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  1. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 23

    I hear you. I just lost my husband in July and I have not a damn clue what to do with myself. I have no friends and I have been spending way too much time on here. Hugs🤗
  2. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 6

    Anthony Bourdain must have had a stomach of steel. I have no problem whatsoever eating local when it comes to desserts😊 I'm not surprised about the turtle. They do have turtle soup, do they not?
  3. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 6

    Yeah. I was absolutely HORRIFIED when I found out people ate piggies down there. I had three of them as pets. They were my babies, not food!
  4. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Nope. In. Well, technically it would be in the beach but same difference. I hate seafood but I know It's been done.
  5. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 5

    Toby never had food cooked in the ground? I'm surprised since camping is a time when people would do that. Clambakes and that kind of rot.
  6. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 46

    Excuses excuses. Mark died in July. When can I come move in with you?
  7. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 46

    You suck ass at checking your emails. That is all.
  8. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 18

    Not like we couldn't think of a few uses for frosting!😎
  9. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 1

    No. No it won't. There isn't enough coffee in the world to help me deal with numbers.
  10. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 1

    Oh my GAWD!!!! Sooooo much math too early in the morning!!!! My head hurts. Good beginning though. Just try not to use so much math and actual critical thinking so early in the morning. Please?
  11. Nice try but no. That's one reason I don't have kids. I ain't touching those diapers!!! Seriously though, I am so glad to hear Rob is home and his bitchy self. If he needs someone to keep him in line, I'm free. Well, I still have a job.
  12. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 27

    And this would be bad how....?????
  13. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 26

    No. Just widowed and bored.
  14. empresslovesreading

    Chapter 26

    I don't suppose they'd want to adopt me?
  15. empresslovesreading

    Sad News

    Well, you know I'm always up for the challenge of bossing you around and poking fun at you is so delightful. I have plenty of free time on my hands now.
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