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  1. Kkh

    Chapter 7

    Okay, I just want to ask if you're a PJO( Percy Jackson and the Olympians) fan? As soon as i read the "you drool when you sleep", i genuinely stopped reading for a while to calm myself down from the pjo high xD Annabeth said the same thing to Percy in pjo, and they're kind of my favorite ship so you understand my excitement :p
  2. Kkh

    Hook, Line, And Sinker

    This is my only issue with reading on Gayauthors; the constant wait for new chapters! I have so little patience and everytime I have to wait for another chapter, I want to pull my hair out!! 😭😭 However, I'd be too broke to read all these novels if they were published so this is the only way for now :( . My only solace is that you upload regularly, and I only have to wait for 7 days! I think me wanting to scream every Sunday after reading a chapter because I can't wait just shows how much I love this already! ❤️
  3. Kkh

    Chapter 9

    I'm just saying, but like you need to post the next chapter like yesterday!!! It's only been 9 hours and I'm already dying to read what happens next!
  4. Kkh

    Chapter 9

    All i wish is for you to post the next chapter soon! Can't wait!
  5. Kkh

    Nice Shape

    I have an exam tomorrow and instead of studying, I'm reading this and i do not regret it at all. Amazing chapter as always!
  6. Kkh

    Chapter 13

    Can you please help me find it too?
  7. Kkh

    Chapter 13

    Oh no, i was looking forward to reading it :(
  8. Kkh

    Chapter 13

    Hey,can you tell me if the sequel was ever uploaded? If so, can you help me find it? Thanks!

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