best😃 Stay tuned for more!
  5. When I was twelve, I narrowly escaped death when a piece of a rooftop fell off the building and landed inches away from me on the sidewalk. What were the chances? I didn’t know whether to consider myself lucky or not, but the event imprinted on my memory forever. My life had a handful of other strange occurrences, but nothing really stood out in comparison to a bizarre and out-of-nowhere french kiss that Liam Henderson decided to plant upon my 17-year old lips. It was an epiphany of weird, something so fundamentally wrong that it crossed all the wires in my inebriated brain, forcing it to shut down most of its higher function. Why did he do it? Was it a stupid prank, a dare? What made him think that he had a right to do this to me? Even when the door opened and we both heard a stranger draw a sharp breath at the scene, Liam refused to take his lips off mine. He held me firmly in place, pressing his body onto mine, caressing my neck with his fingers, fondling my wet lips in his mouth, kissing me with hunger. I couldn’t move, couldn’t turn around, all I managed to do was to open my eyes and see him stare daggers at the intruder. Alcohol boiled in my veins, making everything seem surreal and out of touch. His soft lips slid on my cheeks, he showered my neck with kisses, ran his tongue in the crevices above clavicle, sliding up to the ear, forcing me to unwillingly lose my breath in excitement. No. No! What the fuck! His hands made their way down my waist, hips rubbed onto mine as he kept ravishing me. I clenched my fists tightly, scraping the remnants of my will to push him away, but failing in the process. “Dylan...” I heard a voice behind my back. I jerked in place and twisted my neck, finally facing the person standing in the doorway, watching us. “Fuck...” I exhaled, decisively pushing Liam away and jumping off the table. The look on her face was all it took for me to sober up in an instance. Before I had a chance to say anything, Elle darted back and ran off. “Elle, no! Wait!” I screamed. I was about to chase her, but the obnoxious asshole grabbed my hand and pulled me back into his arms. I kicked him in the chest, but he ignored the punch. “You motherfucker, let me go!” I glared in rage, fighting him. Liam burrowed his face into the angle of my neck, instinctively causing me to moan. I couldn’t even begin to describe the mess happening in my head. It was a boiling pit of anger, lust and confusion - a gut-wrenching combination I’ve never experienced before. The intoxicating scent of his body was driving me insane, his dark hair brushed against my cheek, arms travelled across my spine, squeezing my skin, making my back arch to meet the curve of his slanting posture. His lips found mine again and he devoured me with a groan. I felt powerless, unable, but worst of all, unwilling to stop him. “Mmph...” he moaned. He cupped my jaw in his palm and leaned even lower, deepening the kiss, forcing me to yield to him and reciprocate. Losing balance, I wrapped my arms around his back and he used this to his leverage, slamming me against the edge of the table, forcing our bodies to grind against each other. My heart skipped a beat as I felt sharp pain in my stomach - the memory of his enraged face swinging above mine as he senselessly beat me flashed in front of my eyes, knocking me back into reality. I shut my lips and pushed Liam away, swiveling from under his embrace. I was over-breathing, frantically wiping his spit off my lips, writhing in confusion and disgust. “Dylan...” he exhaled with a raspy voice. He looked disoriented and attempted to once again close in on me. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I hissed, kicking him in the groin with my knee. He squealed in pain and crumbled on the floor, bending in half. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The rollercoaster of conflicting emotions has sucked me out dry, draining every last bit of strength, leaving me with hollow emptiness in the chest. Why did he fucking do this to me? What could he possibly achieve by this? My cheeks burned red, hot tears rolled up on my eyes, blurring everything. I covered my face in shame, but managed to hold them. There was no fucking way he was going to make me cry again! Seeing this, Liam crawled towards me on his knees. “Dylan-” “No!” I cut though tears, stepping back. I wiped my eyes and felt grittiness from dislodged contacts. I breathed fast and hard, finally regaining control, lifting the veil of insane fuckery that just transpired between us in this god damned room. Elle. I had to find Elle. I had to explain myself, despite having zero insight on how to explain something so royally fucked up. I stormed out of the room, slamming the door on my way out. The pile of dancing bodies turned into a distorted blur, the deafening sound of music was pounding in my ears as I navigated through the sickening crowd of drunk teens, looking for my best friend. Some folks have followed me with concerned looks witnessing distress on my face, but I had no time or energy to pay any attention to them. I reached the dining room and saw Peter, standing beside the fireplace with a phone in his hand. “Pete, have you seen Elle?” I asked anxiously. “Yeah, she went outside. Why? What happened?” he wondered. Choosing not to answer his question I rushed towards the exit, stumbling on the carpet and bumping into a few people on my way. To my besetment, Liam showed up at the opposite end of the room, looking flushed and agitated. He scanned the dance floor, searching for me. Around the same time, I saw Jake waving at me from the other corner, causing me to flinch in shame. My stomach hurled at the thought of what I did, I couldn’t stand to even look his way. I needed Elle, I needed her to shake me back into my senses, to help me deal