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    My interests are reading, football, swimming, sexual encounters with younger men and good sex. I also enjoy mystery and science fiction, western and college age themes.

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  1. bottomguy


    All is well with the world, except in the house of the mother who seems to be an easy lay. The father who gets drunk and does coke and lets his boss slide right into him and give Alan a part of his own DNA. Then there is Jake who is now with Ethan in Egypt for now any way. Cody is going to get back with Luke in a few months. Then here comes Kit into the picture again with Cody. Cody is not totally free of being a part of the drama as well. Then Trevor giving Jake $25,ooo dollars. For being a good boy?? Or being man enough to understand that Trevor is his father. Then Ethan who is a nervous young man that Jake can see it as well. So is Ethan really out of the woods now and screwing Jake everytime one of them takes a deep breath?? Jake's mother getting therapy for her deeds and father sleeping on the couch and working still, for Trevor I assume??? I can see another book coming and there are a few ways it could head. Ethan and Jake and the reason that Ethan is so jumpy. Maybe they will have an adventure all their own. Or, Cody and Luke with Kit and Callum maybe a foursome?? Maybe Ethen and Cody will connect with Callum. There could be an direction with Trevor and Alan that could be something thrown in for a twist. I think if there is book 3, Ethan and Jake will leave Egypt and come back to the US. I think Trevor will know just what to do and offer both boys a job. What better than to young men who can travel around the world and also be working for the CIA or MI6. Just two young men enjoying the sights and sounds of their love making and spying on who is needed to be watched. Wow, JM, you could end up with material for lets say another 5 or six more books. I am ready to read. Purity also was great read for me as well. So far I can say i do enjoy your writing and how you come up with all of the small twists and deceptions is fantastic. I am ready for more.
  2. bottomguy

    Chapter 46

    I have thought Jason was just a little more intellegent than what he is coming off as in this story. For someone who has feelings for Nathan and not just telling him how he feels, seems just a little on the whimpy side. Jason has heard Natan and his father having a heated discussion about himself, why did he not ask Nathan what his father wanted. Nathan needs to grow a set and speak his mind or at least defend the one he is in love with. Maybe Jason should go and have a nice heart to heart talk with Nathan"s father and try to find out what is so terrible about Nathan. Maybe Jason should just tell Nathans father how he feels about his love for Natan. Let the truth slap Nathans father in his face. But then doing so will open Jason up to his family finding out about his being gay. What about Aiden? What is Jason going to do about this new "friend". Will Jason continue to feel as though he is cheating on Nathan if he and Aiden meet again? I am beginning to think that Jason is just wants to have gay sex but with only the ones he feels are worthy of him. I may be wrong here, but Jason has had some other guys that seem to fancy him. I still think Jason needs to get his temper and his mind connected to his heart and his brain. Start telling Nathan what he wants and figure out what he wants with Aiden. Or will Jason continue down his path of woe is me attitude? It will be interesting to see what next happens with Nathan and with Jason. Aiden still is not sure what he wants as well. Maybe the three of them should get together and have a hot sexual meeting. Who knows what would result from something as that? Maybe there is even another young man just around the next corner or the next bus ride for Jason. Only the next chapter(s) will let us all know. Thanks for a good and fasinating story.
  3. Goodness alive man!!! What a chapter to wake up the sleepy eyed reader,(not me either). The pictures of Alan that Colin put on the table and told Jake to look at them. Jake seemed to become nearly sick after looking at the pictures of Alan. What did those pictures show? Was Alan really gay? Or were the pictures of him being used by other members of the organization he works for. Maybe someone younger like around Jake's age? WIll be very interesting to find out what the pictures are of. Cody saw the pictures and it appears that they shocked him as well. Maybe Alan was the one being used in the pictures? WOW, how interesting would that be!! The Cody appears and ends drops Colin to the floor dropping the gun. And the Police are knocking on the door. What will happen next? Are those the "real" Police, or did Trevor send them? Does Trevor know about Alan's picture situation? I am thinking he does know. What devious things will will come out in the next chapter? Cody being shocked with seeing the pictures, how is he going to react when the "Police" come into the house? Will Cody pick up the pictures soon enough the police do not find them? When is Trevor going to show up? I do think Trevor knows that Colin was coming to the house. What a turn of events we have here. Alan is not what he pretends to be. Jake's mother was enjoying the men Alan worked with. Jake's real father is Trevor. Cody was thrown out of his home by the parents when they learned he was gay. So what secrets are still waiting for us to learn about Ethan? Surely he must also have some hidden secrets as well. This chapter definately changed the flow of the story. So will Trevor show up to sort this all out for the family? Or will he show up and have another bomb to drop on all of them? I am going to enjoy the next chapter, hoping that is there comes an explaination of what just happened. Or will it take several chapters to unravel all of what has taken place? Onward to the next chapter and of course those beyond as well. Love this story so much. LOVE IT !!
  4. bottomguy

