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Mike Finds Himself

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

When Mike’s 47 year old cousin (also his best friend) dies he realizes he must make major changes in his lifestyle or his own funeral could be soon.  A self-imposed journey to improve himself both physically and emotionally leads him to discover the Mike he has been repressing for years and he comes to terms with life as a gay man.

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Dan South

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I really want you to meet Mike. He’s a totally average, office worker, suburban husband and dad until he isn’t. A death saves his life.

Quiet, careful and introspective, Mike embarks on a journey few middle-aged men with limited life experience would be brave enough to take. He is possessed of a metered and methodical patience that will charm and perhaps confuse you.

If I impose a moral on Mike’s story it would simply be this: it’s never too late to change.

Meet Mike. You’ll be happy to know him. 

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review. I do not know what inspired me to write Mike's story. But, as soon as I started It was a pleasure to walk through live with the "new" Mike. As with all of my stories, I start with a VERY general concept. he details just fall out of my head as I write.  Tallguy

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