with all of this. I needed to make sure that the look she gave me was gone, that she knew it wasn’t my fault. Because it wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t. The room was spinning, both Jake and Liam spotted me and now made their way towards me. I had nowhere to hide. The shame of seeing Jake felt terrible, but the electrifying hatred I felt for Liam threatened to set the entire place on fire. I wanted to reduce myself to a single point, to evaporate into nothing to escape the inevitable. At that moment, only a miracle could help me, but what ended up happening was the opposite of that. Suddenly, someone screamed at the center of the crowd. Several others joined in and the music abruptly stopped, clearing the voices of those in the middle. A few chilling wails broke the silence, infusing everyone with anxiety. I hurried towards the clearing center to find a person lying on the floor, unconscious. It was Angela - a scrawny girl that played tuba at the school orchestra. When she began seizing, a wave of whimpers and gasps engulfed the room. There was no one beside her, people just stood a few feet away and looked at her as if she was an exhibit at the museum. Some folks have pulled out their iPhones and started filming her, but nobody really bothered calling EMS. I managed to fight off the panic that chained me for a moment. As my adrenaline kicked in, I became acutely aware that something needed to be done, fast. Brushing off the paralysis and not wasting time I rushed on the floor, took off my pullover and placed it under her head. Her arms and legs were shaking violently, her convulsions looked absolutely terrifying. “Call 911!” I cried out. Thankfully, by then Jacob made his way to the center of the crowd and immediately followed up on my request. Liam was also standing there, looking shocked and bewildered, just like most of the others. I turned Angela to the side and brushed her hair, speaking softly into her ear, trying to check if she was conscious. She wasn’t. The seizure lasted less than a minute, but she didn’t wake up after the shaking stopped. I checked her pulse and breathing, looked at her pupils and peaked inside her mouth. She looked sweaty and pale, but I was unable to find any tell-tale signs of what caused this. I looked around through the crowd, searching for her friends. “Kate!” I called to a petite, chubby brunette standing to my right, “Kate, right?” “Y-yes!..” she stuttered in distress. “Were you guys together?” “Yes, we were dancing! We were just dancing and she started sweating, she said she was dizzy, and then she just...” I gestured her to join me and she knelt on the floor. “Did she take anything? Any drugs?” I asked, ensuring that nobody else heard me. “No, no she’ll never! We’ll never!..” “It’s okay, I just had to make sure,” I spoke. “Did she ever do this before?” “No...” “Are you sure?” “I... I don’t know, she never told me!” “Did she have a purse or a bag? Can you pass it to me?” I asked. “It’s in the car, I’ll go get it!” Kate jumped up and ran away. “The ambulance is on the way.” Jake updated. “Thank you!” I exhaled, getting somewhat relieved. Looking at Angela’s face, I was trying to do my best to think. Drugs could definitely cause a seizure, but I believed Kate, this probably wasn’t the case. Maybe she had a history of epilepsy? I was hoping to find some medications in her purse, anything that will give me a clue. They were dancing. Just dancing, and she dropped on the floor. I inspected her arms, rolling up her sleeves to check for track marks. There was nothing. She was breathing shallowly, looked pale, sweat continued to perspire off her skin. Think. Think! What else could induce seizures in a young girl? I tried to remember the internal medicine book I’ve read over the summer, but the damn alcohol shoved a huge stick up my brain, tampering with the thought process. Diaphoresis, paleness and dizziness, followed by a loss of consciousness and a seizure in a healthy teenage girl that was dancing at the party... “Fuck!” I exclaimed in realization, shaking up several people in front of me. I frantically undone buttons at the bottom of Angela’s shirt, exposing her belly. Illuminating her skin with the flash light off my phone I saw a few fading bruises and needle tracks below the umbilicus. Hypoglycemic seizure! Bingo! “Somebody get me something sweet! Now!” I shouted. “What?” a girl standing on my left asked skeptically, crossing her arms on the chest. “Why?” “I think she’s a type 1 diabetic! I need sugar!” “Type what?” she mocked with a chuckle. “I’ll bring it from the kitchen!” the party’s host Jason stepped in. I tried to shake Angela up, hoping she’ll perk up a bit to swallow the sweets, but she was completely blacked out. Jason returned with a handful of sugar cubes in his hands, I snatched one out, crushed it into smaller pieces and placed them under her tongue. I tried to sit her up and Liam squatted by my side to help, seeing how I struggled. He grabbed her under the armpits and sat her on the floor. Around the same time, Kate came back with Angela’s purse. I took the bag and emptied it on the floor. Out poured a cherry lipstick and mascara, alongside countless other make up items, a chain of condoms and finally, several preloaded insulin pens with a red box, reading ‘Glucagon Emergency Kit’. A stupid smile broke on my face moments before I grabbed glucagon and began preparing the injection. After loading the syringe, I pinched a skin fold at the side of Angela’s arm and injected her. Liam was holding her firmly in place, and I couldn’t escape the thought that this must’ve been the second body he groped without consent today. Much to my surprise, within about a minute after glucagon injection, Angela started waking up. She opened her eyes and asked for water, but I got her an apple