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  1. Bones7695

    The Warning

    Awesome chapter I’m glad I started reading this story I’m thinking like @weinerdog said about the foxes being Ryan and his sisters
  2. Bones7695

    Songs of Magic

    Now I definitely can’t wait for the next chapter
  3. Bones7695

    Songs of Magic

    Another awesome chapter as usual now a 3rd unrecognizable voice for Chris to hear and for me at least a 3rd one to try and think who it could be damn my bad memory is killing me on this but leaving this new voice on the back burner the kid and lady’s voice from different chapters are what has been bothering me for a while but I’m going with my thought of a twist of some sort coming up maybe but I’m guessing the woman’s voice is his moms for some reason and the kids voice is where my twist theory comes to mind as possible a brother of his not known about to him just my theory. Can’t wait for the next chapter
  4. Bones7695

    Visions 2

    This is my first time commenting on any story I’ve read on here I have loved every chapter and honestly this is a kind of story I wouldn’t normally read I’m not into vampires and werewolves or other were- creatures and such but something in my head told me to read this I’m glad I listened to it this is by far one of my favorite stories on here I can’t wait for more
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