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  1. Kkh

    Chapter 32

    Oh boy, I would've gone crazy with frustration if she didn't post daily! I was so sad when she finished specter's gamble coz her daily updates made my day and i thought that'd stop :') the only reason i woke up to go to school was so i could be updated on her stories xD
  2. Kkh

    Chapter 32

    Wait, what if Sam has air powers? I mean Blair's always saying how sam has some latent powers, maybe that's it then, and maybe they'll make themselves known now that he's in such a position? Honestly, can't wait for another 8-9 hours or something for more 😭
  3. Kkh

    Chapter 28

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I mean, I've known Eve was the antagonist since she met Desmond in the library and said that she studied history of ancient magic, and Desmond, a guy with perfect instincts is being a dumb horny guy 🤷🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Kkh

    Chapter 26

    You have me sitting on the edge of my seat!!
  5. Kkh

    Chapter 23

    Oh no😭 i really wanted chapter 23 to be completely about sacrifice as Sam would turn 23 in the 23rd chapter posted on 14th 😭 but that's okay, i guess.🤷 I'll just satisfy myself with the drama that'll unfold on this dinner xD
  6. Kkh

    A Risk Worth Taking

    My excitement was elevating and then it stopped 😭😭 why do you do this to us everytime 😭
  7. It's been two and a half months and i realize this only now that it's Aidan and not Adrian. God, do i feel dumb *facepalms*
  8. Aidan really needs to put the flower whose petals he has destroyed and just admit to Heathcliff that he likes him already!! It's like seeing a dog chase his tail, running in circles only to end up scratching his own butt, kinda pissed that he couldn't get the tail( Heathcliff) As always, waiting for the next chapter!
  9. Kkh


    Sgaksgsksgakagdksh I honestly want you to post the next chapter already xD but I think there's this thing on GA where you have to wait for at least 8 hours before posting another chapter to a story? Sike well, maybe I'll wake up to a new chapter ;)?
  10. Kkh


    I have a test tomorrow but i postponed studying to read this and end the mystery of the phone call and now I'm even more confused 😭 how will i study now when all I can do is think about the letter in the will and what it could be? However, i have no regrets! I mean "Fur coat and no nickers?" Really? Sounds hot I read that as snickers the first time tho🤣
  11. Kkh


    I would've loved to read it but I'm from India, so the converted price is too much for me at the moment but maybe later when i can, i will! ❤️
  12. Kkh


    Everytime he mentioned irritation in cliff's eyes, my heart soared! More because of how he was about Raul, his husband, "what the eyes don't see..." Like wtf? Ew! Of course Jaymes saved the day! He's such a softie under his hard exterior of not being affected by anything Martin and Gallagher were great and made the party super enjoyable , that could've easily been downright torture for Nate and Jaymes. I wait eagerly for the next chapter!!
  13. I honestly have a love hate relationship with your cliffhangers because i just wanna be a human sponge to all your stories and absorb them but i also love them because i can always branch out in my imagination and have the story pan out in an entirely different way. Also, i get so happy when you reply to my comments and go gaga over it because you're my favorite author on GA and it means so much to you and i always wanna tell you how good your stories are but I'm too shy and nervous in general and back out. Even this took 30 minutes of contemplation whether i should comment or not
  14. Why must you always leave us at cliffhangers 😭 However i do have to say, your cliffhangers are fun and somehow, i think of your stories throughout the week, imagining different ways the story can move in, if that makes sense! I do like how Aidan is this big wolf in his mind, always thinking he'll stand his ground but is in fact a cute puppy waiting for all the pets he can get!! ❤️🤣
  15. Kkh

    Chapter 7

    Okay, I just want to ask if you're a PJO( Percy Jackson and the Olympians) fan? As soon as i read the "you drool when you sleep", i genuinely stopped reading for a while to calm myself down from the pjo high xD Annabeth said the same thing to Percy in pjo, and they're kind of my favorite ship so you understand my excitement :p
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