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  1. This is a fun little story that reads very well. It has a great feel and some excitement with lots of teen drama mixed in with the fun. This is a great story to read when you need a lift to your spirits. Give it a read and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wenmale64

    Thirty Two

    Way to go Grampa Crane!!!
  3. With any luck Don will end up with a Jib up his a$$. I think it is time for Nicola and Mr. Lube to have a little accident with the contraceptives.... That would give Don something to fume over and it might teach Nicola a bit of humility...She needs a big dose!!! It would also give Rovvies son a cousin to play with 🤞.
  4. wenmale64


    Noah needs to talk to his grandfather first!!!
  5. wenmale64


    This one is rough. Both Seth and Noah have issues. Noah is being abused by patents that don't appreciate good kids and Seth js his own worst enemy while killing himself to be the parents he and Lil never had. I am really liking the story, while HATING the undertones and history.
  6. This needs to be published and posted on every public reader in the country!! It is scary how many people still praise Trump and see nothing but right in his and his supporters actions. YES: Rome didn’t survive; will the United States?
  7. wenmale64

    Chapter 38

    Sympathy for Aiden is justified, but his actions toward Jason are not. Period. The picture is most likely a poor choice, but what about ordering a back issue of a gay mens magazine to be delivered by post? Unless there is something different about mail in the UK, I would think there is a better than average chance Mum is going to be the first one to see the pictures of Nathan in his (almost) birthday suit......
  8. wenmale64

    Chapter 34

    It is getting a bit to deep. Someone needs to either pull the drain or paddle harder...
  9. Jasper really needs to talk honestly with Rtan or all hell is going to break out AGAIN. Nuf sail...
  10. wenmale64


    Liked this chapter. Jasper and Ryan both need to just be themselves and live for each other and let the world be damned!!!!
  11. @Myr, I noticed it at least 2 weeks ago bit figured it was a temp glitch. Sorry for not saying something as soon as I noticed it. Never mind I see it is fixed. Thanks Myr!!!
  12. R.I.P. Betty and we will remember you with a smile as we see you in classic shows .
  13. Great chapter Dodger! This was a fun chapter for a Happy New Year. The only way it could have better is if you had actually let US know what Nathans misdirected text said and left mention of the pastor out of the teaser . Happy New Year to All.
  14. Read on for another wonderful Charlie Boone Christmas. The guys have a mystery to solve and with Christmas only a few days away Nicolaas and Max have no time to help or guide our young men on this adventure. Will our friends be home for Christmas or will they be in turmoil trying to set things right for the holiday. Jump in and begin a wonderful ride into the creative mind of our author, The Magical Geron Kees. Magic awaits .....
  15. This is the 19th Charlie Boone story and it starts off with a new bit of skwish and some new powers in the group. However, this is just the prelude to a very wonderful Christmas spin on an old tale. We are quickly introduced to a bountiful thief at the holiday season. This unknown villain is a very powerful power user and his motives are a bit scary. If you do not believe me, ask Kip. Geron leads us on an adventure that is happy, scary, worry some, heartbreaking and joyous depending on the chapter and scene. This one will have you biting your nails until the very end when the presents are handed out and even Augie gets in a sniff or two just to welcome everyone to the party. Grab on to the sleigh rails and hold on for an intriguing ride into the past, present and maybe the future. Also never forget that with Charlie and Kip around, love is always in the air .
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