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  1. JCtoGO2

    ADC Chapter 15

    Devon needs mental help. All the things Edgar did for Devon while he was in the hospital, basically saving his life, and other direct activities to Devon’s benefit, and he won’t even talk to Edgar.
  2. JCtoGO2

    Chapter Nine

    Excellent chapter. The story just keeps getting better and better
  3. I see the story is marked complete. It felt like a great chapter one with good character development. It would be nice to see you develop this story into two or more chapters. Anyway my thoughts. It was a good read. You have talent.
  4. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 3

    Great story and character development, as usual
  5. JCtoGO2


    Great writing. Great Story.
  6. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 43

    Brilliant writing. Nothing else needs to be said.
  7. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 17

    Wow! I don't know what to say other than well done. Look forward to the next chapter.
  8. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 11

    I hope you feel 100% soon. From a selfish viewpoint, we need you healthy so you can get us chapters sooner -ha,ha. Seriously a great chapter as usual.
  9. JCtoGO2

    Lon Chapter 8

    Good story but the ending sure was abrupt.
  10. JCtoGO2

    Lon Chapter 7

    Interesting developments, I can wait to see how this all works out. Great chapter.
  11. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 34

    Awesome chapter. Thanks for remembering those that have given their all for this country.
  12. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 19

    This was a very good story. It was well written and I was anxiously waiting for every Chapter. Sad to see the story end but happy it ended the way it did.
  13. JCtoGO2

    Chapter 19

    A great story. Well written. I hate to see it end.
  14. JCtoGO2


    I totally disagree with the above. That Chapter was necessary, especially the section with the parents, school and his sister. From my perspective a great chapter and looking for more.
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