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  1. Gosh, I have dozens of stories collecting visual dust in my computer. One I wish I could finish, probably has the most potential of anything I've ever written. I've got about 100,000 words with pages and pages of notes along with pieces of the story to work in somehow. Almost got David McLeod from here to work on it with me but... I guess life got in the way.
  2. The two words are closely related. To my mind, ENVISION indicates more imagination than VISION, which indicates something more concrete. Although VISION can also indicate imagination. Harry talked in terms so concrete that his audience clearly understood his vision. Harry envisioned the concept so clearly he had no trouble describing it to those who would need to share that vision. Clear as mud?
  3. An interesting question. This made me analyze my own writing - and I didn't like the outcome. IMHO, (generally) in writing, porn will describe graphically. Erotica will describe generally. Romance will describe emotionally. I would add, at least for me, for the majority of erotica I have read, I often skip the sex scenes. They rarely add to the story - if it's a story you're after and not sex scenes. I choose to believe there are classier ways to advance a plot. (And now I am left with a whole lot or rewriting to do!). Even in erotica, I'm looking for the emotional connection
  4. Genres: Paranormal, Gay, Romance. Adventure, Mystery Author: Jordan L. Hawk Series: Whyborne & Griffen (10 so far) A victorian couple battle to save the world from ...well, just about anything you can imagine, including family members.
  5. This is why I enjoy grammar. Technically, you may be correct, although I suspect the vast majority of Americans would not know it. There is also room for debate. How technically correct does it need to be in order to make the meaning clear? How technically correctly does an author need to write? How many of us actually speak the way words are written? I wrote a piece that confused people because it was grammatically correct but not very much like the normal way the target readers spoke. Most Americans are woefully educated regarding grammar and punctuation so I lean toward clar
  6. “The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” —African Proverb
  7. Thorn Wilde - I agree that punctuation can be tricky. And at times, so can grammar! As for the 'hads', I would have simplified the sentence to: Since meeting Raven in third grade, she and John have been besties. Clear, quick, easy.
  8. I agree! There is a place and time for (almost) everything! If the goal is a story that will keep my blood pressure up, then, come on Author! Kick down those barriers and make me sweat just by reading. All too often, the book in my hands seems as if I get to a part where someone saw the "insert sex scene here" tag. It breaks the flow, knocking me right back into the real world. Balance is not always easy. Personally, I lean toward this: ...when in doubt, be classy. Too many stories adhere to the formal recipe of writing. I don't buy those. Take me off trail, or use that giant
  9. I applaud you! With my imagination, I need no more fuel! Just a hint or a tease and I'm good to go! Besides, most of us, (hopefully) are aware of how those situations play out. Too many authors confine their readers to only the words written on the page.
  10. droughtquake - I hear you. There can be valid reasons for many types of mistakes - even in our writing! However, I have paid good money for too many books from well established authors only to find the book peppered with problems. When a friend of mine asked me to do some editing and beta reading, I returned to him with a single sentence - his, from his own book. John had had a friendship since he had met Raven in the third grade, and the two of them had become instant besties. Seriously?! All those hads...! Over the years, I have come to view that word as measuring tool. The m
  11. droughtquake - I'm glad that you had people around to whom you felt connected. That's important! Because I was gay kid and because I was immersed in a strange school environment, I did not feel connections to many people. Being gay, I was always on guard, staying hidden, and constantly looking over my shoulder for the person(s) who would 'do the right thing' and kill me. I spent my life trying to be good *enough* that people might be willing to forgive me for being alive. While I watched others around me doing immoral, or unethical things, I was feeling ever more disconnected. The sc
  12. droughtquake - then you are my hero. You made a difference. One person really CAN make a difference. (And isn't it nice that technology has come such a long way?! If only human beings would make THAT kind of progress! OY! Such a world we'd have!)
  13. I'm well past the halfway point of my life. Nevertheless, even at this point, I'm still slamming into reminders of just how odd my upbringing was - how my life set me up to be completely at odds with the rest of the world. Left-handed among right-handed people, multi-generational household, gay back when people openly discussed using fags for target shooting. Each of these subjects have impacts and depths that many people may not realize. But none of those are the main focus of this. I attended an experimental school. There were no walls, no class hours, no assigned homerooms o
  14. This hits home for me. I was one of the men caring for those who were dying. Back then, hospitals could refuse to treat you. Employers could fire you. Insurance companies could drop you. Landlords could evict you. I was part of a group who tried to fix up abandoned buildings to be used for housing dying men. We 'acquired' whatever we could to make the last days of these men as comfortable as we could. Minnesota winters were brutal. ...and then we would place your dead body at a bus stop or on a park bench so coroners would be forced to come and get you.
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