juice instead. Liam moved her to the sofa and I lingered behind to collect all of the stuff that came out of her purse. This must’ve been the moment when I finally relaxed, letting my overly excited brain to cool down for a bit. There I was, thinking that the crisis was over, hearing sounds of an ambulance pulling over at the driveway, when I lifted my eyes off the floor and froze in place. The entire crowd was looking at me. Nobody gave a damn about the girl that just had a seizure - only Pete, Jacob and Kate surrounded her and Liam, trying to offer more help. Folks weren’t even concerned with flashing lights of emergency vehicle standing outside, shining through the windows. All of their eyes staring at me, their faces twisted in anxiety and unease, even fear. I recognized those stares, I got painfully familiar with them over the years. They were staring at the freak, someone who made them feel distraught and weirded out. To only think that I nearly forgot how this felt, that I dared to assume that there was a different role I now played in their preconceived set of expectations. The pressure of their stares got unbearable. I felt hot, it was getting hard to breathe. I slowly stepped away towards the couch and dropped the purse on the cushion. “Dylan?” Jake called. “Are you okay?” He tried to reach me, but I jerked away from him like from a bare electric wire. They kept on staring at me, every single set of eyes fixed at me, like in a damned horror movie. I felt small, as though I was back in the high school, laying on the floor beside the lockers covered in blood, getting beaten to a pulp with the same faces staring me down, in the exact same way. My knees felt weak, I couldn’t swallow, getting short of breath as if somebody choked me. “Dyl...” Jake whispered. I didn’t let him finish, roughly pushing my way through a bunch of onlookers, cutting the crowd to get the hell out of that house. Back at the freshman year when the bullying started, I gave myself a promise that I won’t let them turn me into a monster. There was no way I was going to become a sad and angry person that tortures little animals or gets off on revenge fantasies involving guns. I was above this shit, never letting them get under my skin, never giving them an opening. This night they managed to strip me of that power, making me feel worthless. No matter what I did, in their eyes I will never be anything other than a freak. I was in so much hurry getting out of that house, that I ended up unintentionally shoving a paramedic at the entrance. As I got out in front of the fountain, a chill breeze burned my lungs open, with pins and needles blazing my flushed cheeks. I shuddered, feeling goosebumps running down my spine. This was a terrible fucking night - it crashed and exploded in my face in every single way it could, leaving me only with emptiness and pain. As I made my way across the driveway around the fountain, I heard a voice calling out to me, “Dylan, wait!” I could tell she was following me from behind. I stopped dead in my tracks, clustering gravel with my feet, transfixed by how badly I needed to hear her voice. She maneuvered her way around me, blocking my path. “I’m sorry...” I snuffled. “Elle, I’m so-” Suddenly, her hands jammed into the fabric of my jacket and she yanked me towards her, capturing me in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around her and winced, doing my best to hold tears. “It’s not your fault,” she comforted. “But I...” “It’s not.” Elle affirmed, brushing the back of my head. I hugged her tighter, picking up the smell of her favorite strawberry shampoo. The wind was blowing in my face, but I still felt warm. “Thank you...” I whispered. “If you need to talk about it, I’m here for you,” she replied. “Always.” The red light of an ambulance was blinding us, but we didn’t break the hug for a while. I needed it. A weak smile slowly appeared on my face as the tension dissipated. Eventually, we heard paramedics rolling Angela on a gurney towards the vehicle. She was fully awake and responsive, had a better pinkish color to her face. “Thank you, Dylan,” she said, as they passed me and Elle on the way. I smiled and winked at her. “What happened to her?” Elle asked, as they rolled her in though the open doors. “I think she forgot to cut her insulin dose. They usually do it before exercise, otherwise glucose can drop too fast. Or they just eat more carbs.” “But she wasn’t exercising,” Elle argued. “She was dancing, that’ll do it.” “How did you know it?” she asked. “I read about it.” “No, I mean that she was a diabetic?” “They often inject in the belly,” I explained. Elle threw her arm around my shoulder and pulled me in. “My little genius,” she murmured. “Just like mama taught you.” “You’re not my mama.” “Of course I am.” I stretched out and yawned, feeling crushing fatigue taking its grip on me. I was happy to declare that a medical emergency was enough to kill this terrible party and was willing to announce its time of death, as a bunch of teens spilled out of Wu’s residence in buckets. After ambulance drove off, Elle called Peter to urge our boys to leave with us, but she couldn’t reach him. We figured that they must’ve been on their way out with the rest of the crowd, but surprisingly, after the current of the outpouring bodies dwindled, they were nowhere to be found. As we slowly strolled back towards the entrance, Jason Wu ran out the doors and sprinted down the stairs on the porch. He looked distraught. “Dylan!” he blurted. I immediately tensed up. “That guy that you came with...” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “Jake?” I asked anxiously, “What happened?” “Yeah... Yeah, him. I think he and Liam are about to fight.” Elle’s phone rang, she picked up and I heard Pete’s voice shouting through the mic, “Get up here, now!”
