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  1. wenmale64


    @bubby1234, That is something I never thought about. Thinking more it seems unlikely that HE is a demon general, but he may have a deal with a demon general that would benefit him directly. I still say Chris will be forced to take him out.....
  2. wenmale64


    Loved this chapter. Havar is a snake that will bite any and all to better himself! Chris needs to figure this out and realize he may (will) have to take out his cousin for the sake of all elves. On a lighter note... Who are the interests of the uncles and dad?
  3. I agree with everything said above. Unfortunately I can see Connor being spiteful and going out of his way to hurt Robbie. I also think Don is going to become an even larger threat to Robbie and the entire family. Sue is going to have to make a hard choice and stick with it. Now it could be interesting to see what could happen if Karen got into the fight to help Robbie 🤣...
  4. wenmale64


    This is my first comment as I found this story by the recommendation of the week here on GA and binge read it in a couple of evenings. I really liked this story and am glad I found it after you completed it. You have created a great story with all the elements of life. I really liked your ending, even if it felt a bit rushed. Now with ending this story with the boys meeting for a summer to enjoy, it screams for either a sequel (please) or at least an epilogue showing a peek into the future. I look forward to trying some of your other works. Keep at it, you do it very well .
  5. wenmale64

    Chapter 33

    Outstanding story with a beautiful ending!!! Encore ?
  6. wenmale64

    Chapter 31

    Hip hip hooray for mom. I think she is finally realizing that Jack is still Jack and she loves him!!! I only wish that Lyle and Jimmy would have ended the fight with a kick from each to the balls. That would have solved Claytons sexual issue for a few months at minimum ... It seems that Jeff is going to be an unfortunate problem unless he finds another who is willing to be a toy....
  7. wenmale64

    Chapter 30

    As I said before, everyone needs to step back and THINK! Right now friendship and support is much more important than who you fool around with. Time will move on and soon (They are HS Juniors) they will move on to college or the work force. In either case the group will splinter and most likely some will move away permanently and/or meet new people. This is just how life works. I wish I would have had a group of friends in high school that I could have been honest with. It would have made moving on in life much easier!
  8. wenmale64

    Chapter 29

    The world of teenage hormones. Right now I think everyone needs to take a step back and relearn how to be just friends. The true personal relationships will follow naturally now that all the players know which teem they play for. There may be more players in the wings that may show now that the gay group has grown and many others seem to be Ok or at least fairly silent about the subject. As I said before, I am on teem Jack and Jimmy as they have been close friends for a long time. With that said, hopefully, the others will find friends and more without major upset in the group. Some will work and some will not, just like straight couples in high school, but life will go on without so much secrecy and turmoil...
  9. wenmale64

    Chapter 25

    My first comment on this story. I am really liking this story and just had to comment on this chapter. I felt much earlier in the story that Jimmy was complaining to much!!!! I am really glad that he has now been honest with Jack about himself. It may be a rough road for him to really be honest with everyone else in his life. We know nothing about Jimmys parents or really any other people that are important to him. Now I really lean toward relationships that grow out of friendships so even liking the Jeff angle I hope that someone else toots Jeffs horn (or something else ) so Jack and Jimmy can explore the next stage of their friendship without anyone else loosing out. Yep, I am a hopeless.....
  10. I am cautiously happy for both Robbie and Nathan. Connor is most likely going to be a rough split. I see him trying to play the hurt boyfriend to play on Robbies soft side. I hope Robbie holds the line and ends his misery. Time will tell... I also think there is much more to the story involving the drugs and the beating Nathan got. I hope Alex was really out of the area and uninvolved in the event.
  11. wenmale64

    Chapter 35

    This was a great story with a happy ending. I do not comment very much, but I do leave reactions for every chapter. I look forward to the next story. I tend to wait for a story to be completed and then binge read the story. You have a talent for creating a very complex story with several plot points and then bringing everything together for a wonderful ending. It will be interesting to see where the next story goes beyond just TJ and JC's marriage... With Beau and Grayson now owning 25% of Grant Industries, might there be a story line laying in wait for intrigue and investigation into strange happenings??? There, I made a open ended suggestion............. @AquariusGuy You are a talented story teller and I look forward to reading your next adventure with TJ and JC and the rest of the cast. Keep up the great writing!!!
  12. I agree, this will be a sad day. I/We have read our way into the life of "The Cockney Canuck". It will be a big adjustment to know his life is moving on without us 😢. @Dodger, you have given us a story that has made us laugh, cry, smile and many other things. When you finish this story, take a break and enjoy what you have done for all of us. We appreciate it very much !! I will keep an eye open for your future works. But please, teach Don a life lesson and leave him bleeding!!!
  13. This is a great story with several unknown possibilities. I also think that making Havars city/territory is a bad idea. We know Havar had his own agenda and it does not include peaceful relations with other races and earth in general. I am sure Chris could swat Havar like a fly, but what kind of turmoil would it cause having the a ruling family member attacking another family member even if it is a lowlife trouble maker like Havar? Monarchies are very touchy governments. Chris will have to tread lightly while making it very clear that Havars genocidal thoughts will not be tolerated. Easy to say, but much harder to do...... Keep up the great writing!!!
  14. I hate cliffhangers!!! But I still love this story. Dons racist traits did not surprise me at all. Don is a poster child for the "white is right" crowd. I hope Robbie can cheer up Nathan and possibly get back together with him. Nathan desperately needs a friend that truly cares about his well being. Ginny being a source for drugs was obvious and Nathan being susceptible to a drug induced happy is also easy to see. What Nathan needs now is simple support from a friend. Conner is a self serving schmuck. It has been long enough for him to show some respect for Robbie. It is now time to call it over and move on. I hope someone gives Daniel a heads up about his dads racist views before he gets broadsided by Don. As others have said... Next chapter soon???? Keep up the story telling. You do it very well!!!
  15. wenmale64

    Masters of Earth 2

    Great chapter. Chris only needs a PR team to keep him aware pf his own charm and point him in the right direction. He definitely needs to gain self awareness to control his powers. For King Ethnar to be concerned actually shows just how much damage Chris could inflict if he lost his composure. I do not think we really want to see that directed towards a friendly sparing partner ....
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