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  1. Absolutely. It’s the fact they will end up at loose ends which is one of the factors that makes them decide to go forward. That and their sense of duty to protect Pern, reinforced by the dragons. You are giving me ideas now. From the books, you can see how T'ron and Mardra tried to keep Lessa's arrival out of the pubic eye, but with a huge golden dragon hanging around the Weyr, gossip will inevitably follow. Plus, the dragons will talk to each other. I’m guessing Ramoth recovered far more quickly than Lessa from their jump through time. Then there'll be all the Fort bronzes wanting to get to know this new queen dragon. By the time T'ron calls that meeting to introduce Lessa, people will have figured out most of it and made up what they don't know.
  2. Everyone just wants it to be over at this point. The Wings are depleted in numbers and morale is low.
  3. Y'min is Weyrlingmaster now, but the cutches he's raised from scratch are still too immature to be on deliveries, so this is another of M'nan's. In all fairness to any Weyrlingmaster, though, accidents can happen and it’s a dangerous environment. D'gar himself got his first score as a weyrling by not seeing Thread in time.
  4. Herebeth caught Zurinth the next time she rose. It was the tail end of a hot summer afternoon when three greens went off almost simultaneously, with a good few males chasing. There was a lot of jostling for position, with some of the dragons uncertain as to whom they wanted to pursue. Herebeth gained some ground from the confusion and as Zurinth hadn’t blooded beforehand, it turned out to be a short flight and a quick catch. The dragons soared over the Fort mountains, supported by an early eveni
  5. Mawgrim

    Too Late

    Powerful writing. The see-saw of teenage emotions is bad enough without the added trauma of knowing you are about to be taken off to a strange country and parted from someone who has been a best friend and might be about to become something more.
  6. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    Exactly. It's so near to the end, you get lulled into a false sense of security. I put in that part where Y'min mentions Herebeth would be good with weyrlings as a bit of foreshadowing. Well spotted.
  7. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    I always find it difficult to say exactly how many chapters there will be as sometimes they get too long and I have to split them. At the moment, according to my outline it should be around 5. I wrote Threadfall by popular request, so why not? I've also been asked by readers on another site to write about how D'gar and S'brin first got together so I have some ideas (and a few pages written) on that.
  8. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    Less traumatic for S'brin, certainly. D'gar mentioned the event a few times when he was at Benden Weyr and it was certainly traumatic for him.
  9. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    This is one I’m planning, including what happens to Jevikel and Kadin, the two boys who were rescued from Thread on their journey to Benden Weyr.
  10. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    Only a few more to go now, I'm afraid.
  11. Mawgrim

    Mating Flights

    Zurinth is looking well, Herebeth commented just a few sevendays after they’d celebrated a new Turn. D’gar did some rapid calculations. Yes, it was around three months since she’d last risen. It had been Herebeth’s first attempt at a mating flight since his injury and he’d kept his head sufficiently to try the technique of keeping away from the pack and flying high. Zurinth had wanted him to catch her and had kept trying to manoeuvre to the right position, but a nimble and crafty blue had s
  12. Mawgrim

    Settling Dust

    Great chapter. Corbin isn’t going to settle into his new life just like that. Everything has happened in such a short space of time he needs time to get used to the new reality. Zoe is a sensible girl and showed it. Corbin's mum has also been going through a lot of trauma and needs time to work it all out. She may not ever fully accept Corbin being gay but she’ll have to get used to it. I will miss reading this story over breakfast each morning.
  13. Mawgrim

    Taking Risks

    Talk about a heart stopping moment! And Corbin's mum thinking she knows what’s going on inside his head better than he does... oh dear. After being in denial of her dreadful husband for years, maybe it was just one shock too far. Leah is understandably upset, but she’s still trying to make him stay with her? What is wrong there?
  14. I can see why Corbin didn't want to have another confrontation after the day he's just had but Leah reading his texts has made it impossible not to. Maybe she is one of those people who only sees themselves as complete if they are in a relationship with someone and despite it not being a very good one for a while, she is frightened of breaking up.
  15. Mawgrim

    A Deadly Tithe

    It would certainly make 'Gone Away, Gone Ahead' a very different story! I know what you mean, though. Having written the second story first, I hadn't really explored S'brin's character fully save as 'dead love interest' and having written so much about him since, I'm not looking forward to his demise. And Zemianth, of course.
  16. Mawgrim

    Chapter 40

    The truth (and Jason) begins to come out! Finally, some progress. I hope his hand isn’t too badly damaged.
  17. Mawgrim

    A Deadly Tithe

    There must have been many occasions when there were close calls. One might have hoped M'nan would have grown into the job, but sadly that didn't happen. He won't have an easy time of it now he's back in the Wings.
  18. Mawgrim

    A Deadly Tithe

    It's like waiting for something to happen which you know is going to be unpleasant and having it rescheduled all the time.
  19. That sounds like a really interesting modern interpretation of the fairytale.
  20. I've recently returned to a story I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years ago. It was messy, unedited, had a few plot holes and a rushed ending (so I could finish it by the end of November) and was only 55,000 words. I've now almost rewritten the whole thing, it's gone up to 92,000 words and I'm fairly pleased with it. It's one of those I won't start to post until it's done as there are some complicated plotlines. But it goes to show old ideas can be useful.
  21. Mawgrim

    A Deadly Tithe

    Hebiri took them to a side room, away from the chaos of the main infirmary. ‘You’ll have some peace and quiet here.’ She poured out klah from a kettle atop a small stove. ‘Give yourself a break. I’d best get back.’ ‘Thanks,’ D’gar said. Agarra had already composed herself. She cupped her hands around the mug and sipped slowly. ‘I couldn’t believe how quickly that all happened.’ D’gar had heard of similar situations, but he’d never seen - or been involved - in one before. ‘Me neith
  22. Mawgrim

    Chapter 1

    Great characters and descriptions. I haven't read your previous story, but it's all making sense so far.
  23. Mawgrim

    Chapter 1

    Sounds like a unique and quirky cinema. I remember hearing about one cinema built in the UK where they forgot to build a projection room, so had to find somewhere on the roof and use mirror projection.
  24. Twenty three years is a long time. It must have been so painful for Will to see Mitch risk death so many times. And now, when they meet again, Mitch doesn't want him to know that this time there'll be no getting better. What a sad situation.
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