  6. I’m on a roll, finally finished drawing Dylan! Hopefully some of you guys picture him the way I do.
  7. New art: Liam Henderson on the field. Also, spoilers for Chapter Seven:
  8. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Thank you! I’m also curious to see what happens. If he ever forgives Liam, it won’t be easy, I think Hahaha! “You’re mine” is such a cliche, I can’t. Mutilated scrotum? Sounds interesting. The one thing I’ll disagree with is that Liam is one of those people who peaks in high school. This is frequently true about characters like him, but in his particular case - I see him perfectly happy with a wife and three kids one day, he’ll be someone that looks back at his teenage years regretting being such an asshole. Alternatively, he may turn into a very successful guy and maintain his shitty personality. Does he deserve to be happy? Probably not, or at least at this point in the story. But I really don’t think he’ll submit to becoming a miserable shit who remembers high school as his golden years. Yes, Liam’s character can be very delicious, especially when tortured 😈 I guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out what the deal is between their families, if any.
  9. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Oh, something tells me Liam won’t get away with this kiss so easily. 😉 I’m so tempted, but I strongly believe that alternating points of view are a very slippery slope! That kind of narrative murders lots of stories unfortunately, even though it would definitely be interesting to peak into Liam’s head. Thank you for the comment! I feel like someone peaked into the draft for the next chapter!🤭 I think the story implies it, yes. Liam probably drank a bit too much and didn’t really remember causing that much harm at the prom night. Does this mean that Dylan will relate to this after losing his own alcoholic virginity? I doubt it 😁 I like the brain tumor theory! Thank you! Hopefully I’ll be able to post more often 😉
  10. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    “So what happened next?” Jake asked, brushing my hair with the palm of his hand. I hugged him tightly and pressed my ear to his chest. His calm, steady breathing was soothing and I felt warm in his embrace. “Nothing, he just...” I exhaled, “He just drove away. I don’t know what happened last week, where he’s been or what he did. Elle heard he crashed his car, but I don’t really care, to be honest.” “Did he try to contact you after that?” “No. I’d like to think I’ve made myself clear.” “I see...” “You know what was most infuriating?” I asked, “He looked so surprised when I told him about the scar and everything. It’s like he’s been living in a bubble, he didn’t even know how much shit he did to me. As if I wasn’t important enough to keep in his mind, to make sure he hasn’t killed me. What was he thinking, coming up to me like this? Did he really expect me to forgive him?” Jake took a deep breath and hugged me tighter. He kissed me in the forehead and said, “You don’t owe him anything, Dylan.” I felt soft chills running down my spine as his arms wrapped around me. He smelled so nice, his skin was soft and I sensed his heartbeat pulsating against my ear through the warmth of his skin. I lifted my chin and carefully studied his face. He was stunningly handsome, especially in the moonlight. I didn’t know what I did to deserve someone so amazing to actually like me. I’m pretty sure I smiled at him like an idiot, but I wasn’t the only one doing it at the moment. “I feel sorry for this guy,” Jake uttered wistfully. I looked at him in amusement. “Even though I hate him for what he did to you, I have to say I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.” “Why?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking. “He must’ve realized what he lost.” Jake hurried to explain, smiling at me. “I don’t expect you to understand. You don’t see what I see, Dylan. There aren’t many people around that are like you. You’re pure and deep and beautiful. Not just on the outside. It’s very rare. This guy is a petty loser and I bet he’s chewing on his lips right now. Selfishly, I’m glad he’ll never get you back.” Picking on my confused look, he added, “I’m assuming he’s the guy that you had a crush on?” “No.” I blurted out on autopilot, before catching my lies, “Never. Screw him, I liked someone else.” “Okay-okay, sorry. I just assumed... You were close and you mentioned the other guy was straight.” “It’s alright, but it wasn’t him. Liam and I were just friends.” I kept lying, thanking the night for providing a cover to my reddening face. I pretended to yawn and tucked myself in Jacob’s armpit. “I love you...” he exhaled barely audibly, brushing my hair as I was falling asleep. Even a hopeless bookworm such as myself wasn’t particularly thrilled at the prospect of living through a Monday. It was the universally hated day for a reason, and I definitely concurred with that statement. The only person who consistently managed to uplift my moods at the dawn of a school week was Elle - more frequently than not, her primary means at doing so revolved around a fresh gossip. Jason Wu was a son of a hot shot business executive in Boston office of a certain famous pharmaceutical company. During his son’s freshman year, Jason’s daddy had an affair with their 19-year old house maid, causing a big scandal in the media after it leaked. Turned out, Mrs. Wu spotted young Vanessa parading around the house in jewelries identical to her own. She hired a private investigator to confirm her suspicions, but the sleazy guy sold compromising photos to yellow press, outing the story. Apparently, creativity in making jewelry purchases wasn’t amongst Mr. Wu’s strongest traits, which wasn’t to say that he lacked resourcefulness or imagination with his sexual escapades. School crowd loved the scandal, I