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  1. Thank you. A compliment indeed.
  2. Mawgrim

    The Full Story

    In terms of the books, nothing much is going to happen in Southern for a few Turns (it's later on that F'nor re-discovers the fire-lizards and they find out about the grubs protecting the ground against Thread). However, in this story, things are definitely going to happen and soon. I've been thinking about a follow-up story, but I also have some other ideas I'd like to develop, set on Earth rather than Pern, so a sequel may end up on hold for a while. I'm definitely going to finish writing 'Threadfall' before moving on to anything else, though.
  3. ‘So, here we are.’ F’nor swung open the heavy double doors to the weyrling barracks. ‘It’s huge,’ H’rek’s voice was filled with awe. It echoed in the vast, empty space. D’gar looked around. The barracks were laid out in a very similar way to those at Fort Weyr. A wide central aisle separated the two rows of dragon couches and narrow beds for the boys. High windows all along the right hand side let in plenty of light and air. ‘How many can it hold?’ he asked. F’nor shrugged. ‘You’ll have to count. I’ve never seen the place more than a quarter full.’ ‘That’s your first job,
  4. Mawgrim

    The Beginning

    An intriguing story. Definitely has me hooked and wanting to find out what happens next.
  5. Those are all good points. Re-reading the story gets you back into it. I also find it useful to write short pieces from the main character's point of view, totally unrelated to the story. He could be remembering a day out, writing a journal entry or describing a memorable event. These help to get you back inside your character’s head.
  6. It depends a lot on the area where the cinema is built. In some towns, there just seemed to be a lot of moaners. Old people complained a lot that the sound was too loud. The posher customers generally wrote long letters to head office, whereas others just shouted and swore and threatened. The police had to be called several times. At some cinemas, the staff and managers all left together at the end of the night in case a disgruntled customer was waiting around to thump someone.
  7. I was lucky enough to have stored plenty of canned goods in my shed prior to lockdown #1 against the possibility of shortages when the UK left the EU (Brexit). My Brexit stores came in very handy. Someone I know came up with a good theory about why people panic bought toilet paper. It's a psychological reaction to an infectious disease. Toilet paper is hygiene related, so people buy loads of it to 'ward off' germs, like some kind of talisman.
  8. That lady who wanted a discount for waiting was just hoping for a freebie. We used to get that a lot in the cinema. People would sit through a film, then come out and complain to the manager to try and get free tickets. They didn't seem to realise, ‘I didn't like the film' is not a valid reason. Ditto to those who drank nearly a whole cup of fizzy pop or ate most of the popcorn before saying there was something wrong with it. Not going to work.
  9. I live in the UK. We are now in our third lockdown. I shop once a week (I used to pop in two or three times) because my fridge just isn't large enough to fit any more fresh food inside! I tend to buy a couple of extra items of canned goods, pasta etc. Each time so I have a reserve stock in case panic buying breaks out again. It really annoys me when I see people not wearing masks, or wearing one under their chin, or below their nose. I know some people have exceptions due to health conditions, but I’m sure some of those I see are just thoughtless or inconsiderate, along the same lines as
  10. A heartwarming story. Elderly people are often lonely. There must be many older folk like Eric, counting their pennies and working out if they can afford to put the heating on for a few hours. I enjoyed the development of the story and the way that each little step brings Eric further out of the shell into which he'd withdrawn and shows Andy that there is so much in his own life he's taken for granted.
  11. An interesting and thoughtful story in which both main characters are forced to deal with issues in their lives. Moral of the story: Think before you act and don't be judgemental.
  12. I tend to keep around 2-3 chapters ahead of posting. I wouldn't change my plot in any major way due to comments, but like you, I have further developed minor characters if people seem to like them, or want to know what’s going to happen to them in the future.
  13. Mawgrim


    Yes, it’s an issue in the books too. When you consider that F'nor Impressed Canth at the age of ten, he must have only been twelve or thirteen when his dragon became sexually mature and started to chase green dragons. Lessa was told next to nothing about what happened in a mating flight before Ramoth rose. Obviously it’s going to be impossible to stop dragons doing what comes naturally, but I think the Weyrbred attitude of 'oh well, it happens so deal with it' is bound to cause problems such as these.
  14. Mawgrim


