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  1. wenmale64

    Chapter 2

    WooHoo, let the party begin....
  2. wenmale64

    AOC 3

    One thing I have always loved doing is to beat idiots bloody with their own rule book!!! Great story Ivor. I am really liking how it is going!
  3. I love the mystery and skulduggery going on. I too am a bit worried for Ty investigating Streum and his thugs. One thing that makes me feel better is thinking about what Morrine would do to them if they tried anything...cat chow anyone? It feels like there is going to be action all over for several chapters to come. Aaron, keep up the GREAT writing!!
  4. I know the story is winding to an end, but can we PLEASE read about Don being destroyed by Robbie and Sue and everyone else around him. I would even settle for no blood as long as that asshat suffers and suffers slow and hard.... As for Stephanie, she has a lot to think about and simply keeping the kid may not be the best for her or the child. Time will tell, but she NEEDS to know she is being played and Don is only playing for himself!!! The best for the child is the MOST important thing above ALL else. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  5. I agree with everything said above. The one thing that I would really like to see, just for the fun of it, would be Shaw now being visually aware of wolf lycan, to be with the group when Caleb came up behind him in lycan form and nipped his butt. You think a wolf is scary, what about a lion............
  6. Great chapter. I like the idea of these three forming a new leadership group. Call it what you want, but Irish whiskey and Texas Bar-B-Que would make an awesome combo . Now Cy's problem should make for an interesting solution. Cyrus is always interesting with the way he thinks things through to the end... Another plus to Remus and the Texas duo working as partners is that they would make for a powerhouse ally against Stuerms antics, which I'm sure are headed our way. Just saying.....
  7. This story is another compliment to the Charlie Boone story line that Geron has created so well. If you have been following Charlie and the gang you will really enjoy this installment. It explains some things we have wanted to know. It brings in new characters and old foes. There is excitement, dread and a bit of fear and uncertainty and of course love, as the story develops. If you have not read the previous stories of this series, I encourage you to read them first so you can understand the characters and layout of the worlds in this story. This story is another work of art, painted with words, to let you live the story along with our favorite characters! A+ Geron, you have done it again .
  8. wenmale64

    Chapter 7

    Nothing beats a Roomba on steroids! The Moth definitely got their wings clipped and they are now banned from both Lyrgrys and Engris. This is a good thing! We are seeing the guys powers develop more and more with every story. I look forward to seeing them grow on a galactic scale. Geron, you have given us another wonderful story to keep us coming back wanting more! Halloween anybody? Myers hill should have an interesting cast of characters at the pizza party.....
  9. wenmale64

    Chapter 6

    Broken crystal, Mamas not going to be happy... I hope there are spare parts around.
  10. wenmale64

    Chapter 5

    Great chapter. The game is afoot. It is going to be interesting...
  11. wenmale64

    Chapter 4

    This one is a bit of a cliffhanger. I wonder if we can get one of those boring machines to slope the cliff face a bit? Hopefully Casper will be able to spook the wings off the Moth... I to wish GA would let vetted authors post at their own schedule. Great chapter!!
  12. wenmale64

    Chapter 3

    Had to be the Moth didn't it! I like the Raid comment. I was thinking more along the line of adjusting Lyrgris to act as a World Ship Bug Zapper. How do you like your Moth, rare, medium, well done or crispy..... Maybe it is time to send the last bad actors, the Arpathant, some company!! Great story. On to the next chapter>>>>>>>>>>>
  13. wenmale64

    Chapter 2

    I always hated menus that were technically correct, but tastefully worthless. This menu sounds fun! Oh, and what mysteries will we find on the journey.... We keep learning more and more as time moves on! Great intro to the adventure...
  14. wenmale64

    Chapter 1

    Engris facing trouble is definitely a vacation problem. How do you fix a problem with technology that is 500000 years old and still far beyond anything known? This should be a brain twist for the guys. Great start to what I am sure is another of your great stories!!!
  15. Great chapter. Bartlett and Ashford seem like they would make good neighbors and allies. I am very worried about Yakobs question about the seven.....
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