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  1. The Donald Trump of Lycans. That's all we need.
  2. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    I like rum and pineapple juice. With a cherry and a little umbrella. That I will put in my hair and forget all about until it drops out and scares the shit out of me. Or I stab myself on it. Fireball sounds painful to my poor sensitive stomach.
  3. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    I have found my people!!!💗
  4. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Depends how much rum is in it.
  5. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Ya think?!?!?!?!?
  6. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Or that Kim is his mother? And seriously, spell check automatically brought up Kardashian when I typed Kim. Ick. I feel violated now.
  7. Screw the "g's"! Does he pronounce his "r's"!
  8. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 45

    That has to be a seriously useless Board of Directors if they really did not know what was in his contract. I mean, come on. My town nitpicks the damn to death when picking superintendents. They only have themselves to blame.
  9. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 3

    Well, Oregon is more temperate, isn't it? New England? Not a chance in hell. And don't be maligning my fluffy fuzzbutts you! Both of you!
  10. Weeeeellll.....Adrian certainly got over it, did he not?😁
  11. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 3

    My little piggies didn't turn blue but they sure took their time warming up! You seem so surprised by the weather forecast. It's New England, you should know better! And jalapeno butt is not harmless cat torture. If you'd ever had to have a colonoscopy, I'm imagining it along the lines of the prep the night before. I do wish I could forget it and It's been about 15 years!
  12. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 3

    I am so glad I don't eat jalapenos. Not just the cat's ass that would be shooting flames!
  13. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 3

    Well shit. If you were going to Salem I could meet up with you and go all weird fangirl on you!!
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