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  1. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 11

    Better than any soap opera I could have ever written.
  2. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Well you know who I meant!!!! I stand corrected and he still cracks me up.
  3. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    I've read and reread the Sanitaria Springs series a couple of times. I adore Robin and Alex kills me.
  4. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Well...did NOT see that coming!
  5. I KNEW there was going to be a baby! Dumb chick.
  6. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 4

    Will you mail me an order of that breakfast? Make it pancakes instead of French toast though. And add a side of those guys. I like touchy feely huggy men.😁
  7. empresslovesreading

    A Torrent

    You've not read it yet?!?!?! Oh, have a dozen boxes of tissues with you. You'll need them. Wayne isn't wrong when he says you need to ready for that one!😭😭😭😭
  8. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 1

  9. empresslovesreading

    Devil Spawn

    Gee. I guess Kaleb doesn't believe in cosmic payback because that devil spawn is him in female form!
  10. Damn chapter wasn't long enough!
  11. empresslovesreading

    Broken Roads

    Come on!!! We need to commence with the ass-kicking and torture of the assholes who decided doing this to Levi was ok. I need some action here before I go batshit crazy and kill my husband after being cooped up with him for a month!
  12. empresslovesreading


    Oh thank God
  13. empresslovesreading

    A New Car

    Probably because they're so ugly. Scions are Frankenstein cars.
  14. Ooooooooh boy!!!!
  15. empresslovesreading

    A New Car

    HEY!!!! I'm not in mid-life crisis mode and I would LOVE!!!!! a red car. Unfortunately, I am a Massachusett leadfoot through and through and would either be in jail on a regular basis or have my license taken away. So THERE!😛
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