remember how Jason had suddenly and very briefly turned into a hot topic. He appreciated his five minutes of fame and it just so happened that further rumors about his father’s tempestuous sex life have permeated his high school journey, mostly because Jason actively spread those rumors himself. Throughout his son’s sophomore and junior years, horny Mr. Wu had slept with his many secretaries, tennis instructors and even his youngest daughter’s private tutor. Having married into a very wealthy and traditional Chinese family at a sensibly young age, poor Mr. Wu had carelessly signed a prenuptial agreement which read that in case of divorce he’ll lose all of his estates to his wife. As a result, whenever Mrs. Wu caught her husband red handed, shifty Mr. Wu would take her to lavish resorts to ‘patch things up’, creating openings for parties, that, as Jason had learned, aided his popularity. Over the years, Mr. Wu’s infidelities have turned into a code word for upcoming events at Wu’s residence. Up until recently, I wasn’t a part of the school’s inner circle to know about all of this, but Elle enlightened me as we were stretching our legs at the railings by the running tracks. Not sure how I felt about attending a party full of drunk teenagers, but by Saturday the dread of terrible retribution from Elle trumped my concerns and I decided to stay true to my word. Jake picked me up in the evening and we headed to Jason’s house. “You look fantastic. I have to be very careful,” he complimented, forcing me to blush like Renee Zellweger. “Thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself,” I came back. We parked at the premises of their enormous residence and walked uphill for what felt like forever, before meeting Peter and Elle at the entrance. I looked around the house and lost my breath for a second. I’ve been to big houses before - Liam’s place, for instance, was a three-story mansion which Emma constantly complained about, because there was no way to keep it clean and tidy all the time. All the extra space wasn’t really necessary and empty rooms have collected dust on the best of days. Shanice and Reginald adhered to the same opinions - despite having every opportunity to live in a manor, they kept their two-story house and even pondered to sell it now that their kids have moved out. That was not the case with Mr. and Mrs. Wu, however. Their residence was gargantuan, the modern white stone finish on the facade contrasted with traditional Xie-Shan style rooftops, beautiful statues and ornaments with intricate patterns decorated balconies and walls, the entire perimeter of their estate was lined with ornamental shrubs and flowers. A huge illuminated fountain flaunted at the center of the driveway, blocking the view on the entrance at the main wing. “He must have a very small penis,” Elle muttered, gasping at the surroundings. “Let’s get inside.” Pete offered. “Just look at this, Jesus...” she exhaled, “Why do they have so many lights on, it’s not even Christmas.” Frankly speaking, such an overt display of money and power made me feel uneasy. I glanced at Jake. However rich Jason Wu’s family was, I suspected that the wealth of the guy standing next to me was far superior to theirs, which technically meant that my boyfriend could own a house like this. I shrugged briefly at ridiculousness of this thought. Somehow, I just knew he will never throw money on bullshit like this. “You okay?” he asked, squeezing my hand. “Yeah, I’m just... Not used to this stuff.” I replied. “I think she’s right,” he smirked, nodding toward Elle who walked in front of us. “Someone’s compensating.” “Stop making fun of his penis, you little brat...” I chuckled. “Not as little as Mr. Wu.” he whispered in my ear. Upon entering a dimply lit foyer we were greeted by a loud music and smoke guns, spewing vapor on the floor, with colorful lights beaming down from a pair of rotating laser projectors at the ceiling. “Is this what it feels like to be in a night club?” I asked loudly, wincing at the scene. Jake chuckled in response to my silly question, leaned in and gave me a tickling kiss on the cheek. Elle’s eyes were all over the place, Pete tried to keep her enthusiasm contained, but eventually relaxed and went with the flow. Coming in, I was worried that it will be embarrassingly obvious we don’t belong with the cool kids, but we’ve met a few familiar faces from school and in general didn’t really feel uninvited. People were coming up to us, offering drinks and making small talk, mostly shouting through obnoxiously loud music. Small groups of people filled up the kitchen and a dining area, with occasional folks strolling through hallways and peeking in different rooms, exploring expensive surroundings. I’ve introduced Jake to several of our classmates before Elle snatched me in the direction of a fancy looking diner table, catered with snacks and a variety of alcoholic beverages. “Is this even legal?” I yelled. “Yes!” Elle shouted back, grabbing a red plastic cup and pouring unlabeled red punch into it. “Everything’s legal when you’re rich!” She shoved the cup in my face and demanded me to drink it. I laughed at the silliness of her request - I’ve never tried alcohol in my life, did it look like I was stupid enough to part with millions of my brain cells by the morning? “Drink it!” she demanded. “No!” “Do it!” “Why?” “Because I said so!” she mandated, shaking her finger at my face. I took the cup from her hand and smelled the red drink. I really didn’t know what people found so amusing in alcohol, it smelled horrific, despite being laced with a crappy strawberry syrup. “You’ll have to watch me!” I warned. “You’re safe with me, baby!” she replied. “I’m the most responsible adult in the room!” Elle didn’t sound very convincing. I exhaled sharply and drank disgusting potion, squinting at the taste. “Yep, tastes just as