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  1. So now we understand Ollie's on again off again behavior. Ian is so funny, hilarious. Congratulations on the move to NYC!
  2. The tidbits from the Employee Handbook are true and instructive. I'm not sure if the author made them up or if they are in a real handbook somewhere. If the former, the author deserves credit all the more. Jonah is quite a quirky one, to say the least; I'm kind of done predicting him. Jonah and Noah, huh? Two saviors of the world. I like the cadence of the writing.
  3. Okay, so I don't know about Jonah now. I think he may be up to something awful. His faux reluctance to take Brian's money, after he'd been the one to ask for it in the first place...this is all beginning to seem to me like Jonah is taking Brian for a long ride. I hope I'm wrong because Brian seems sincere. I like this story.
  4. This was laugh out loud in many parts! I just wonder why the author left out the real steamy bits; I want those. I hope Jonah is not up to anything terrible because I'm thinking he genuinely fancies Brian.
  5. I was wondering when Jonah was going to bring up Brian's declaration of love, which seemed premature at the time from both of them, no matter what. Nice story and I do look forward to more.
  6. Homosapiens

    The Way Home

    Very nice work. I love how you used cliffhangers and surprise twists to capture and keep interest and to move the plot along. I also like your style of not starting the next chapter exactly where the last one ended, yet still letting us know what happened in the interim. I am glad that it was Seth and Rory to the end. Like everyone else, I thought it would have been Luke and Rory, but halfway through you made Seth so perfect that no way could Luke cut in there anymore. And did you make Seth the perfect boyfriend! Even his not wanting to say goodbye to Rory made sense, and in the end he r
  7. Why, oh why did Seth have to open his mouth and tell Rory that Luke likes him?? No good deed ever goes unpunished. And he and Rory seemed like such a nice couple at that. Certainly Seth appeared to be the perfect boyfriend. Oh well, let's see how this goes... Very nice writing and the plot is different from the norm.
  8. Homosapiens

    Mom in a Box

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I agree it is the best-written chapter so far. I am happy Rory showed the wedding drawing to his father. That was something I was so hoping he would do from the moment the drawing was mentioned, not because it should have changed anything for Eddie - it shouldn't have - but because he should know. It was skillful thinking on the author's part when Eddie mentioned that Gina used to give him countless similar drawings, so this one was not new to either her or to him. I love that Seth was a part of this chapter too. I don't know where this is going with Seth and Rory,
  9. The story is interesting. I particularly like the time and space jumps. (You mentioned Las Vegas back there by mistake, I think.) Intriguing plot. Can't wait to read more.
  10. Homosapiens


    More please...
  11. May I just say this? This is one of the best stories I have read, anywhere. And I have not yet read beyond this chapter. Not that the author cares what I do, but I wanted him to know that's why I have not commented on the succeeding chapters - I just haven't read them yet. I have concluded that this book is so fascinating that I am better off waiting until it is completely posted so I can finish it at my pleasure than go through the agony of waiting 6 months at a time for an update. I suspect the wait each time would break me. I thought the author should know this book is superlative, and ther
  12. Yes, yes yes, you did do them justice! Finally together!! That was so hot! I will re-read this chapter frequently. I note Ty has yet to declare his love to Dane, though Dane has done it at least twice to Ty. Hmmm. We didn't even get breakfast after with Ty and Dane before the mother comes and wrecks the good vibes. From the jump we know she is up to no good because she called Ty "Tyler". I certainly did not see her coming back into the picture. (Sigh). Just keep feeding us soft moments between Ty and Dane and we can get through anything. Thanks for the last two quick updates. I must
  13. Homosapiens


    I just came across this story today and inhaled all five chapters in one sitting. I was so worked up by the end of this one. What a place for me to have to stop reading and wait for your next update! I don't know where this is going but I love it so far. Why is Ollie blowing hot and cold? What's up with Trevor and Oscar? Where did Ian get the sudden confidence from at the end of this chapter? "I wanted him more than I wanted life itself." I love these superlative declarations of love and need. There are a lot of them in this chapter and they are stimulating. BTW: I started to learn c
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