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  1. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 20

    Neredos seems to know Veil's secret of controlling other people's minds and maybe knows how she's lived so long. I wonder how he came to this conclusion. Grim's and Veil's meeting will be an interesting one. I wonder how long it's been since they've talked. Have they talked since she disowned him in the last book?
  2. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 19

    Good observation, I completely missed that! Neredos seems to know the demon war hasn't ended and it seems like he's doing something to ensure the demons don't come back. He also knows he's dying which may be why he's doing this now. It also sounds like he's acknowledged that his rule wasn't the best and that it stagnated progress. I find it hard to believe that Styx could kill him. Even though Neredos is dying, he is still protected by three demons. Neredos is also currently quite powerful with his cloak, helmet and gauntlet. I wonder why they didn't destroy the pillars before. What would happen if they just smashed a pillar? They could have even killed the demons one by one by opening one pillar at a time. I wonder why Neredos didn't do this (and maybe keep the four demon generals alive in their pillars)
  3. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 19

    I'm glad to see the group is coming together again, we're just missing Styx now. I wonder how the demon was freed. Was it Neredos? Is he planning to raise up the city, release the demons, and self-destruct the city?
  4. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 18

    Alsha knows Bradeth's intent to open the Pillar of Ibrix. After hearing a group of Elrok opened the pillar, why would she immediately assume it was Maxthane who opened it? Veil should have offered Styx a better explanation to convince him of her thoughts. Her explanation basically consisted of two line that said he's ruled too long and he's crazy. Not very persuasive if you ask me. Styx's mother, Nal Maya, was able to resist Veil's mind alterations. Maybe Styx will be able to do the same. Good point. Veil worked with the scientists and doctors during the Demon war and their technological and medical knowledge was far greater than current times. She probably has a good understanding about the human body and what it can and cannot do. She may also have recognized the demon blood to be alive as Maxthane had and knew she had to destroy it to save the person infected and that regular healing wouldn't remove the blood. It may have been through this that she found out the Fedain's ability to destroy and take the life force from others.
  5. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 17

    As dktc and drpaladin said, it's already been mentioned. I've forgotten their names now, but she's Prism's Gor friend's wife who sought out Ghayle after she gave birth. You're right, but all Grim has to do is abdicate to relieve himself of the responsibility right? Hopefully everyone meets up: Bradeth and Grim, Styx, and Maxthane and his group. Even if Grim can't help heal Styx (he should at least be able to slow it down), he could help uncover the secrets at the Temple of Naxthul.
  6. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 16

    Did Drake sacrifice himself or is he still alive? Will Styx send someone after him? I wonder if Styx is going to connect the dots that Maxthane is Veil's son. I've been thinking about Veil and her last failed attempt at killing Neredos. Why didn't she alter Neredos' mind before destroying his cells? Or at the very least why kill his nerve cells rather than any other cells that wouldn't give him pain and alert him that she's killing him? I feel like Veil's only reason to stay alive is to babysit Neredos and to kill him if given the opportunity. She probably wouldn't mind dying once Neredos has died. If i remember correctly, she didn't like aging those girls to keep herself young. I also just realised, Styx will have to ask for healing first, then accuse Veil later. He wouldn't want to give her the chance to alter his mind or age him.
  7. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 13

    Styx probably doesn't directly fit into her agenda, but I'm sure she would like more allies who could help her take down Neredos. She hasn't exactly been successful on her own for the last 800 years and she's lost an ally in Fasha. Yeah, it was very sad when Dogo and Rega died. Both Maxthane and Styx lost quite a bit of support.
  8. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 13

    I doubt she'll have a problem curing Styx, especially since, as Styx mentioned, he already met her. The problem would be for Styx and Drake to get to her which can't be easy.
  9. Geoffrey257

    The Dove

    I feel like one of the slayers should use the Sanguistis. They now know the effects the blade has and how it works so they could minimize its use, but still use it effectively in defeating the dragons. Yes, it will drain their life force, but it could also help them defeat the dragons and survive. For example, Von may still be alive if he had used the blade. What rank is Von?
  10. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 11

    I also wasn't expecting to return to Maxthane so soon, but thanks for letting us know what happens to not leave it on a cliffhanger! I think Maxthane handled it pretty well. I think Veil made a mistake trying to kill Neredos. It would be better for her to maintain his trust wait until she is more certain in her attempts to kill Neredos.
  11. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 33

    I remember being unsure whether I should read this when reading the summary, but I'm glad I did! I'm sad to see the story end. It seems like there's a bit of support for my hypothesis that Lily and Grandma Asta are connected to Sanctuary, but I guess we won't know for sure. I was pretty surprised when it turned out Jet was Matt's mate. I'm still a bit confused about mates. When do people find their mate? Based on Rory and Milan, I originally thought it was when the two first meet, but they're a special case since Milan came from out of town. Normally I'd assume everyone knows everyone in Portento so when does a pair find out their mates? In Matt's and Jet's case, I assumed they already knew each other in the past, but it seems like they've suddenly taken an interest in one another.
  12. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 10

    That's true, but Prism and Grim were more of a side effect of being sealed. Could someone only seal a human (or non-demon)? I think most would assume Salidar is in the pillar since he and Maxthane were the only ones in the room, but now only Maxthane is in the room with a pillar in Salidar's place. If Maxthane is forced to release Fasha, I guess it was good that Fasha kept up his Salidar disguise.
  13. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 10

    That's what it sounded like to me. He sealed Fasha up in a pillar. As drpaladin mentioned, this may still lead to problems for Maxthane depending on the knowledge people have of the pillars. Can it only be used to seal demons or can it be used on humans too? What if people assume humans can be sealed up and Maxthane sealed up "Salidar"?
  14. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 7

    😢 I feel so bad for Styx. Dogo is probably going to die soon due to the demon's toxic blood. He already has signs he's not doing well and (I had to check) Veil said that people who contract the blood will die over several weeks if they get a low dose. At least Styx gets some time to know his father and past.
  15. Geoffrey257

    Chapter 16

    Why are the elves spending so much time sending things out to get the group? Why don't they go themselves or even send some elves to get Kieran? Having people talk to them to explain the situation would probably make Kieran and the others more willing to go along than to have mindless Fetches get them
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