shitty as it smells...” I though out loud, searching for a cup of water to rinse my palate. Twenty minutes later I was laughing out of my ass, dancing at the center of the crowd, singing along the song I’ve never heard before. Jake remained close by, dancing with me and smiling at my drunk face. I, for once, felt easy and light. Heavy thoughts and constant rumination tuned out to a quiet background static, I opened up to the music and I was able to relax and enjoy myself. I noticed Sebastian, he was standing in the corner of the room, chatting with Abby. For some reason he was stealing glances at Jake and I, which I found funny, recalling how he doubted whether or not I actually had a boyfriend. Instead of a rational approach at ignoring his looks, I gave him a smile, grabbed Jake and slapped a smooch on his lips to make my prior statements clear. Was it a very infantile behavior on my part? Maybe. Did I give a fuck? Absolutely not. Jake liked the kiss and grabbed me in his arms, swirling me around on the dance floor. I laughed through the kiss as his fingers rubbed against my ribs. “You’re drunk!” he shouted, chuckling at my blushed physiognomy. “I know! Isn’t that awesome?!” Very soon, Elle stole me from Jake and we went on dancing like a pair of headless chickens. By the end of it, our exhausted bodies crashed on the only available double seat at the nearest sofa. “Look who just walked in!” Elle exclaimed, pointing forward. At the tip of her finger was the sweetest couple of Montgomery High - Liam Henderson and Jessica What’s-Her-Last Name. Liam’s current First Lady was just as big of a bitch as all of her predecessors. She was a carbon copy of Kylie Jenner - the resemblance was uncanny. The girl was ruthless, spoiled and manipulative, unlike most of his prior confidants she managed to keep the king by her side the longest - I could only imagine all her countless talents in bed. Naturally, she filled every single checkbox in Liam’s list - she was gorgeous and sexy, she was rich and popular and wildly desired by other guys. But perhaps most importantly, she was a raging narcissist with a borderline personality disorder, which always kept him interested, because lets face it - Liam Henderson wasn’t keen on dating good girls. To my annoyance, their entrance was such a big deal that whoever was running the music had stopped it to announce their arrival. I rolled my eyes at this, but in the sudden deafening silence I was able to focus enough to notice painfully disinterested look on Liam’s face. He was wearing a dark green pullover with a light gray shirt underneath, as well as a pair of shabby jeans. Jess was wearing what Elle called a plastic-wrap dress, the bottom edges of which were barely covering her ass. “Jesus Christ, I can see her snatch from up here!” Elle shouted, prompting both of us to break into laughter. We must’ve laughed too loud, because the next thing I knew - Liam’s eyes were on us. Jess glared at us next, pursing her lips in irritation and leaning to Liam’s shoulder to whisper something in his ear. Interestingly, in response to whatever she told him, he dismissively waved his hand at her face and walked towards the table with drinks, leaving his girlfriend standing there with confused look on her face. “Troubles in paradise?” Elle asked. “Who gives a shit?” I asked. “Let’s go dance!” Elle and I morphed back into the crowd, joining our dates. I almost had to fight a girl that glued herself to Jacob on the dance floor. “Thanks for saving me.” “Anytime,” I grinned. Whether it was alcohol wearing out, or the fact that the space was getting too crowded, at some point I felt that eerie restlessness you get when too many eyes are staring at you. The source of this was standing a few feet away, as it turned out. He stood there, squeezing a red plastic cup in his hand, staring at me and Jake. Looking back at his green eyes, I saw frustration in his gaze. Muscles flexed on his jaw, as he clenched his teeth and furrowed his thick eyebrows. I smiled at him and did the exact same thing I did to Sebastian earlier, candidly and proudly kissing my boyfriend in front of him. By the time our lips parted, Liam was nowhere to be found. I felt nice, seeing that I finally discovered a good way of getting rid of the asshole. The relief didn’t last long, however. At some point I felt extremely dry in my mouth and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. I felt like I was inside a subway train at a peak hour, grinding through a pile of bodies on my way out of the room. Stepping out, I realized how hot it must’ve been inside. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and sucked in full lungs of fresh air. Kitchen wasn’t nearly as crowded, I rinsed my cup, filled it with a cold tap water and drank it in thirst, only to choke on the last sip, as someone’s hand landed on my shoulder. “What are you doing here?” an annoyingly familiar voice called out from behind. Turning around, I immediately rocked back from how uncomfortably close he stood to me. In fact, he was only an inch away, with his massive 6’5” frame throwing shadow from ceiling lights on me. I rubbed my eyes and chuckled, for no particular reason. “You shouldn’t be here,” Liam said, staring me down with his eyes. It was super awkward trying to maintain eye contact with him this close, mainly because it felt weird cranking up my neck at such angle. “Uh-huh. Fuck you too,” I replied, twisting to the side in an attempt to escape his company. He blocked my way with his arm and pushed forward, pressing me into the marble countertop with his hips. Even my considerably intoxicated brain registered it as weird. “Ever heard of personal space?” I asked. He didn’t reply. I felt uncomfortable, his groin was basically grinding against my lower abdomen. “What do you want?” I asked. “I want to talk,” he said. “We have nothing to talk about.” “Please.” I sighed, picked up a cup of someone’s leftover vodka-martini on my left and drank it, immediately squinting at its disgusting taste. “Sure,” I blurted out. “Anything for you.