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    My interests are reading, football, swimming, sexual encounters with younger men and good sex. I also enjoy mystery and science fiction, western and college age themes.

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  1. bottomguy

    Chapter 8

    Talk about tension? Do not piss off a sixteen year old boy who needs the love that he thought he had and now he is going to be in a fight for his life and his fathers. Along with so many more. I do hope that he will finally figure out what he has and what he can lose.
  2. bottomguy

    Chapter 7

    So they have been caught, in the sun with fresh air all around. What can she say about the sun and the air? Maybe they should ask her if she would like to join them when they need to see the sun and feel the fresh air..
  3. bottomguy

    Chapter 6

    Let the games and training begin. nothing like picturing their fighting in my own mind as I was reading. More to come.
  4. bottomguy

    Chapter 5

    I am going to like and enjoy Alan. He seems to be my kind of guy. Quiet, wanting to learn, has the guts to stand up for what he thinks is the correct way. But he is also a childish type who wants to have a life much different that what he aleady has experienced. I say he is rather guttsy. I hope he begins to grow on all of them. I think he could be a great asset to them. I did learn quite a lot from this chapter and I am looking forward to all of the chapters to come. Thank you.
  5. bottomguy

    Chapter 4

    Oh my oh my, Looks as though the party has gotten off to a rather rocky beginning. I would think that nothing that happens on this ship would be unintended. How many cameras are there on the ship.
  6. bottomguy

    Chapter 1

    All I can say is WOW! not wanting to be of the same shocked state that i am in now but yes WOW.
  7. bottomguy

    Chapter 87

    Donnie says Bruce will not make it back home. So what is going to happen to Bruce? Are there more than just those leaking information to him. Are those people also trying to protect their involvment in this Rape gang. I am thinking there is going to be a major "outing" of other members who are involved in the Rape gang. Too bad Donnie did not say why Bruce will not make it back home. More interesting developments here.
  8. bottomguy


    I can see Brathay becoming the one who could and very may be able to undo all of the damage that has been done by the betrayal of Leon. Brathnay, has also a connection to the villagers outside the Keep. I can hope the Brathay can control his rage until the proper time to unleash it arrives. There seems to be within Brathay a sense of right from wrong and I think he is also thought highly of by the Keep's staff. Things may change suddenly here at the Keep. TIme to keep an eye on Brathay and his inner thoughts.
  9. bottomguy

    Maddox Says

    Maddox is a serious threat to Jonathan's denial. Jonathan is not sure where off campus they will be eating pizza. Something tells me that the pizza will not be a some well know pizziaria the college students all flock to. I think Maddox has plans that involve more than just pizza. Jonathan is going to be totally shaken off his feet once Maddox begins to get Jonathan's mind on the feelings he gets when Maddox is in high gear and moving toward a sex slave for his pleasures and Jonathan's as well I fear. I can see the two of them becoming totally involved in sexual acts and sexual pizza dinners, possibly without the pizza. Maybe Jonathan can turn this all around on Maddox. Maddox now knows what fingering him hole feels like and also wondered how good it might be with Jonathan filling him up. If Jonathan keeps his wits about himself, he might just be able to turn Maddox into his own sex slave. Jonathan has the talent but does he have the will and the guts to actually take charge of Maddox. Going to be interesting chapters ahead. I do hope there is going to be lots of great sexual encounters between these two.
  10. bottomguy

    Chapter 80

    It sounds as thought the DA. will do his job as long as he is the DA. Is he elected by the people? Or is he appointed by the Politicians? This could be a job saving move for the DA, possibly. Always a bad situation when people are not wanting to treat others decently. I have discovered that everyone has red blood and everyong bleeds red blood. It makes not difference your orientation or your race. We are all the same inside. Some are good and kind, others are not. Many years ago I had a good friend who worked on the department with me. He also was a part time "bouncer" at a bar in a close by city. This friend was also black and a great fellow worker. He told me one day that while working at the bar, He had some great experiences. But, he said the regardless of what your race or who you are. He said there are White Used the N word and there are Black N word. Everyone is different if they want to be. I alway answered my calls to help people regardless of who they were. Some I had no idea what they were trying to tell me. But we did get things taken care of with a lot of compassion and understanding. I have had many people who in their time of need or sudden sorrow, need the understanding and the compassion without caring who or what they normally do. Love does go a long way. But so does hate.
  11. bottomguy

    Chapter 56

    Did Karl just become a lost soul now? Has he basically decided that since George has rejected his for the sexual activites the both of them have been having. Or will Karl still go to war? He is young mane who is away from his own family, who themselves may be fighting the war their own way. I cannot think that George is just calling it quits with Karl. I do not think George will be able to handle things once again, without Karl there with him. Such a terrible way to live, love and possbily end what they have together now.
  12. bottomguy

    Chapter 78

    I can just imagine how Donnie and Tim felt when going to school there and with the bullying that was happening. It never ceases to fail me how stupid people are. gay and bi or even trans people are all the same on the inside. Everyone bleeds red, unless there has been some major alien invasion that was not published about. I do thing that Tim should have waited for making so much public before he had eyes on his quarry for the trial. Although I am feeling that those who are still hiding in the background about the gasy bashing and bullying, rapes will all be coming around to either confessing or leaving town. Maybe they also might be looking to charter a plane and all of them find a country without extradition back to the US. This story can go several ways. Both could be good and both could be bad as well. I put my money on Donnie to pulle this together for Tim and Stephen.
  13. bottomguy

    Chapter 77

    Oh Great Ceasars Ghost!! I just knew this would happen if I watched Superman twenty times in a row. Maybe I should let Lois Lane take care fo this little OPPS Sorry. It happens to the best of us.
  14. Xavier appears to have done the correct thing. Taking control and leaving the so called friends to themselves. But then there is Jasper. He also jumped into bed with Kyle. Is Kyle so hot and sexy that all he has to do is wink and smile? Jasper did to the correct thing in telling Jasper what happened. Xavier was also hurt by Jasper regardless of how it happened between Jasper and Kyle. I do think Jasper will be under the spell longer than he realizes about Kyle and Jasper both . What if Xavier ends up at college where Kyle is going. and what of Jasper where is he going to college at? Would that be where Xavier is at as well. Oh what a tangled web has been woven by these GOOD FRIENDS..
  15. Ok, we have Kyle, Xavier, Jessica and now Jasper. Did Kyle cheat on Xavier with Jessiaca or did he really not do so. What has Jessaica said to help smooth things over with all of them? Or has she? I can see Jaspers side of things being the new kid. He wants to fit in, but they will not open the door for him, YET. Oh the wonders of young boys who are in and out of love. Brings back many things. Good so far.
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