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  1. JCtoGO2


    WOW just read about the train and some of the activities. It sounds fascinating.
  2. JCtoGO2

    Time Flies

    And we are very lucky 5 years ago you decided to write and publish in GA
  3. I normally do not make comments about Mark noy any other authors or their stories. However the last two chapters are simply extraordinary. We all are lucky to have Mark on this website. Thank you Mark. BRAVO! .
  4. I do not write often but I was really glad to see the chapter posted today. While I can understand a need for a break, not seeing your stories posted was like losing an old friend. Today, the friend is back. WELCOME BACK.
  5. Congrats on another ending to another great story. I really enjoy your writing. You are one of very few authors on this website(if not the only one) who can make me laugh and shed tears in the same chapter. I look forward with great anticipation to your next presentation. BRAVO.
  6. I usually do not make comments about the stories I read. First off, I am not a good writer and secondly others say what I would like to express much more elequently. However in this case I wanted to personally commend you on a well written story with an outstanding plot. It was also nice to be able to sit down in one session and read the entire story. Please continue with this style and, as expressed previously, I also hope we see more of the characters you wonderfully created.
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