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the kitchen. I tried to free myself from his grasp, but he held me firmly and I just gave up, following him as he lead us down the hallway. It was pretty dark and foggy, people around were drunk and the visibility was terrible, yet we still had a few prying eyes on us. Undoubtedly, Liam Henderson and I were an odd pair to witness walking around holding hands. He tried to get us in the room at the end of the hallway, but it was occupied by a half-naked couple in the midst of a steamy make out session. Irritated Liam frowned at the scene and yanked me towards next door. We happened to stumble across what looked like an empty billiard room. As soon as we got in, he made sure we were alone and closed the door behind us. I liked the surroundings and took a stroll around the pool table. Its edges were lined with red oak, I brushed my fingers on the green velvety cloth overlying cold marble top. There was a separate stand with balls and cues at the wall, the room smelled of wood and had a dim warm lighting to complement the setup. The pockets at the professional pool table were much more narrow compared to the ones regular pool tables had. This one was also taller. Seeing this room reminded me of dad, he was an avid pool player, loved to disappear in bars with his friends when I was little, back when life was a little simpler. For the first time in my life I was discovering the phases of alcohol intoxication. In my particular scenario, light mood and disinhibition came first, followed by a phase of dancing monkey and now I was feeling tired and overall only half-awake. “So what now? You got us here, we’re all alone.” I yawned, stretching in fatigue. He stepped closer and I chuckled at how he fancied physical proximity to me this particular evening. I hopped and sat at the edge of the billiard table so that we end up at the same height. “Can you step back? You have a very bad breath, I don’t want to vomit on your shoes.” I lied. He smiled, flashing his big white teeth at me. I haven’t seen him smile in a while. Back when we used to be friends, he would laugh about everything, perhaps a bit more than a normal person would. But these days, gloomy and pompous seriousness was the only expression on Liam Henderson’s face. I would assume this was one of the things people considered cool about him, but I was convinced that only Edward Cullen was able to pull this off and not look like a complete idiot. “I see that you’ve met someone,” he said. “You’re very observant.” I couldn’t hold a stupid grin. What the fuck was he doing? “What do you want?” I asked. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked down, licking his lips in a pathetic attempt to appear anxious. “I was...” he sniffled, speaking timidly, “I was thinking about what you’ve told me the other night.” “Okay, cool.” I nodded. “I don’t care.” “I’m sorry.” “I really don’t care,” I yawned. He shifted from foot to foot, pulled his hands out of pockets and clenched his fists. To my inebriated eyes his behavior looked very funny and I giggled at his reaction to my words. “Dylan, I didn’t know,” he said quietly. “I didn’t know about... About the...” He held out his hand and his shaking fingers pressed against my stomach. In other circumstances he might’ve seemed sincere, but boy, oh boy what a poor choice of words that was. “Do you want me to repeat myself?” I asked, grabbing his arm and doing my best to twist it away. “I fucking hate you, you god damned motherfucker.” His eyes snapped back at me, as if I just slapped him. “You didn’t know.” I repeated really to myself more than to him. “You didn’t fucking know...” I began laughing and he bit his lip. God, this guy acted better than DiCaprio in Revenant. “Does that suppose to make me feel better?” I asked. “I don’t know...” he whispered. “Do you even hear yourself?” I asked. “You’re saying I’m so worthless you didn’t even bother remembering how you used to beat me to death?” “No, I...” “Liam, just shut up.” I said firmly, to capture his attention. “Don’t bother me. I’m happy for once, I really am.” His eyes got red and sparkly in dim light. “All I need to stay happy is for you to keep your fucking distance,” I finished. Liam swallowed and blew loudly through inflated cheeks. He appeared as though he was trying to fight off tears. I tried to assume for a second that he was, in fact, sincere. The possibility that my words really caused him so much pain, however, seemed too good to be true. “We’re done here.” I said, pushing up against the wooden edge of the table, ready to jump on the floor. “No,” Liam objected, pressing his hand against my chest to keep me seated. “We’re not done.” “You’re wrong, we’re done. Let me go.” “Hear me out.” “I already did, you said you didn’t know. So unless you have an evil twin that did all that instead, you’re wasting your time.” “Do you really hate me that much?” he asked. “So much that there’s nothing I can do?” “Does that surprise you?” “I don’t believe it,” he dared. “You better believe it. Why would I forgive you?” I asked, smiling at his baseless arrogance. “Because you used to love me.” I stopped breathing. The alcoholic fog that kept my mind enveloped in a haze evaporated in a matter of seconds, and the gravity of his sentence hit me like a brick wall. What? Was that a joke? There was no way he knew. Absolutely no way. “In your dreams.” I answered after too big of a pause for him to buy my lies. He didn’t even wince. “Dylan, I know,” he said. “I always knew.” “Really?” I asked, trying so sound sarcastic. “What makes you so sure?” “I’m not stupid, Dylan.” he said. “I’m sorry. Emma talked to me about this. She asked to be gentle with you, to not break your heart.” I sucked in full lungs of air and held my breath tightly. Jesus Christ. His mother knew about this. Did Helen tell her? Did they always know? Was it that obvious? It wasn’t happening, it wasn’t fucking happening... I felt the pounding in my chest, heart threatening to burst out of it. I felt dizzy, I wanted to vanish into thin air, to escape that room and break free from the gaze of his green eyes. “Let me go.” I growled through my teeth. “You’re not going anywhere.” he whispered. I felt hot, the room turned into a smoldering pot of melting lava, suffocating the hell out of me. As sweat perspired off my face, I unwillingly drew a few sharp breaths, giving away my nervousness. