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  1. SnowBear

    The First Date

    ShivayπŸ‘getπŸ‘outπŸ‘ofπŸ‘thereπŸ‘! You don't need that traditionalist crap in your life, cut loose and have some fun with that wooly wild man with the kitty!
  2. SnowBear

    Thirty One

    EEEEEKKK!!!! Seth I'm so proud of the progress you're making and your book getting published!! Noah πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜
  3. I'm not digging colt at all, while he is reminiscent of axel and how he was initially, I'm thinking he's bad news. Shivay is cool, did not see a tiger and polar bear coming together, although there is one story on here...πŸ˜‚ Charlie is awesome, not the shifter i was hoping for but she's growing on me. Shivay's mother: πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ😑
  4. Damn maybe we were wrong about Charlie, i mean even if she's not a bear siku would smell it on her right? There goes that theory lol
  5. We have a susie who wasn't born a susie, maybe now we have a Charlie that wasn't born a Charlie? That being said i will die laughing if big bad siku's mate ends up being a tabby cat shifter 🀣
  6. Damn siku is living my dream in sturgeon bay πŸ˜‚ i think dom is catching feelings for Mr. big/white/and hairy
  7. SnowBear


    I was not expecting this πŸ˜… i was honestly leaning towards frank being part of a crime family and this "sister" was the reason they had to leave where they came from lol
  8. SnowBear

    Dim Sum

    I'm thinking this secret might have something to do with that last sentence, like JJ said, Shaun knows everything about him, in my opinion possibly too much, and Shaun so far has been tight lipped. Frank strikes me as either a little eccentric/hippie like, or something fishy is going on during his so called trips to the girlfriend's house.
  9. Oh my god did i just step into an avengers spin off? 🀣🀣🀣
  10. 😍😍😍 I will be first in line for that book
  11. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! NO SHAW!!! the guy was really becoming someone i liked. unfortunately from the time he convinced Stefen to let him be a double agent to save his life, i knew it was inevitable. Stefen never struck me as someone who left loose ends. I'm wondering who this guy is? Someone from the EC? Not too many shadow mages around so there can't be too many suspects. Now you got Wagner and Tierney going in DEEP at the behest of the EC, i wonder how that's gonna pan out. I'm interested to see how much, if any, part yakob will play in the upcoming battle. A big part of me wants to see yakob just go ham, see what he's truly capable of and what he's spent the last 90 years building up to.
  12. Hey @Grumpy Bear this is a belated thought blurb, but i got to thinking, given Matthias's age, why didn't you make him some kind of ancient type of bear? Something no longer around but bigger than any bear that currently exists? I looked into it a bit and realized the timelines might not match up but I'm curious if you gave it some thought? The (Arctotherium angustidens) would have been freaking cool!
  13. SnowBear

    Twenty Three

    I grew up not having a lot, nowhere near as bad as seth of course, but i get where he's coming from. That being said, there's a definitive line between showing off cause you have money vs easing the burden of stress your partner may not even know they're projecting and genuinely wanting them to be happier and more relaxed. If anything noah is being selfish rather than pitying seth and Lilith, he wants more seth time and that means trying to convince that workaholic that they're not going to be homeless by next week cause he didn't work 100 hours straight 🀦 I'm proud I'm not an invalid mooch but if some hunky guy with mountains of money takes an interest in me and loves me for who i am they can throw all the damn money they want my way πŸ™ˆ
  14. Damn son that was a doozy πŸ€ͺ i love this caring Trent and more confident Kayden. That threesome was πŸ₯΅ i hope lucas doesn't end up being left out in the cold, I'm starting to like him.
  15. SnowBear


    EEEEKKK!!! (Excited fangirl moment) they are so adorable together 😍 Lilith makes my day i love her
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