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  1. Wolffang


    James P.O.V Diana was a ray of sunlight to everyone in the village. This was back in the day when we still had three packs and three mated alphas. In the battle against the Clovers, we lost two alphas and their mates. They were Anria and my parents. The two of us succeeded them when they passed. The last mated alpha, who is now the leader of our sister village, Hyleron, lost her mate in the battle as well. It was one of the things that were unintentionally spurred on by Diana. Individuals who found out about her condition informed the Clovers of our location. It's easy to fill in the bla
  2. A melody starts up slow and steady. It is haunting, the colour of a fading sunset, when the clouds reflect the intermingling of orange and pink on a canvas of darkening blue. When the stars, like specks of shiny dust, start coming into focus one by one. It is the backdrop to a bustling city, with no idea of what awaits them, when even the moon hides from view, from the chaos that will soon engulf the world. It is a world on fire, as fear takes hold, turning homes, that once represented love and safety, into prisons, where doors and windows become the bars that hold humanity at bay.
  3. Dear Mother, Every day you come home battered and exhausted. I can no longer tell how you feel from you expressions alone. The redness in your eyes becomes the red of your hands. Tainted you'll say by the blood of those we couldn't save, those we exhausted all options for, those you still felt needed a chance to live. In my eyes an avid battle plays out, you and your team work to tirelessly against the laws of fate, destiny and God. At times, it is easy to forget that you are human. The world leans on those with your profession, pillars of strength solitude, keepers of life and death.
  4. Wolffang

    A Contingency

    James P.O.V I wonder where Nephritis went off to. It's starting to get dark. The crystalline baby blue gradually fades into deep azure, eventually becoming a profane black, littered by thousands of iridescent pearls. Admittedly, it's a beautiful night, perfect for longs walks especially when one is trying to decongest one's mind. I breathe in the crisp air and decide to take the scenic route to the elder's house. One by one, mana crystals patterned throughout the village and amongst the trees of it's outskirts, begin to emit a blueish green. Within their generous hues, a figure emerges, no
  5. Leo P.O.V The soft, consecutive thud of our feet against the grassy earth becomes rhythmic, almost blending into the somber upbeat nature of the wildlife around us. From afar, they continue about what would be assumed to be their nightly routines, yet quite obviously lending a curious eye to the strangers who have entered their abode. With time I've come to gain a sense of familiarity with this place, but I can't be sure. It's not like I had deja vu moment or anything funny like that no. It reminds me of my younger years. Like any other child, I had taken to art sketching pictures with my
  6. I came across a food delivery advertisement while going about my semi-productive quarantine routine. I was excited at the prospect of being able to order from a franchise that my mother and were frequent patrons of. Unfortunately, my brief elation was thwarted by the cruel realisation that I was outside their delivery radius. Needless to say, I felt pricks of torment well in my eyes as part of me longed to experience their food and drink again, as this would somehow make things feel more normal. An achy feeling persists in my chest. Never did I think the sociability that propelled humanity
  7. There was light. But the darkness was infused in it. It sat like a lingering promise waiting to be fulfilled. Waiting to consume. It wasn’t startling. It wasn’t subtle. It was simply: waiting. In the cracks drawn onto the concrete by time’s gentle brush. Like hieroglyphics, the patterns on the steps whispered the secrets of times passed. Walks long forgotten. It cried out, begging to be heard, to be remembered. Pitter-patter-pitter. Children and adults. Individuals of all ages had walked those steps. Rushing to and from a past that laid covered. That laid still. That st
  8. It strikes again A beast I cannot seem to defeat no matter how hard I try. I unsheathe my sword and slash at it, but it always manages to successfully dodge my blows. I lie awake every night with a racing mind. Different thoughts circling around and around with dizzying side effects. The beast on a merry-go-round. The beast laughs at me, haunting me. A cursed melody. It is like that word that you’re always trying to remember, the word on the tip of your tongue, but can never quite seem to utter. My eyes burn, and my body is weak. I feel almost high. The land in my dreams, t
  9. Everyone has a unique and different experience when it comes to the pandemic. Everyone has their ups and downs, highs and lows. No-one is unaffected. Allow us to share our experiences with you. Perhaps, we might have a thing or two in common. Maybe we'd be able to help you understand the feelings that you couldn't quite put into words. Maybe reading the stories will make you feel less alone. We can't guarantee that our stories will be little more than words on your screen, much like being able to guarantee anything during these tough times. This is our love letter to you. We hope you can
  10. Wolffang

    The Agreement

    James P.O.V I'm worried about him. His mind seems occupied, distant. I see it in his face, the way he looks at me. He may be able to outwardly conceal it but his eyes, those beautifully rich pools of burnt honey hide nothing. Each flutter of his lashes, every passing glance comes with it's own hidden story. They speak a thousand unspoken words, each one cryptic, different from the last, yet I can somewhat gauge the meaning behind them. I lock our gaze once more before exiting the room, closing the door gently behind me. It shuts with a click. I'm shoved into the wall, pinned down by Rachel
  11. Leo P.O.V Azareal's wings beat like that of a violent black crow against the prevailing currents, propelling us upwards and into the stream of white-passing over the vast country like landscape. The vapour within it's stratus is cool and wet, like the sensation of ocean spray as the cerulean waves collide with the rocky shore. At first, I'm a bit taken aback. To some degree, I still hold the mentality of a child. I was secretly hoping that it would be as fluffy and voluptuous as it looked, sort of a bed of cotton balls or sheep's wool. Alas, I seem to be sorely mistaken. It's opaque dexter
  12. Wolffang

    Memoria pt 1

    [Angelica] *Earlier that day* The sun creeps over the horizon like a vexation, draining away the darkness that has become a friend. It's cold connective grasp resonates with something within me. Among the still shadowy terrain, I find my home. There no one can find me. Not even I can find myself. To a degree it provides a temporal escape, allowing one to just exist, void of everyday abstractions like thought or feeling. The illusionary lights, continue to stretches out its golden daggers, reaching for the farthest corner of the corpse-of-a-nation I call home. It awakens the enslaved po
  13. Wolffang


    Alex P.O.V I feel safe. It's been a long time since I felt this sensation. As dawn breaks, streams of burnt orange light sieve their way through the cracks in the curtain, brightening the room with their warmth. They reflect off the cream coloured walls, almost highlighting it in a coppery tinge. The soft melodic howl of the wind, drags the song of birds through the threshold, heralding in the new day. My eyes slowly flutter open. The strong scent of cedar wood and musk fills my nostrils. It's warm and inviting like a forest after a crisp summer rain. I try to stretch. My movements are res
  14. Wolffang

    The Dream

    Thank you. I must have overlooked that.
  15. Wolffang

    The Dream

    @DathiThank you.
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