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  1. Loved the last line... Rob needs to explore his options......
  2. Good short with a very good statement about the value of the things we may be tasked to do. Great job James!!
  3. wenmale64

    Chapter 20.1

    Great chapter! It should be fun to read about the dehinging of a door AND the education of an old vampire mate in the art of communication. I just hope there are no crosses or garlic involved, scorched garlic can really ruin the moment . I am sure they will soon see the errors in their ways!! Love this story!
  4. This story has the appealing feel of a sci-fi mystery. The only drawback, as others have said, is the feeling that M is WAY under age. This makes it very hard to enjoy. You have said that M is not under age just child like. That makes it much better, but it still feels a bit creepy. I will try the next chapter with this new knowledge and see it it helps. Good story, but it needs to age up a bit. Just my thoughts......
  5. wenmale64


    I agree that it is nice to see the guys back. I really liked the part about brothers. It also was great to see Jay and Miles drop their shields and let their fears show to each other. Great job! A little faster on the next chapter.....Please!! Fast or slow, we will be there to read it .
  6. Keep a backup in a safe place and rub the lucky stone three times .
  7. Things are still slipping lower, but now that Nicola knows just how low Robbie has gotten I think things will change. I really hope there is hope for Robbie and Connor. Alex needs help, but at least he needs to go away.........
  8. wenmale64

    Chapter 19.1

    Great chapter Caz! I think it is so obvious that the innocent is Fran, that it really can't be.......... Back to waiting for more .
  9. It's fun when new readers start to binge read my prompt story. Glad you seem to like it so far. Only 60 more chapters to go. :gikkle:

    1. wenmale64


      Thanks Tim. I have my moments.... Good read!

  10. Welcome to the asylum @Mike Arram!!!! Grab a clean white suit and stay a while. I am also looking forward to reading your stories.
  11. wenmale64

    Chapter 18.5

    Well the secrets keep getting more intense. We now have a way to get more information from the other side. I hope that this is not discovered and bad things happen to those involved. Kitryn has been 'educated' in the perceptiveness of children and will now undoubtedly put much more faith in the things Fran sees and says. This story is just pulling me in deeper and deeper! Great writing Caz. Keep it up. We need the secrets and plans to be revealed!!!!
  12. wenmale64

    Chapter 18.4

    Wonderful and happy chapter. I too loved it when Kitryn got dressed down by Frans mom with his full name. Fran is going to be a big help in solving the current problems. Keep up the great writing!!!!!!
  13. wenmale64

    Chapter 1

    Short sweet and wonderful. Geron, you have the gift for telling stories within stories without even giving a lead in. Keep the tales coming so we can keep smiling!! Also, I had the excessive width problem with Chrome. I was able to solve it by reducing the text size with the tools at the top of the page.
  14. wenmale64

    Chapter 18.2

    Another great chapter! Another mating is near I think. What will the elder mage find out when he sees Frans room? Could her vision actually be a helpful soul and not a spirit with bad intentions? Hopefully some of these questions will be answered in the next chapter. Keep up the great work Caz.
  15. wenmale64

    Chapter 18.1

    Great chapter! We will find out what the Mage feels soon. Simon has some learning to do.... Vampires are supposed to hiss, Werewolves howl .
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