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  1. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Seven

    Thank you for the comment! Your theories look very interesting indeed, that’s all I’m going to say😉 Liam is definitely an asshole for taking advantage of Dylan, as for Jake... Well, the guy is keeping a secret. That’s not easy. Let’s hope it won’t blow in his face😬 More artwork is on the way!
  2. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Many questions that you guys have will be answered further in the story, I promise. I completely agree - Liam is a piece of shit, he does not deserve Dylan and has no right to have any sort of claim on him. So, there’s one thing that seemed unclear to my readers, for which I apologize - a kiss is a kiss, I don’t think that it’s fair to draw any long-term conclusions based on Dylan’s immediate reaction to it. In Dylan’s case it has absolutely nothing to do with love. Consider it a canon, if you will, a confirmation from author. At this moment in this story, Dylan does not feel any romantic atta
  3. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Seven

    Thank you! Those took me a few days to draw, it was a pain in the butt😂 I agree that Dylan misinterpreted the looks, there were too many things that happened, he just overheated there for a sec. We’ll have to see what happens next, I guess 😉 Thanks, I’m glad you liked the chapter and a pic! I also pictured him this way, hopefully it clicked with many readers. Yeah, next chapter should be pretty... uh... how do I put it? Explosive? Thank you! Tried my best😃 Stay tuned for more!
  4. When I was twelve, I narrowly escaped death when a piece of a rooftop fell off the building and landed inches away from me on the sidewalk. What were the chances? I didn’t know whether to consider myself lucky or not, but the event imprinted on my memory forever. My life had a handful of other strange occurrences, but nothing really stood out in comparison to a bizarre and out-of-nowhere french kiss that Liam Henderson decided to plant upon my 17-year old lips. It was an epiphany of weird, something so fundamentally wrong that it crossed all the wires in my inebriated brain, forcing it to shut
  5. I’m on a roll, finally finished drawing Dylan! Hopefully some of you guys picture him the way I do.
  6. New art: Liam Henderson on the field. Also, spoilers for Chapter Seven:
  7. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Thank you! I’m also curious to see what happens. If he ever forgives Liam, it won’t be easy, I think Hahaha! “You’re mine” is such a cliche, I can’t. Mutilated scrotum? Sounds interesting. The one thing I’ll disagree with is that Liam is one of those people who peaks in high school. This is frequently true about characters like him, but in his particular case - I see him perfectly happy with a wife and three kids one day, he’ll be someone that looks back at his teenage years regretting being such an asshole. Alternatively, he may turn into a very successful guy and maintain his shitty
  8. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    Oh, something tells me Liam won’t get away with this kiss so easily. 😉 I’m so tempted, but I strongly believe that alternating points of view are a very slippery slope! That kind of narrative murders lots of stories unfortunately, even though it would definitely be interesting to peak into Liam’s head. Thank you for the comment! I feel like someone peaked into the draft for the next chapter!🤭 I think the story implies it, yes. Liam probably drank a bit too much and didn’t really remember causing that much harm at the prom night. Does this mean that Dylan
  9. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Six

    “So what happened next?” Jake asked, brushing my hair with the palm of his hand. I hugged him tightly and pressed my ear to his chest. His calm, steady breathing was soothing and I felt warm in his embrace. “Nothing, he just...” I exhaled, “He just drove away. I don’t know what happened last week, where he’s been or what he did. Elle heard he was in a car accident, but I don’t really care, to be honest.” “Did he try to contact you after that?” “No. I’d like to think I’ve made myself clear. Hopefully he got a clue.” “I see...” “You know what was most infuriating?” I as
  10. SPOILERS to Chapter VI. Should be released by the end of the week.
  11. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Four

    Oh, believe me, Liam will remember it for a very long time😁 Thank you!
  12. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Four

    Yes, Dylan is definitely worthy of being your spirit animal. I knew his response to Seb would brush people the wrong way, but it was designed to point to his kind-hearted nature and the contrast between the way he’s potentially willing to treat Liam’s friends vs Liam himself. He was polite with Seb and kept his distance, but while Liam broke down in tears in front of him, our boy remained cold-hearted and deaf to his words. Thank you! I loved end scene too, lots of emotions writing it.
  13. Avogadro1001

    Chapter Five

    🤔 good question, I was wondering that myself. Good guess (I think?)! Thank you! Can’t promise to put out chapters as frequently, but will do my best to avoid holds. This story has to come out of my system, it’s been brewing for an indecent amount of time already. Well, good guys like Jake always creeped me out to be honest, I don’t believe in their existence much. Again, Dylan won’t really agree with me, so let’s hope he’s right. Thank you! Will do my best You can always have more than one bad guy. Have you seen Spider-Man 3 (bad, bad movie)? 🤔
  14. It’s been six days since he showed his face at the school. Liam Henderson went missing in action, skipping phone calls, ignoring messages and eliminating his presence on social media. The most annoying part was how big of a deal it was to everyone. A guy decides to ditch school for a week to have fun, and minions go loosing their minds as though all roads lead to his door. “I heard he crashed his Camaro,” Elle said, biting on a soggy french fry and squinting at the taste. She spat it out and squeamishly pinched its corpse with her nails, dissecting fried potato and groaning, “Ew, look
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