    Chapter 2

    Oh to be in Levi's shoes so to speak. I think Levi is in for a wonderful education and possibly a more intimate education along the way. Is this possible? I can also understand what Levi is wondering, what the "H" what has just happened? This is going to be something to keep reading. Merlin being a part of this story, will surely be wonderful. There seems to be a little hint of trouble with a few of the characters. Bastion is either having some thoughts about Levi or just plain mixed up. I will love to find out which.
  5. WOW, does not say enough about this chapter. I had forgotten all about Trevor. So now is looks like Jake's parents are not to be trusted as all. Cody has been in contact with Luke and things he has been giving information to the Police. So Cody must has some sort of thought about what he has been doing to keep Jake from leaving? Will Cody go back to Luke who seems to be the only person that has made Cody happy? I had thought that Jake and Cody would drift apart as partners, but this chapter has not only made that drifting happen but has turned it into a coming tidal wave. I do feel badly for Cody, but he still has a home and I do think he will become a very welcome addition to Jake's parents, now that Jake seems to be heading away from them and on to Egypt and a life with Ethan. Seems to anyway???? If I were Jake, I would as "daddy" to get Cody to America to be with Luke. I would then go home to be as calm as possible. Get Cody into contact with Trevor. Before I leave to fly to Ethan. Leave a letter behind and speak my mind. Leave without so much as a goodbye or even a wave back. The parents may just continue with Cody and consider him then as an adopted family member. That is if Cody does not end up with Luke. A tangled web of love, sex, mystery, supense and undercover spying that has yet to be explained. Each chapter is a story in itself. Nothing like being young, hot and horny all the time, be involved in a government coverup, have a lover, lose a lover, find a great love and lose that love. Boy, I guy needs to have a note pad when reading your stories James. Taking notes would be a pain though, I would rather just read and picture what i read in my mind. It is going to be very interesting in the next chapter. I wil be on pins and needles waiting to read the return of Jake to his home. I would talk to each of his parents individually as well as Cody. I love good suspense stories along with mystery added. But James, you have definately gotten my attention in your stories. Great work . Great brain matter put into overtime as well. I am waiting for the next chapter(s). Or another book ?!
  6. bottomguy

    Hi Trevor

    GREAT chapter! Jake arrested and taken away for questioning by the police, withour a lawyer present even after Jake asked for one to be there. Now Cody is involved giving information to the police as well. Like Jake said after he was back home and with Cody in the bedroom. Can't trust anyone! I see where Jake feels that as well. So had Ethan really left Jake behind, or is this Tevor who suddenly appears and Jake knows him. Where did this Trevor come from. Is he working to help Ethan? Now we have the picture that Jake received in the mail. Then placing it on his mothers dresser where she will find it. Is Jake's mother a part of this CIA operation as well. Maybe a sleeper agent working with Colin? I love how this story has suddenly become a teenage 007 type senario. Hot digity, lets keep reading more of this fantasic and strange chain of events that keep turning us readers around in our swivel reading chairs.
  7. I have been giving more thought to this story. Let us just imagine the move by Allen and his family to America, was planned long before they moved there. The home that was suddenly available to be bought for Jake and his family to move into. All fresh and new. And better yet with Ethan so close and Luke as well. Maybe this is just too good to be true. Ethan and Jake becoming together as quickly as they did and then there is Cody who is told to get himself to the airport and come over to be part of Jake's family. Is the sudden arrival of Cody and his meeting Luke, is what moved the CIA to change plans for what they are planning? Is Ethan really an innocent player in this CIA gameplan? Allen new this move was going to take place before Cody found out about the phone converstation he discovered and talked to Jake about it. Lets just suppose that everything so far that we have been reading was all some sort of CIA plan for something we have yet to discover. How can so many things change in so little time if it had not been planned to take place. Maybe not the way it was planned to pan out, but still getting done what is needed for who knows what will happen when we read the final chapter. How will these teen boys react when they discover they all have been used for someone's under the table spy program by the CIA.? Can something like this be happening to Ethan, Jake, Cody and Luke? It is going to be good reading to find out. I am on board for this story to play out and surprise more of your readers. Thanks again.
  8. So Jake's father has suddenly arrived at the hotel where Ethan and Jake are discovering each other again. My questions is who is with Jake's father at the hotel? Are there other CIA agents also there and just waiting for the boys to sudddenly try to leave. Ethan has already mentioned his father is not himself. So is that a put on by his father or is his actions a part of some sort of mind trainning that has been conducted. Suspense fills the air around this story. Much to my happiness as well. Ethans story about how everything that happened sounds plausable to Jake, but I can also see Jake at some point doing some more indepth soul searching or even doing some checking of his own. The money from his mother's death does sound like something that would have taken place. But why is Ethan's father trying to hide the money from Ethan? There is more going on here than the reader has yet to find out. Will Jake find a way to be with Ethan and get away from the hotel without being caught by the CIA? My bet is yes they will find a way to get out of the hotel together. After that I am of the opinion, Luke is going to be involved in this story more that I had thought. He also was left behind by Cody. Will Luke and Cody also be joined together as well. I love this story. I enjoy the plot and I just will not be happy until the chapters are comeing everyday. (HINT< HINT). Thank you once again for a great story and wonderful how the emotions are given as to how the boys are feeling. Stress is also a factor here as well. So the story move forward. A little thought here. Why did Ethan register with the name he had before the accident. Is that something he thougt would help Jake locate him. Or is it that Ethan is also messed up as well? Something is not right here. There is more to this meeting with Ethan and Jake. I want to find out, so lets keep reading and enjoying such a great story and adventure into the world of the unknown.
  9. bottomguy

