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  1. Wow what a rollercoaster my emotions went on! I was on the edge of my seat and trying to read the chapters as quickly as possible to find out what was next. Loved it!
  2. crystalline

    Chapter 13

    I love the way this story was told through TRs point of view. I also liked the style of writing, it’s not overly emotional but you can still understand how the characters are feeling. I enjoyed it immensely, thank you
  3. crystalline

    Chapter 11

    I thought that too! I get that he wanted to be upfront with Ali, but it implied that it’s more serious than what it is. My heart broke for Ali at that moment 😭
  4. crystalline

    Chapter 11

    It’s over?! Noooooooooooo 😢 I was so looking forward to reading how Jamie and Ali would navigate their 2nd chance. I’m so glad Jamie went to see Ali, even if it was after his date. Ollie would be good for him to date for a while but ultimately his heart belongs to Ali. I cried when I read that the heart beat tattoo is Jamie’s actual heart beat 😭 There is pain in their history, but so much love. Part 2 please!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
  5. crystalline

    Chapter 11

    Yay! So happy with the ending. Erik took his sweet ass time but thankfully he got there in the end!
  6. crystalline

    Chapter 11

    Oh my heart!!! 😭💔 Thank goodness there’s a sequel otherwise I don’t know how I’d get through the rest of my day!
  7. crystalline

    Chapter 10

    Go see Ali!!!!!! Although I do note that he’s supposed to meet Oliver at 7 and Ali’s asked him to meet him after 8... Will Jamie be stubborn and go to meet Oliver before realising he needs to see Ali? Or will he blow off one of them altogether? We’ve seen Jamie question his version of what happened, so I think deep down he will want to talk to Ali properly. Please Jamie do the right thing!!!!
  8. crystalline


    What a gorgeous story. I started reading yesterday, stayed up until 2am and then continued first thing today. Absolutely loved it ❤️
  9. crystalline


    I like the progression of Lauti and Valen’s relationship. It feels like a natural pace for where Lauti is at emotionally and Valen is sweet to respect that. I wonder what Noah has to say after all that silence from his end...
  10. crystalline

    Chapter 9

    Yessssss! The truth is out!!!! I’m so relieved. He might be going on a date with Oliver but that will make for some good drama and excitement in Jamie’s life. Hot bartender vs first love? I’m for Ali and Jamie all the way but there’s a lot to work through first. Oliver sounds like a bit of fun, but I hope he doesn’t get hurt in the process. I’m so excited to see how this will all play out!
  11. crystalline

    Chapter 8

    Yes Jamie, listen to Will and tell the truth! I get that Jamie isn’t willing to put his heart on the line until he feels that Ali is being genuine, but damn it’s frustrating. If Ali really believes that Jamie is dead, why is he trying to find him? Or maybe he’s been searching for him for so long that he’s giving up. But given the twists so far, it’s probably what someone’s told him.
  12. crystalline

    Chapter 7

    Will being everyone reading this story: “Right, I love you and all, and you’re great at storytelling, but you’re killing me here! What happened!?” This chapter answered a lot of questions though. Jamie’s physical changes since his teens is believable But omg Jamie, he obviously kept the watch because it MEANS something to him, d’uh!! I’ve got to say I’m not surprised at the ending of this chapter. I didn’t exactly see it happening this way but I’ve always thought Ali was genuine. It’s clear that there’s been a major case of miscommunication and each of the guys really need to get clarity. But will Jamie let himself open up to Ali?
  13. crystalline

    An Ember Burns

    We can safely say you have achieved that goal. I feel like I’ve looked into the lives of real people and am rooting for their everlasting happiness. I certainly plan to read my way through your work! Thanks for the recommendations, they will help me decide where to go next 😊 I’m sure you’ll be hearing my thoughts again very soon!
  14. crystalline

    Chapter 6

    I agree! It feels like we’re getting the background (which has some sadness) but that we’re heading towards some happier developments
  15. crystalline

    Chapter 6

    Ooh interesting. I know it’s all unfolding so I’ve probably jumped to some conclusions. You very well may have kept the line of how Jamie has changed and I’ve just forgotten it! For some reason I remember the description of how Ali has changed quite clearly, maybe that’s stuck in my mind more. I love how you’re revealing it bit by bit, although if I was more patient I would wait until completion to read it!
  16. crystalline

