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    My interests are reading, football, swimming, sexual encounters with younger men and good sex. I also enjoy mystery and science fiction, western and college age themes.

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  1. bottomguy

    Chapter 28

    I am thinking that Nathan's issue with his father has the word "gay " attached. I can also understand his reluctance to show his hand, so to speak to to someone that he feels so comfortable with. So when will either of these two love struck individuals take the plunge and open up? There has to be something in the near future that is going to help both of them to reveal what they so desperately need and want to happen between them. Let the good times roll!!
  2. bottomguy

    AOC 12

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Such a great love that blossomed with two young boys that actually were two young adults. More so that the other supposed adults in this story. It was refreshing to read this story and thank you for writing it for those of us who can only dream while reading more of your stories. I enjoy reading things where I can put myself into the story line. Refreshing and exciting. Thank you.
  3. bottomguy


    I am only one person, but being so interested in Chris and his protecting all of those around him as well as all of the elves who will now depend on his powers. I am so ready to begin the next chapter as all of us who are following Chris. I do not write, but I have also been in situations that drain your thoughts as quickly as the water draining from the sink when you pull the drain open. When I get to the point of becoming "foggy", I Look to the stars that shine about me at night. I look to see which one is the brightest of the night. If I just focus on that star, It soon begins to look as though it is shimmering right in front of my eyes. The longer I watch that star. My mind begins to take me to a place where things begin to have other thoughts fill my mind and my senses. I always end up more refreshed each time I do this task. I have come to find myself looking at the stars more often to bring myself back into the reality of things that are close to me and mean even more to me. I hope you have found your bright star to set you once again on the ability to entertain others with your writings. Carry onward, move forward towards regaining the spirit of your thoughts. Your writings are such a joy to read and put myself into the story so I can feel as though i am a part of it. Thank you so much for what you have done and what you can do.
  4. bottomguy

    Chapter 1

    I thoroughly enjoyed your first book. I am sure no. 2 will be just as enjoyable and will be looking for numbers 8, 9 1nd 10 in the not too far future. Thank you.
  5. bottomguy

    AOC 8

    So now is appears that the masters of the school seem to be more that just the masters. Is it possible that all of the paddling that have been taking place are more than punishment? Could there be some pleasure group within in the school system that has motives other than punishment? I am going to be watching for more chapters of this story. I can see the future of some school officials becoming somewhat seriously uncomfortable with there secrets they may be hiding. Lets begin to see the pain on their faces instead of the children they are supposed to be nurturing.
  6. bottomguy

    Chapter 1

    I can see there is to be a very close relationship with our stories hero doctor. I fear the may be in a very stressful and dangerous saga of helping young individuals with the realities of many who have other issues and problems with gay people as well as growing young men and boys. I am looking forward to having a great story to be engrossed in. I will be waiting for each chapter to read. Thank you so much.
  7. bottomguy


    This sounds like a good story in the making. With being a new student in a different state and finding a mysterious new friend. What new things will these two become partners in. I will be looking for the next chapters. Thank you.
  8. bottomguy


    I am always looking for the next chapter in the fight Chris is waging to protect the all. Is there some clue to when the saga will continue? I am sure there are many, many fans of your writing that are wanting to help rally you along. I love your writing and the story line as well. It is fantastic to read and put yourself into the mindset of Chris while he is fighting for the lives of so many others who also have no clue as to their future. What an task for such a young man to be the only possible solution to such evil entities. Hopeful for you to continue this saga and also others you have. Success is the food for determination as well as love of one's followers in life and in the Relm.
  9. bottomguy

    Family Matters

    Such an intriguing, and lifelike story you have here. I am almost putting myself into the mind of David Richards. I enjoy reading these types of stories when one can involve themselves into the narrative. There is adventure, love, close friendships and not so secret partners. All of the joys of life expressed within this story. I enjoy reading this so much. Bring on the Royalty and the advisors. Is there a sudden change within the Royalty on the horizon? I will be reading to find out.
  10. bottomguy

    Chapter 14

    I am sure Jason will realize soon that mothers always now what their children up to. I think Mothers and the child are connected by an invisible human need to protect their children. Mothers are the know all and see all, without a doubt.
  11. bottomguy

    Chapter 27

    Would you call this chapter " A come to Jesus Moment in the minds of Davey and Brian. I do believe mother may be working towards a private room in a mental ward. Or something even more intriguing. Could she even be another time traveler that no one has considered? Brian and Davey may have had an unfortunate, physical and serious heart to heart, but I have the feeling that this is not the end of this relationship in this time line. Great chapter and wonderful turn of events. Reading more of this story is going to be exciting to say the least.
  12. bottomguy

    Chapter 15

    Fantastic chapter!! Davey and Brian meeting was especially touching for me. Things of this type sometimes are difficult for those involved and draw out the deepest feelings of each party involved. These types of things are most difficult to handle in real life let alone reading of them. This chapter has brought to the surface from within me that made my own eyes tear. Your writing has done what many tried doing, Congrats to you.
  13. bottomguy

    Chapter 14

    Coming from a rather large family of relatives who get together for the holidays, I can relate to the trying to keep everyone happy and in the spirit of the holidays. This is a very trying task when there is no issues of sexual assaults on a child. I enjoyed all of my relatives when we get together, but still there were times when tempers would rise and voices along also. It does make for some enjoyable times especially when pictures appear that were taken during the "family's heated discussions. I love this story and looking forward to read the future chapters yet to come. Your story is actually relaxing to read but exciting at the same time. Carry on, please.
  14. bottomguy

    Chapter 4

    I am looking for what Pete has up his sleeves? Does he have some ideas about becoming the "top dog" to replace Chaz? It is going to be interesting to follow Chaz if he does retire and what lies ahead in the minds of his soon to be co workers.
  15. bottomguy

    Chapter 1

    Having grown up on a farm in Iowa, I am already into this saga and it is only the first chapter. I know there will be good things ahead.
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