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  1. tigg615

    Chapter 27

    I have read these last few chapter several times each. Can't wait for the next one!!!!
  2. tigg615

    Chapter 25

    Love it!!! Though I was hoping to see what happened to Rushi in this chapter. Guess we will have to wait...
  3. There are certain chapters that I have gone back and reread multiple times!!!
  4. tigg615


    I've reread the story twice!
  5. tigg615


    I'm just glad Kalian finally grew a backbone and decided to stand up for himself. I just started reading this story a couple days ago, but he was really starting to annoy me.
  6. tigg615

    Chapter 22

    You should go back a few chapters. According to the Ancient One, Andiya's baby will be born at Sun Filled Manor.
  7. tigg615

    Meet the Humans

    I think its funny that people are saying Taylor is a republican because he's obnoxious and stupid. Republicans don't have a monopoly on stupidity or poor behavior. Pelosi and/or Trump could be the poster children for both. Neither characteristic seems to recognize party lines! More importantly, I wondered why Victor wasn't able to go to the meeting? I agree, Taylor and Havar both need to be taken down a few pegs. Neither contributed anything to the meeting, in fact it could be said they were both detractors to any progress.
  8. tigg615

    Chapter 15

    Are we going to get a new chapter?
  9. tigg615

    Songs of Magic

    Some of the voices are revealed in the next chapter, not all of them though...
  10. tigg615

    Chapter 14

    Nisa is tiresome and she needs to open her eyes. If she isn't careful she is going to get herself hurt, or at the very least shamed. Kastan and Jihan are both trying to be gentle in letting her know her attentions aren't wanted or needed. I'm glad Temu seems to be gaining a great deal of respect for Jihan, and what he is trying to do. I think it probably helped when Jihan went to the farms and was actively trying to help them save the crops from flooding, rather than sitting back giving orders, and telling everyone else what to do. By the end of the chapter, he is actively trying to help, when he asks permission to take tools from the manor to the farms. Kastan acknowledged, at the first of the chapter, that neither he nor his men, are any good at business management and logistics.
  11. I continued to get brief flashes of information from my captive demon, her resistance made it difficult for me to extract a coherent picture. As her resistance slowly gave way, I was able to get more and more information, and what I discovered were not only sickening and disturbing, but alarming as well. I wonder what Chris discovered?
  12. I have wondered myself, if Havar could be working with the demons, to create tension to use as leverage, to get Patri to cast the Astra Spell, or have Chris cast the spell. Either way, Havar is a snake to be watched closely.
  13. tigg615

    Titles 2

    I to have read the entire story multiple times, as well as certain chapters even more. I read the arrival in the realm multiple times, and more specifically Patri's private talk with Victor. The chapter with the ascension I read probably five or six times in its entirety, and the actual ascension even more. I loved it when he invoked the different houses. I love this story, there are a lot of very powerful scenes in it. I also like how there are certain threads that go throughout the entire story. In my opinion, that's one of the things that makes a good story into a great story. Because the author is from another country, and American English isn't his native language, I sometimes trip over the grammar. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to figure out what he is meaning, but even with that, this is one of my favorite stories.
  14. tigg615

    Titles 2

    It seems he is getting busy quickly to deal with the demon threat, and seems to be taking his new position seriously! That's a good thing!
  15. tigg615

    Titles 1

    Awesomeness!!! I look forward to seeing what Chris can do with his new position. He seems to be getting a good start.
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