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  1. Yayayayay 👏🥳🥰 so happy right now 😃
  2. Aww Shane you big dumb boy! I enjoyed reading this and understanding him better. Hopefully he can get his shit together and communicate better!
  3. crystalline

    Walk of Shane

    Oh my lordy you had me laughing out loud with the details of the escape and the imagined conversation at bingo 🤣 How certain is Donovan that a condom wasn’t used? Shane’s treatment of him was bad enough, but if he disrespected him in that way then he has a lot to answer for!
  4. crystalline

    Just a dance

    Wowee 😅 That was intense, definitely not just “decent” sex for Donovan. It is going to be very interesting when they wake up...
  5. crystalline

    Help me DONNAS

    Hehe what an entertaining start!
  6. These past few chapters have been painful to read. You do such an amazing job of making the reader empathise with what’s going on. In the same way that these chapters have left me sad, I felt giddy after reading chapter 12 when they got together in Thailand. Giddy like a teenager! Penn has built some sturdy walls around his heart. I can’t blame him after what he went through. The good thing about that is that he’s gone slow with Jason and it’s more of a friendship with a physical aspect. Although now that he wants to leave Lincoln and move to California he could be thinking of developing something more. It’s a good thing that he’s having another relationship aside from Nash because he needs to have other experiences. As long as that helps him realise where his heart belongs. I’m glad the Knotts arranged to get Nash on this holiday. Their meddling in general is a bit much for poor Penn, but this was needed. In Penn’s attempt to protect his heart, he wouldn’t give Nash the time of day otherwise. Their major problem was communication and it’s time to get communicating! Nash is doing the right thing by fighting for Penn. Penn followed him to Thailand, Nash ran off to Costco... now it’s Nash’s turn to go after what he wants and prove himself. It may be painful getting constantly rejected and hearing Penn’s feelings (“I used to be in love with you which was the only reason I ever ran” 😢💔) but they need to get everything out in the open. What they had in Thailand was short lived, but as they say it’s quality not quantity that’s important!
  7. Communication is key! If Penn had led the street side chat with “I’m not Cam’s baby daddy but will be there to support her as a friend” things would have turned out a whole lot differently. Of course Nash would assume that Penn was the father and feel like he’s been lied to 🤦🏻‍♀️ Nash is also at fault, he and Penn should have had a proper conversation before he ran away to Costco.
  8. Umm what??!? I had suspected she was pregnant when Penn said that there was a lot going on with Cam but that didn’t stop me from feeling shocked when it was revealed! Wtf Penn? As if you don’t mention this to Nash after everything he’s gone through. Even if it isn’t what it seems, how is Nash going to trust you again??! 😤
  9. I was about to pull his shirt off when he gripped my wrists, stopping me. “Just...let me have this moment. I only get to unwrap you for the first time once, and I’m going to do it the right way. I’m going to savor every second.” Swoon 😍 Wow, what a beautifully written, emotional, sexy and tender chapter 👏👏👏
  10. Lots of touching moments in this chapter! “Tell me I’m not crazy” and the FaceTime call with words unspoken ❤️
  11. Just when I thought Paul couldn’t get any worse, we find out he’s also married and to a woman. Wow Lee, great choice of person to cheat with! No wonder he cheated for so long, the thing with Paul couldn’t ever come out in the open. Lee was having his cake and eating it too. Ergh the slime balls! To counteract the above rage, I am LOVING the development of Penn and Nash’s relationship. Penn’s marriage has got to be some sort of arrangement. I wonder why they stay together...
  12. That lying cheating scumbag!! Playing along for all that time grrr. And now manipulating Nash to wait 6 months, what a bastard. Nash is a catch, with his good heart, loyalty and integrity (and good looks to top it all off!) My heart breaks for him and what he’s going through right now but I’m looking forward to seeing him find love again.
  13. Wow what a journey you have taken us on. I’ve never really understood the BDSM lifestyle or 3 way relationships but you have certainly opened my eyes. I still have my own misgivings, but that’s more to do with me not having a desire to experience it. However, I can understand different people’s needs better now. It was clear that the 2 guys wouldn’t be able to sustain a relationship, though that didn’t stop me hoping. But I think that hope was because I didn’t initially understand that their needs can’t be compromised. I loved the proposal and collaring ceremony and was so happy that TC also decided to wear a collar. Despite each man’s role in the relationship, there is give and take and they look after each other in their own ways. This is a beautifully written (and educational) tale of love and relationships ❤️
  14. crystalline

    Chapter 18

    Aww Sinclair 😢
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