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  1. bottomguy

    Chapter 32

    Next is the Final Chapter??? No way Jose'. This story is just getting better with each chapter. Nothing like guys in high school and many of them finding out those around them are gay as they turn out to be also. What I would have given to be one of these boys while I was in high school. What a story to be reading and putting myself into the pants of one of these guys. Are you sure the next chapter is the Final Chapter. Maybe you forgot a couple dozen chapters someplace!!🧐 Great story by the way. Love it. Many thanks as well.
  2. bottomguy


    All I can say about this is FANTASTIC! This has been a great read, sexy, comforting as well as a little suspense. Congrats!
  3. I do believe the Royal Family is just a little self centered in their thinking. When they all jumped to the conclusion that Aidan was the person who murdered the priest and attempted to murder the Grandmother. The did not even begin to think about investigating the crime and looking at all of the evidence. William just disappeared suddenly with his "guards" and not one of the Royal Family looked into their sudden departure. How strange this looks. Now they think Aidan is to forgive them but still want him in there castle and under their "watchful and comforting eyes". It is a
  4. I have waited for the story to continue and I was not disappointed either. I also noticed that Etalos is Gay and want Prince Chris to fuck him. Well, If Chris ever acts upon his thoughts of hot and sexy elfs that he would like to jump. He is going to be one very busy and sought after Prince of Sex. But then what a way to begin another story line of Prince Christopher and his elf harem! Just a passing thought. I for the life of me understand why you do not have writers block more often. My god ( or maybe my elf) you are fantastic with this story. Just keep it coming. I just cannot wai
  5. bottomguy

    Chapter 2

    This could be a very interesting and sexy story. I am looking forward to more. Will be interesting to see how Carlo and his Italian heritage turn out. Will be waiting for more. Thanks
  6. WOW!! What a surprise Aidan being pregnant. This is going to be a very interesting turn of events as well. Who will be discover to be the father? Could the Wizard have had something to do with this surprise? Luis the ever so eager Studly Prince? The other possible and fantastic possibility might be Aidan is not completely a male after all with all of his beautiful features. What an opportunity to have this great story suddenly turn on a diamond necklace and have all of us faked out completely about Aidan. I am looking forward for more of this mind bending story. Please give us more of
  7. FANTASTIC CHAPTER. I am amazed with the turn of events in and with Aidan. But, what will the next chapter involve and who will be receiving the brunt of Aidan's power or the love of his power. I will be waiting on pins and needles for your next chapter. Thank you for your sharing this story with me and everyone else who gets caught up in this saga.
  8. I think this story is so captivating for me. I cannot wait until I can read the next chapters Chris is something as well. His progression as an elf is more than I could have seen in the earlier chapters. There is sex, mystery, battles for good and evil, friendships and loves all in on nice and wonderful package. I find myself feeling as though I am there looking at all of the action and adventure as it is happening. Keep the chapters rolling out. I am on pins and needles waiting for the next spell to be cast. Thanks
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