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  1. rdale

    Chapter 53

    I guess i am used to Toronto, step outside and stand still and listen, within half an hour, you will have heard a sizable chunk of the 500 or so languages and sub dialects spoken in the city, sometimes several in the same conversation, lol.
  2. rdale

    Chapter 52

    i like the idea of expanding the reach of Sanctuary, but traditionally Sanctuary is an informal secret, word of mouth, hidden; think underground railroad. The horrendous mess CPS would cause is enough on its own to keep this out of the news. Informally contacting like minded people in other areas would be the best way to go i think. Using a semi secret society to war against the secret society of child trafficking, hmmm intrigue?
  3. rdale

    Chapter 8

    great story, i had forgot to follow it.. so did a bit of back searching today so i can keep track. love the omega really an alpha plot, i love how the alpha is so confused, hope to read more soon. remember one of my pets from teenage years... cute white fluffy cat, adorable.. but could rip your hands to shreds at the drop of a hat then back to being cute and adorable again.. hahahahah
  4. rdale

    Life's Struggles

    hahaha... i did not hide the one in the pillow case... i guess this means he still has not found the one i hid!! lol
  5. rdale

    Chapter 5

    LOL if i was from his family, i can just picture my brother doing the exact same thing to me... hell i think he would try it anyway, can you tell i live no where near my siblings.. lol
  6. rdale

    Chapter 5

    oh my god , i think i am in love,.. well "like" is more like it cause she has the wrong plumbing,, but damn she sounds fun, reminds me of Aunt Beatrice, lol
  7. rdale

    Chapter 4

    i have been laughing my ass off at this guy since chapter one, thanks for the laughs!!! keep going, i have to know what happens next!
  8. rdale

    Chapter 39

    loved the chapter as usual, had to look up St. Micheal's palace to see which one it was, funny enough it was one that i did not know for some reason. As always i enjoyed your characterisation of historic figures. For some reason i am intrigued as to who you will use as the person to indoctrinate Granger into the Most Holy Orthodox Faith, or should I say who Granger will indoctrinate into his bed?
  9. rdale

    Empty Nest

    lol just read one comment about maybe there will be some normalcy at home with Blu working,, my question is " does the college know what is about to hit them?""
  10. rdale

    Empty Nest

    OMG i love the story line with the diapers, brings back memories of my mother and a sister in law... the war between the dragon (mom) and godzilla ( sister in law) in this one godzilla lost lol lol lol . Kept my family entertained and my poor brother on valium... hahahahahaha
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