    There are bound to be one or two in every Weyr. Thankfully H'sal isn’t as murderous as F'drun, but that’s probably his only redeeming feature.
  15. Mawgrim

    To Iris

    It's a pity some of those religious bigots seem to have forgotten the saying,' Let him(or her) who is without sin cast the first stone.'
  16. Mawgrim


    Over the Weyr, it was another one of those bright, early summer mornings. The weather report from Ruatha wasn’t so good. Fog, they’d said. Most of the wing riders were grimly subdued as they prepared for Fall. D’gar and the other weyrlings handed over their first sacks of firestone to the wing riders as they assembled in the Bowl. It helped him take his mind off thinking about later, when he’d have to replenish the stocks in mid-air. Even though he tried to stop it, he kept on remembering the moment he was hit, the last time he flew during Fall, interspersed with the more recent images o
  17. Mawgrim


    I hope the day out is going to be worth all the hassle from Heinrich afterwards. He seems to think Rita is the best thing since sliced bread. Does he know she hasn’t paid her bills yet, or is she turning on the charm with the old man? Glad Rick stood up for himself.
  18. Mawgrim

    The Story

    As others have already said, an unexpected ending. I thought that James would end up compelled to live in the house to tend the trees. But human sacrifice has a long association with nature cults, so perhaps not so surprising. Obviously his uncle met the same end when he decided to fell the orchard. A well crafted and slightly unsettling story.
  19. If you use Amazon, you can publish either for Kindle or print on demand. The formatting process is a little tedious, but once you've done one, it becomes easier. The marketing can be hard work (I prefer writing to selling) but if you already have an interested audience, it makes it easier. It also doesn’t cost anything except your time and you will make some money in the process. If you want to try to get in with a mainstream publisher, don't go the Amazon route.
  20. Mawgrim

    Half the Story

    I still need to finish up the prequel 'Threadfall' but I have a few good ideas for a sequel, although I have another couple of writing projects I'd like to work on as well. Kylara comes to a sticky end in canon. Prideth rises at the same time as another queen dragon (Kylara's fault mostly), they fight and both end up going between. I can send you a message when the next one starts. Will most likely be a couple of months after the others end as I have a house move coming up.
  21. I have used the name 'Mawgrim' on the Internet for many years. It came about when I first needed to register a username with a site I can't even remember right now. I tried using various combinations of my actual name to no avail; everything was taken or would have required a string of numbers afterwards. Striving for inspiration, I looked up at my bookshelf. A friend of mine had recently finished a very long fantasy novel entitled 'Mawgrim's Flask' and it was sitting there in a folder, waiting to be read. So 'Mawgrim' it was.
  22. The first lockdown didn't seem quite as gloomy as the weather was better. It's difficult to keep your spirits up when the news is depressing, the weather grey, cold and gloomy. I was lucky enough to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine just before Christmas, although the second dose has now been cancelled as the UK government is trying to get as many people vaccinated with the first dose as possible. I'm still cautious about going out, though, particularly with the new strain which seems to be much more infectious. The best thing that can be said about lockdown is that it gives you muc
  23. Mawgrim


    Well, that's it. Apart from a little editing, 'Gone Away, Gone Ahead' is now finished. I was tempted to extend the number of chapters, to keep it going a while longer, but I realised that the story I had originally planned had reached its natural stopping point. I'm not someone who plans out a story in great detail. I know what needs to happen and roughly where it's going to happen, but sometimes the characters start taking me down other paths and bring in more twists and turns on the journey. I'm usually two or three chapters ahead of posting, which allows for flexibility and changes. So
  24. I find that writing regularly, even if I can only manage a couple of hundred words, is the best way for me. If I’m working on a story and leave it for a while it takes a while to get back into the flow of things. Getting feedback from readers is the reward for me. It definitely encourages me to push on, even if I’m stuck on a chapter, or life is busy. I've found your articles on the writing process very useful.
  25. 'My' chair often gets pinched by the cat if I am out of it for too long. I really understand that feeling of sinking into your favourite chair and not wanting to move.
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