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  1. wenmale64


    Parker, your story is an amazing work. You have the talent to infuse action, adventure, pain, happiness and every other emotion into your written works. I really liked the ending with the familiar characters from other stories here on GA! I look forward to your next work.
  2. Wonderful story James! I hope the second time around is better and magical for both.
  3. Thanks Myr for the advice. I was afraid that following an author would flood me with notifications about ALL the authors posts not just new stories. I will give it a try. Thank You
  4. An author is posting a continuing story as one chapter stories instead of chapters to one story. He suggested "following" the series. I have looked and looked and can find no way to "follow" a series. Is it possible to follow a series so I can be notified if the author posts a new "story" to the series? Thanks
  5. wenmale64

    Showing Off

    This is the flip side of a poor situation. This time it is Jasper who just does not get it. How could you be more disrespectful than by treating your husband like a show prop and then going out to party. Jasper needs HIS ass kicked this time!!!
  6. wenmale64


    Ok, I'm completely hooked. I agree that you need to quill faster! The only thing that bothers me is the implication that Bens mother will be unaccepting. With her previous actions and her implied controlling fist, I worry that she uill be very harsh and may try to keep the boys apart. I hope I am wrong. Bens dad may need to step up!! We will see.... Great story Ivor. Keep it going!
  7. wenmale64


    Great story. On to the next...
  8. wenmale64


    I am liking this. I do wonder what the reply will be.
  9. wenmale64


    Not fair! Foul! Penalty kick to the WooHoo... Now you are on notice! Future stories/chapters are required if you are to maintain a good standing. This is actually a very good story and developing into a fun read. Keep it up .
  10. This ^^^^^^ is why Robbie needs an advocate with the authority to audit and protect his assets!!!!
  11. wenmale64


    Short, sweet and a great prologue to a new story ....
  12. Don is a tool, plain and simple. Symmonds is an abuser and needs to be shown the gray bar hotel or worse 😡! Robbie needs a trusted adult to help him protect his interests. Jo would be a good choice. After a complete audit of his assets and bank holdings protections could be firmed up. After that, Robbie should hunker down and look after Robbie with the goal of retaking his life on his 18th birthday. By then he should have enough bank to continue his education and establish his future either in Cobourg or London or wherever.... Don should be eliminated from Robbies life, either literally or by Robbie moving on. He can then stay close to those he wishes to without Dons permission (except Daniel for another year)! Lets hope Robbie gets a winning hand!!!
  13. I actually do like these stories even being critical of the train wreck dramas. I guess it is just teenagers amplified with Puppys added naivety... We really need a Puppy 3. I stand by my last chapter comment, Hunter needs to go! The guy is just to chaotic. Hunter as a friend, maybe, as a partner, no way. Maybe Hunter and Dave can control each other, hmmm. Great writing James!! I look forward to more!
  14. Hunter needs to GO AWAY! This little tantrum of both Steven and Hunters is childish, but Hunter is out of line even after the explanation. Hunter thinks way to much of himself and needs some sense knocked into him. The careless and unsupervised lifestyle that Hunter has is a recipe for disaster and we are seeing the beginning of that wreck. Puppy is getting better, but needs to draw a line and refuse to cross it, for anyone. Steven needs to be honest with himself AND grow up. If he honestly fancies Puppy he should be honest and do what his heart says. They are step brothers. If they have honest feelings that stick they should treat it like any budding relationship. The only real problem is if it does not work out there may be big problems living in the same house with your ex. Exes seldom stay as happy room mates, so to speak....
  15. wenmale64


    Hunter makes Dave look like a saint. Yea, I got drawn in and I should have stood with my first impression... Hunter is a player, just like everyone said. I hope the price of this lesson is not to high. If it is maybe it will save Steven...
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