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    Old Scars

    Oh my, the kids are starting to grow up and develop into their individual personas. I think you’ve mentioned before that you probably don’t have actual plans for the Team B kids in the future, so it’s interesting to see an inkling of their true personalities because chances are us readers might not get to see them as teens/adults. I’ve always liked and enjoyed how you write about the children in your series. They aren’t annoying and bratty which is why I am so fond of all of them, even if I dislike kids in real life (lol). And they’re not just side characters who happen to exist because t
  2. nix


    I melted when Aaron asked Colt for “hugs”, he is such a sweet and cuddly little baby. I’m quite certain that Colt’s “no babysitting” rule will never be fully enacted especially with his budding relationship with Aaron. I’ve been missing the Orchard gang badly so I’m definitely happy that you’re finally back.
  3. nix

    Chapter 22

    @lomax61really wanted for all of us to experience the same anxious feeling Spencer was going through huh. How effing cruel lol jk.
  4. nix

    Chapter 21

    When I started reading this chapter I was prepared to write a five page essay about how much I despise Muriel, then BOOM 💥 Honestly, while I do feel bad for Spencer having a shit day, I am not too worried about Marshall. Give me one @lomax61 story with a tragic ending for the main characters, none right? Based on Lomax's writing history I'm certain Marshall is alive. He has to be because we haven't gotten the sexy cream and marmalade scene yet! Lol.
  5. nix

    Chapter 21

    Hit the like react button if you agree that Muriel is a despicable, diabolical she-devil. Hit the sad react button if you are sad that this chapter ended in a cliffhanger lol.
  6. nix

    Chapter 18

    As an Asian, and sadly not a stereotypical smart Asian, I thought this country really existed in Europe hahaha
  7. nix

    Chapter 18

    I want some of that “dessert”, too lol. Definitely excited for the arrival of the next chapters because those will surely be eventful since it will be featuring their first Christmas together at Spencer’s parents, the Muriel interview, and Spencer resigning from Blackmore. I’m sure the comment section in the future will be a riot and I’m all for it!!!
  8. I have my fan on but damn I’m sweating in here. The scene you painted was so intimate I almost felt guilty as I watched the two share their first time together. I felt like a perv but I couldn’t look away lol. Anyway, I’m officially putting “hot tent sex with a hunky cowboy, or two” as one of my bucket list because that was hot hot hot!!!
  9. The only thing I dislike about this chapter is that it ended before we get to see the things they’ll be doing inside of that tent lol. The rest is just amazing. Coy finally giving in and voicing his feelings for Boone out loud was such a nice surprise. It was either going to happen soon or never at all, but when I began reading this chapter I wasn’t expecting for any of that to happen. I’m really happy for the both of them, but mostly for Boone. They both hit the jackpot, in land and in love. Well, that’s it. I was able to catch up on all 16 chapters within 24 hours. I’m going to ea
  10. nix

    Chapter 15 Larkspur

    Uh-oh, I hope 🍋 isn’t a future threat to the duo. Larkspur seems to have a good effect on our boys’ moods, so that’s a good sign. It’s also nice to finally meet new people, after having Boone and Coy as the only featured characters for a long time.
  11. I was also laughing for a bit because I read the title of this chapter as Trailworm and was confused when I got to the end without a mention of some kind of worm haha.
  12. I haven’t felt frustrated with these two for a few chapters and now I can’t help but feel we are all back to square one again. All the progress that happened during the trip to Larkspur dissipated once they were close to their destination, because once again Boone is in his self-preservation mode. He should stop pushing Coy away, has he forgotten the last time he did that to Coy? He almost died without him. Whether Boone likes it or not, he has to accept that he won’t be able to live without Coy and that Coy is his life long partner (or soulmate?), even if it’s just the platonic kind.
  13. For a moment I was afraid that the dream Boone was having was a premonition of some sort, but it turned out to be nothing but repressed trauma and memories from that scary stormy night and the days that followed after. Religion is a tricky topic to tackle when it comes to our sexuality, and I honestly try to avoid thinking about it because as a gay man raised in a very Catholic family, I couldn’t help but hate myself for my ways and feel guilty about my choices. Religion makes me feel miserable so I will be honest, the religious themes in this story makes me uncomfortable sometimes. But I
  14. I totally agree with the other people on the comment section who deemed this chapter as drama-free. If this was a tv show this would have been a filler episode, but it was a nice to be able to breathe for a bit from all their issues, and I actually found myself relaxing as I read the whole chapter. On to the next!
  15. The focus had been on Boone for the last few chapters so I failed to realize how horrible it had been for Coy to see Boone almost lifeless by the river. No wonder he looked like shit as well, he had been worried to death! He just lost his entire family, and he almost lost his best friend twice, so I really felt bad for the guy. The sheriff was a wonderful character. Oftentimes we do need the opinions and insight of the people who are from the outside looking in, and the sheriff being a very perceptive person made him the perfect instrument to kick some sense into Boone and Coy’s stubborn
  16. Yeah while I was reading the chapter 7 I was like, “I fucking told yah so, Boone” the entire time lol.
  17. Oh yes you did very well with storm scene, and my heart absolutely dropped when Blue and Boone fell into the raging river. However, like what I said in my comment on chapter 8, the river scene scared me more because of an experience I had when I was younger.
  18. nix