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You have no idea, Dylan...” I was paralyzed, unable to talk or move at all, forced to sit there and listen to him. “I can’t sleep,” he spoke. “Can’t stop thinking about all the things I’ve done to you. It’s eating at me, it’s killing me to know that I hurt you so much...” He stepped in closer and his hand found its way back to my stomach. I shuddered in a mix of conflicting emotions, amongst which the shame dominated. He knew. All these years, he knew I loved him... I snuffled, losing the grip on self-control and eventually sobbed, letting hot tears roll down both of my cheeks. “I don’t expect you to forgive me so easily,” he said, piercing me with his emerald eyes. “I’m a fucking monster, I know I broke your heart.” “You...-” I hissed, trying to soothe the pain in my throat. “But you will forgive me,” he breathed out. “Because you’re mine.” I was losing myself hearing his disgusting fucking speech. He ravished in that knowledge, savoring this notion that I had feelings for him in the past. Did he really think I still loved him? Was he really that much of a fool? Did he truly believe that I felt anything but disdain for him? “That guy you’re dating,” he said, pointing at the door, “He’s not who you think he is.” I clenched my teeth. What was he talking about? “He’s not safe to be around,” he added. “Really?...” I asked with an angry half-smirk that squeezed through my tightened jaw. “At least he didn’t rupture my organs yet.” Liam pursed his lips in guilt. He pressed his body against mine, forcing my thighs to spread apart on his waist. His hand slipped on my lower back, pulling me closer to him. He pressed his forehead into mine and I felt his warm breath on my cheek. What the fuck was he doing? “I was such a fool.” he exhaled. “So fucking blind...” “What the fu-” In the next moment, the time came to a full stop. As dubious as it sounds, it felt as though I experienced things in slow motion. Our lips touched and I trembled in response, only to get pulled in closer. It would seem that I’d have one billion thoughts rushing through my mind, but there was nothing. Only the feeling. The smell of his breath, the brush of his hand sliding on the side of my neck, fingers slipping under my hair, as he tilted his head and pressed his lips firmly into mine, ushering me into a kiss. What’s happening? For a brief moment Liam separated from me, but only to kiss me deeper the next second. His full lips have enveloped mine, forcing them to part, to take on the shape of his. Large teeth tapped lightly against mine, his tongue made its way inside my mouth and rubbed onto my own. He pulled me closer, holding me in both arms, groaning through the kiss. Did I pass out? Am I hallucinating? Is it alcohol? It couldn’t be. I could taste him, I felt the wetness of his mouth. His lips slid off on my cheeks, sucking on mine, rolling them between his teeth, biting them. He licked my gums, wielding his tongue into the deepest crevices of my mouth. My heart was beating erratically, hands were shaking, I couldn’t draw a breath, perplexed and unable to move. I sat there, stunned, bewildered and shocked out of my existence, as Liam fucking Henderson kissed me, loading my nostrils with the smell of his cologne and scratching my flushed cheeks into a crimson shade with his bristle. At the precipice of this bizarre moment, the door behind my back creaked open, and whoever walked in on us gasped in shock.
  11. SPOILERS to Chapter VI. Should be released by the end of the week.
  12. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Four

    Oh, believe me, Liam will remember it for a very long time😁 Thank you!
  13. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Four

    Yes, Dylan is definitely worthy of being your spirit animal. I knew his response to Seb would brush people the wrong way, but it was designed to point to his kind-hearted nature and the contrast between the way he’s potentially willing to treat Liam’s friends vs Liam himself. He was polite with Seb and kept his distance, but while Liam broke down in tears in front of him, our boy remained cold-hearted and deaf to his words. Thank you! I loved end scene too, lots of emotions writing it.
  14. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Five

    🤔 good question, I was wondering that myself. Good guess (I think?)! Thank you! Can’t promise to put out chapters as frequently, but will do my best to avoid holds. This story has to come out of my system, it’s been brewing for an indecent amount of time already. Well, good guys like Jake always creeped me out to be honest, I don’t believe in their existence much. Again, Dylan won’t really agree with me, so let’s hope he’s right. Thank you! Will do my best You can always have more than one bad guy. Have you seen Spider-Man 3 (bad, bad movie)? 🤔 I know, right? This guy is creepy! Thank you! Well, good thing Dylan’s spidey sense is also very well fine tuned. He’s naive but he knows how to show his teeth. I believe our little genius will figure out what’s wrong.
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