    The Cover Up

    WOW!!! I enjoy suspense, action, undercover, mysteries, and science fiction. These last few chapters have made my reading your story about Jake, Cody, Luke and Ethan all the more interesting and must read more. Thank you for your talent in writing. I did not get any feeling or idea that something this shady and sinister could happen. Now it is going to be even more interesting what is going to take place in the coming chapters. Will Colin and Alan become the main characters in something more sinister now the CIA is in the foreground? Cody unfortunately is the person who is getting the short end of the stick, so to speak. Jake and Luke as well as Ethan are all being used to what end. I think there may be something coming in future chapters that will be even more shocking. I kind of have a few thoughts about who and what could happen, But I am going to just keep reading and be thorughly addicted to this story. Many thanks to you.
  10. bottomguy

    Chapter 40

    Finally Jason is having to face his own fear and his heart. Progress can be very frightening at times to some of us. Since it appears that Nathan is also Gay. It is going to be interesting how the friendship that there is with the two of them progresses. Unless Aiden is the rock that makes the ripples in the calm waters a little rough. Maybe the three of them will end up as good friends before the end. I enjoy this story very much. It has elements of friendships, enemies, shock and love. What more could you want in a story? So far there has not been any tragedy. But the story continues as well. Thank you for your story and your continued writing.
  11. I enjoyed reading this first chapter. This is going to be an intriguing one to read and the direction and adventure it will lead to . Thank you for a great beginning and hopefully a great continuing saga for Eli.
  12. bottomguy

    Home Truths

    I love the realism that you put into this sage of Joey. It seems almost as though Joey is bipolar. Seemingly normal one minute and flying off the handle the next. I do think he will see a professional to help him, but I can also see him suddenly stopping any therapy or treatment he is getting. Jack i am sure is seeing his father in Joey with the behavior he is showing. I think the one person is going to be Roman, Joey's brother. I can see Roman being the best thing to happen to Joey, if he only can realize he must seek some very harsh "forced love", or loose much of what he has now. I am waiting to see what will happen. Great story and great writing something that is so difficult to express to others .
  13. Will we be seeing anything about Chris and the struggle that is going on before too much longer? I have enjoyed this story more than any other. I keep looking for postings of updates, all without seeing any. Temporary usually means for a short time period. I can understand personal things happen that upset the apple cart so to speak. I do hope that this story will continue! I can also see this story and Chris changing directions. With all of the "cute" elves that Chris has suddenly been introduced to, I can see a romance involving Chris and possibly several other elf's. Just a passing thought. It is going to be fascinating story when it is completed. Many thumbs up to you as well. But please lets get this back on the road as soon as you possibly are able. Thank youn
  14. I thank you for this story. It has nearly everything you could ask for. Love, Betrayal, happiness, sexual and mental rape, abuse, suspense, adventure and a young man who grew up suddenly with loss of a love. But this loss seems as though it is driving Ramon to overcome all of the pain and grief that he has gone through. Ramon appears to be focused on his new life and his music. I think Ramon is going to become a force to be reckoned with by certain individuals that wanted him gone. I am hooked on this story. It is Fantastic! Thank you again for making reading an enjoyable sport.
  15. bottomguy

    Chapter 28

    I am thinking that Nathan's issue with his father has the word "gay " attached. I can also understand his reluctance to show his hand, so to speak to to someone that he feels so comfortable with. So when will either of these two love struck individuals take the plunge and open up? There has to be something in the near future that is going to help both of them to reveal what they so desperately need and want to happen between them. Let the good times roll!!
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