    Chapter 8 Salvation

    I don’t exactly have a fear of water because I like long showers and taking baths, but I really don’t like the feeling and the sounds of being submerged in water. This is why I never learned how to swim. My fear of drowning isn’t random, it rooted from a time where my mom found herself a job within a cult and got us involved with them. They had this fucked up tradition where they go to the mountains for a week and baptize themselves by submerging their entire bodies in rivers and ponds multiple times a day. I was around ten then and I couldn’t swim, so the cult members would force me down into
  19. Boone had always had a gut feeling about others who were made like him. All it took sometimes was a split second look in a fellow’s eyes, and he knew. He didn’t know why that was, but he’d been proved right too many times not to trust it. Boone, honey, it’s called a gaydar lol. The exchange between Boone and the sheriff was interesting, it gave us all an insight as to how the people, or well at least how the sheriff saw and interpreted Coy and Boone’s closeness. He was definitely implying something, and he was obviously rooting for our pair. I wasn’t surprised that Boone was mi
  20. The thing is from what I have observed, their relationship isn’t even toxic! It is actually beneficial for both of them. I understand Boone’s point of needing to move on from Coy emotionally and geographically lol, but I am certain he will just end up missing the guy if he pushes through because you know as the old saying goes, absence makes the heart go fonder. If Boone thinks he is hurting now, let’s see what a wreck he will be after a month of him not having Coy by his side.
  21. Are you frustrated with these young men? I have been for six chapters now, yes lol. Do you understand them? Most of the time, no, but I totally understand that these two are young and are still unsure of themselves. Hell at 28 I still haven’t figured out what I truly want in life, so I can’t fault Boone and Coy for their emotionally fueled and somewhat irrational half baked plans, and the constant questioning of what they truly want for themselves and for each other. The back and forth between our two leads gets annoying sometimes, but tension, friction, and inner turmoil are t
  22. After reading the next few chapters I totally agree that my initial read on Coy was wrong. He was a man who lost so much already and was simply trying to hold on to the last family member he had. He knew Will wasn’t the nicest person, but he had to ignore it or else he would lose Will as well.
  23. nix

    Chapter 1 The Wake

    Boone himself dislikes the setting of their own story and he is itching to leave it all behind. I like to imagine the visuals and narrative in my head whenever I read a story, and I just can’t find any appreciation for Western settings because all I see in my mind are dust and dirt and bland sceneries. As a visual artist I’m not a fan of the Wild West’s color palette and its entire aesthetic, and personally I dislike heat and sand in real life, so it’s not a surprise that my interest for places like the one they’re in is low. But even if I’m not a fan of the backdrop, Coy and Boone have p
  24. A lot of the other comments have touched up on the things I wanted to say so Imma keep this comment short. The conversations in this chapter were uncomfortable but they needed to happen for the plot to push forward. I understand Boone’s point, but I wonder if separating from Coy would truly make him happy? He already felt alone, if he went his own way he would truly be alone. Not to mention Boone showed signs of second guessing when he suggested for Coy to join him in Larkspur. I think these conversations needed to happen between them so they could truly think and weigh in on all of their poss
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