    An Ember Burns

    My pleasure entirely! After I stumbled upon “The Answer” and loved it, I knew I had to read more from you. I can’t quite find the words to adequately describe how this story made me feel. The emotion was communicated in such a way that I could feel what the guys felt throughout their journey. I could feel Troy’s heartache over his loss as if it happened to me, I could feel Grant’s empathy towards Troy and I could feel the love between them as their relationship developed. Thank you for taking me on this journey. It was truly moving and beautiful ❤️
  17. crystalline

    Chapter 6

    Jamie really had no faith in Ali. After finding out why he stopped writing the letters, he should have understood that something stopped Ali from coming back to see him. Maybe it was just easier for Jamie to assume the worst and hate Ali, to help him move on from the heartache. Jamie was and is Ali’s lifeline, oh my heart 💔 😭. I’m questioning again whether Ali recognised Jamie before sleeping with him. Part of me thinks yes, how could he not have recognised his lifeline? The other part of me feels like it’s really deceitful and seems out of character for Ali. So far I’m getting the impression that Ali is a good person and has genuine feelings. I was thinking that the car accident may have changed something about Jamie’s appearance to make him difficult to recognise. We’ve heard about how Ali’s appearance is a bit different but would love to know more about how Jamie has changed since his teens. @Ethan I commend your writing and ability to keep the reader questioning and interested to find out more! And even though we are only finding out the truth slowly, it’s easy to feel and understand the emotions of the two guys. Thanks for the excellent writing!
  18. crystalline

    An Ember Burns

    A beautiful story so beautifully written 💕
  19. crystalline

    Chapter 5

    Oh my god. This chapter broke my heart. I love the concept of them building their relationship over those letters, which would have been really special to them at that age. Now knowing the significance of the “17” tattoo it’s much clearer how much Jamie means to Ali. Someone must have found out about the letters, I feel that Ali would have at least written something back to explain his absence if there was a good reason for it. Even if what he had to say was better said in person, I wouldn’t expect him to just keep Jamie hanging without some kind of explanation. Now I’m sure that Ali definitely knows who Jamie is and would have realised it when Jamie called him Ali after they slept together. It doesn’t seem like he remembered Jamie at the bar, just going by their dialogue in the first chapter. Now to understand why Jamie hates Ali so much - I don’t get the impression that Ali intentionally hurt Jamie or bullied him but more that it was a consequence of whatever he had to do to keep his family happy. Looking forward to finding out more and hopefully this is their second chance at building something together.
  20. crystalline

    Chapter 4

    I get so excited when I get the notification that a new chapter is posted! Loving this story, I’m so intrigued by their past and how they couldn’t recognise each other. I don’t know whether Cameron remembered James at first, but I’m sure that he realised after James called him Ali. Now with the biking and Cameron calling James Jamie, he must know who he is. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
  21. crystalline

    Chapter 1

    Well this is certainly a juicy start to a story. Who is this Cameron? What did he do to James? How did James not recognise someone he hates so much? Does Cameron recognise James? Argh so many questions!!! Love it
  22. crystalline


    Loved this story and the happy ending ❤️🌈🥳
  23. crystalline

    Of Note

    I am so addicted to this story! The emotion has been communicated so beautifully that it’s easy to empathise with Corbin and feel what it’s like to be in his shoes. My heart aches for the pain he’s gone through with Pete. Waiting for Pete is frustrating, but I can understand what he’s going through as well. Understanding your sexuality is hard enough, but when there’s just one person that makes you question it, you can feel like you’re in some kind of sexuality limbo. Initially I thought he was messing with Corbin (flirting for his ego, not realising how serious Corbin felt) but as the story has gone on, it’s become clearer that he does feel strongly for Corbin. Even though we don’t hear from Pete’s perspective, his actions have spoken to his own struggle. They clearly have something between them and I hope Pete wants to explore his feelings for Corbin further, despite the pain they’ve caused each other in the past. They’re still young so I don’t think they’ll be happily ever after, but I think they could be happy for a time and learn and grow from each other. Thank you for your excellent writing and for sharing so much. I’m looking forward to see what’s next!
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