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  1. Another great Chapter. You are truly gifted with your ability to tell a story.
  2. JCtoGO2


    Brilliant chapter! Bravo
  3. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 4 - Rush

    Great story and well written. Looking forward to the story continuing.
  4. JCtoGO2


    Terrible content but wonderfully written. That's why with the content good or bad I look forward to your postings.
  5. JCtoGO2

    DSA Chapter 2

    Excellent chapter. It was well written and well told.
  6. JCtoGO2

    Grand Opening

    I don’t know where to start. Your writing is magnificent. You are dealing with topic that could be ugly but you write in such a masterful way that that story is interesting and logical. All I have to say is BRAVO
  7. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 50

    Another excellent chapter. However again as usual you leave us wanting to learn more.
  8. Finally. I love cliffhangers
  9. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 16

    A very well written Chapter. Your use of the characters and the building of their emotions, put the readers feeling they were right there and almost participating. Well done.
  10. JCtoGO2


    An excellent chapter. You captured the emotions one would have in a situation such as this and brought out the raw feelings. BRAVO
  11. JCtoGO2


    An excellent story. You make the story line flow together leaving the reader looking forward to the next chapter.When it is over, you are disappointed and want more. I look forward to your next effort. Happy Holidays!
  12. This was a great chapter and well written. My emotions went from worry to tears. Well done
  13. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 30

    One of the best, if not the best, stories I’ve read on Gay Authors. I agree with Yeoldebard, I’m going to miss the team. Hopefully the sequel will start reasonably soon. Again thank you for a terrific story.
  14. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 29

    BRAVO. No time to write more as I need to get to Chapter 30
  15. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 28

    Again, well done. I know I’ve said it before BUT they just keep getting better and better.
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