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  1. Nightlit


    I have to say, as frustrated as I was with Brandon? I liked how that was resolved. I have always felt that redemption is more important than punishment. The idea of a moral event horizon is pure foolishness. We can't change our past, all we can do is learn from it. Seeing the human ending that is respectful of everyone involved, regardless of the mistakes they might have made, was great. To me, the only ending that mattered in this chapter was the bit with Brandon. Jeremy and Alex's relationship had it's real ending halfway through the story. True, Alex had a bit of worry, but it never sp
  2. Yeah. When Brandon was like, "And if you’d bothered to get to know me, maybe you’d have seen that." I was like, "Well, maybe if you'd spent the TWO WHOLE DATES you'd had talking about yourself rather than your money? He might HAVE gotten to know you."
  3. Nightlit


    Collin watches Armon put the finishing touches on his fate wheel. Armon smiles at him, “I’m glad they added the next ring of nodes.” Collin smiles back, “Yeah. That looks great by the way. I’m glad you were able to find something you really feel passionate about.” Armon nods, “Thank you.” He looks down, “Collin. There’s something I want to say.” Collin smiles at him, “What is it?” Armon looks down sheepishly, “You know how I am using a wolf?” Collin nods, “Yes. I can tell you really like wolves.” Armon shakes his head, “I… it’s more than that. I… feel like I was sup
  4. Nightlit

    Inner Sanctum

    OH! Yeah. Literally the ONLY reason they did that? Was to try and instigate a situation where the central group consisting of significant people to the boss fight? Encountered literally no monsters at all. Since the post combat lull is location based, not team based. So if the first group kills all the enemies fast enough, and the rearguard kills any random/respawns as they occur? Then the central group could theoretically move through the entire Temple following the vanguard entirely through zones currently in post combat lull. And if that seems overly convoluted and with a potential to
  5. Nightlit

    Inner Sanctum

    Only initial spawns in this game stick to their own rooms. Respawns both occur based on time rather than location and wander the dungeon rather than staying where they start. (In fact, ALL spawns in dungeons outside of specific predetermined room layouts work like this. The spawns in hallways and stuff are both random and spawn infinitely, though there is still a post combat lull, a limited number of enemies that can exist at any given time in the entire dungeon, and enemies don't spawn in locations no player has gone to yet, whether or not said location has a predetermined enemy layout). And
  6. Nightlit

    Inner Sanctum

    Efficiency mostly. They weren't worried about people dying before the boss, as many of them had already done runs, sans boss, in smaller groups. By splitting up they delineate the drops more evenly, which helps with inventory space and makes it take less time to search the dungeon. This is the intro raid, meaning it's actually easy content, for the most part. The reason why the initial runs at the beginning of the story failed was partially just because they were under powered (there are 3 dungeons meant to be completed by players before they'd be ready for the raid). Chances are, had they bee
  7. Asa looks at the names, “We should have done this earlier. There are so many names missing.” Collin sighs, “Where would we have done it?” Asa can’t answer that. Before today, he didn’t even know there was an in game forum. It explicitly wasn’t implemented during the afternoon event, so he’d never bothered looking for it. It seemed no one else had either, as when Brandon had found it via the help menu it was completely empty. The only thing there now is the list of names. Every player anyone could remember who is no longer on the server. The list is far from complete and probably never
  8. Thanks! Half the reason I wrote this was just to have it exist. But I also always felt like similar stories either get lost in their protagonist or forget they are in a virtual world entirely and just become fantasy. My goals with this story are to have a focus more on the setting and how the protagonists interact with that setting to create the eventual society that exists within it, and also to never forget that it is a science fiction story about people in a virtual fantasy world, not a fantasy story with characters trapped from a real one. I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Understandable. And you are in luck! Cause the story is about to shift to being more action oriented (though the long talks never disappear). As for tanking. That's mostly because the game uses a free form stat customization system, inspired by things like the Sphere Grid in FFX and the Lillium Orb in Tales of Xillia, rather than locking stats and builds together in jobs like most MMOs do, which means that there are a wider range of stat balance/build setups, since you can do wonky things like make a spellcaster who has tank stats (and thus WANTS to get hit out of their casting, because t
  10. It takes some time for everyone to get their inventories straight, but fortunately, the safe room connects to a hallway without any spawns that leads to the boss. So they don’t have to worry about clearing out enemies before the fight. Once that’s complete, Collin, Ardine, Wake, Luke, Brandon, the guy who offered to cast the teleportation circle and a group of tanks and healers approach the door. The door is large and has an ornate looking frame, but does not otherwise stand out. A moment after they open it, a large room with sky blue walls that blend with a white floor spawns. The room’s
  11. “Incoming!” Zuri readies herself for an attack as she hears Gail announce another explosive. The explosion causes the pill bugs in front of her to scatter and, most importantly, unroll, giving Zuri another chance to attack. Two more of the annoying things disappear as both she and Kaja’s strikes land. Two more are taken out by a spread of arrows from Rika. They’d just finished an encounter with one pill bug and some spiders in the first room of the inner sanctum and encountered more pill bugs in one of the three hallways leaving from it. The first encounter had had proved much less frustra
  12. Nightlit

    Start Raiding

    HP and MP are at least partially attrition mechanics, and so the way regen works varies inside and outside of instances. Inside dungeon instances, passive regen halts within safe zones, so you can't "safely" regen your HP or MP. Now, in theory they could teleport people out and get their HP/MP back that way? But when a player exits an instance, all skill or spell effects from that player immediately end, including teleportation circles, so in practice that would be a logistical nightmare. That's why the A team needed a furnishing to create permanent teleportation between their rooms. Usin
  13. Asa is shocked at the turnout. A hundred or so people stand in the large safe zone outside of the Temple. It’s not just combatants either. Theo and Ben are there, as are a number of players who don’t have the combat ability, but who can heal and buff to help set up staging areas in the various safe zones. More than ten percent of the total server population has shown up to collaborate on this one raid. As far as Asa knows, that’s never happened before. Admittedly the server is small, and there had been far larger temple raids before, but this isn’t the same. Lives are on the line this time
  14. Nightlit

    Raid Starting

    It's just the in game name for the newbie zone "bunny rabbit" wildlife equivalent. It's named for "bunny" and "nip" as in "to bite something". They look like large white bunnies, and are quite cute when outside of combat, but get an evil (but still intended to be adorable) expression while fighting. They are one of the best newbie pets with broadly applicable skills and a wide variety of build paths, intended to be easily usable by anyone who wants to use a pet and viable for all content.
  15. Nightlit


    I don't have an official timeline for the story, since the date doesn't really matter, but the technology would indicate it must takes place decently into the future. Mitchell would be, in that case, in the generation that started playing video games during the NES era while he was a kid, and thus has been a gamer for more or less his entire life. But don't take that as an official note of the time period of the story, just an example of why a person his age might still be playing games. That is a good guess. We may never know! (Obviously I do, but... perks of being the author!)
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