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Mike Finds Himself

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When Mike’s 47 year old cousin (also his best friend) dies he realizes he must make major changes in his lifestyle or his own funeral could be soon.  A self-imposed journey to improve himself both physically and emotionally leads him to discover the Mike he has been repressing for years and he comes to terms with life as a gay man.

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This is a story well worth taking the time to read. I see much of myself in this tale. In January of '18, a good friend of mine went to sleep and never woke up. To the horror of all of his family and close friends. Like my friend, I was seriously out of shape and drastically overweight. Retirement was but 30 months away. 

I made a decision, I needed to get my house back in order, I was 6ft tall and 308 lbs couldn't walk up 2 flights of stairs. Today I am somewhere between, 195 and 205 lbs. I walk somewhere between 5 to 8 miles a day and half of that is serious hiking in a local state park with steep pitches. All of my vitals have my primary care doctor stunned, the $5000.00 monthly cost insurance pays for my psoriasis is no longer, I haven't had to take a shot since April of '18.

There's a critical and very important message to this story, that it all starts with just a simple decision and a single step!!! 

Please, if you read this story and know someone who may benefit...pass it along!

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Wow, I lam so happy for you - Wonderful that drsawzall found himself.  

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