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  1. crystalline


    Yay you're back! I enjoyed Corbin standing his ground and putting Chip in his place. Though I don't expect that will be the end of it. Initially I was frustrated that Pete didn't reply to Corbin's voicemail and just turned up at the party... like WTF Pete? That is some confusing shit right there. But then the kiss that Pete initiated and progressed to an hour or so make-out session... wow! I'm glad they didn't go further at this stage and that they spent some time communicating their needs to each other. Can't wait for what's next, hopefully Pete will be less confusing now that they've made this progress!
  2. crystalline

    Chapter 1

    I'm hooked! Can't wait to see where this goes.
  3. You’re so welcome! I love this chapter. The anticipation was built so well, with humour and good communication thrown in. So many funny bits like “so many condoms, so much lube” and when Penn was willing to let the boys take the fall for the condoms 🤣 Nash did a great job of playing cool throughout the day and then finally showing Penn how much he wanted him 💕
  4. crystalline


    Corey has come such a long way on his journey of self acceptance and love. You wrote him so beautifully and authentically ❤️
  5. crystalline

    Chapter 12

    Aww Jenny! Saving puppies and showing her support for Corey, she is a sweetheart. I’m so glad he has someone who knows now.
  6. crystalline

    Chapter 8

    Yes I saw that and I’m glad you haven’t gone down this path for Corey! Especially now that you’ve explained what happened in the original story. The poor kid has so much pressure on him - his dad, football, society etc. I’d hate to see him used by a lover, especially at this stage of his growth.
  7. crystalline

    Chapter 9

    Interesting development with Clinton.... I feel more sorry for Greg now. He’s confused and in denial. Whether he’s gay or bi I don’t know. I would actually like for he and Corey to have a friendship in the future, once they’re both over what is happening right now. Right now he’s the catalyst for making Corey explore his sexuality. They are helping each other learn things about themselves - while it’s confusing in the moment I think that meeting each other is something they both needed.
  8. crystalline

    Chapter 8

    Wow I didn’t expect Greg to be engaged to a woman. I thought there was someone else but couldn’t figure out if it was a girlfriend or a secret boyfriend. Now he’s opened up a can of worms for sweet Corey Corey was going to have to deal with his sexuality eventually but it sucks for him that his first experience with a man is with someone marrying a woman. Greg clearly isn’t going to be fulfilled marrying Amy if he’s already making moves on a high schooler (and who knows what he’s done with other guys whilst having a girlfriend). I don’t know the full story yet - part of me doesn’t like Greg for his behaviour but the other part feels for him because he’s closeted and can’t be himself.
  9. crystalline

    Chapter 6

    Aww Corey is so naive. It’s sweet to see him try to figure things out ☺️
  10. crystalline


    Loved this tale of growth, learning, family and love. People often forgive family for their wrong doings because they are family. However this story shows that forgiveness has to be earned and you can choose to surround yourself with people who genuinely care for and respect you. I would like to think that Owen and Aiden remained high school sweethearts. Yes, they are still young and teenage relationships don’t always last. But their relationship is something special and has the qualities to last long term. I wonder if Dennis is gay, bi or was just questioning prompted by his former close friend being gay. I’d be curious to know what happens in his life after leaving the stranglehold of his family. His involvement with what happened to Ben is despicable but I still think there is hope for him to be a decent human being.
  11. crystalline

    Chapter 15

    I’m worried about the implications for Storm. There will have been a lot of witnesses who saw him shoot Ethan
  12. crystalline

    Chapter 3

    Ergh Ethan is gross. “My little treasure” says it all! Poor Sean
  13. crystalline

    Chapter 20

    Zeke and Skyler are my favourite couple 💕 💕
  14. Yayayayay 👏🥳❤️ This chapter has put a huge smile on my face 😃
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