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  1. Great chapter! It is good to see Robbie finally finding someone he can relate to and admit that most of his problems are in his head. Jo is going to be hell on wheels for people like Don and hid bible thumping cronies. The best thing about that is that it will be a great show well worth watching. I think Sue is finally beginning to see some light. If Jo can ease into the big family picture she may be able to help more than just Robbie. I am not even going to try and guess the future happenings, but I will be waiting for future chapters while pacing the GA website . Keep up the great writing @Dodger, you are very good at it!!
  2. wenmale64

    Chapter 22.2

    Great chapter! It will be so fun (hopefully) to see Tristan's father come begging for help from his "second rate" son.
  3. wenmale64


    This was a great story with scary, frightening, lovable, happy and sad parts. I really liked the story and look forward to the next installment! You both make for a very good pair of authors with your own impact and traits woven into the final product. Keep up the great works, each of you and both of you! Onward to the next page.......
  4. wenmale64

    Chapter 21.3

    I hope after the retest is done and confirmed Tristan's family gets a half dozen or more mage levels, oops I meant boots, shoved up their a$$es and then down their throats. As @Kitt said, What a shitty thing to do to a kid!! Would it not be fitting if Tristan actually saved his family when they could not save themselves!
  5. wenmale64

    The Truth

    This story is wonderful. Trish needs to play catch a bus on the freeway and Jaces mom similar but not quite as permanent... I see some trying times in the future, but hopefully, Brody can keep Jace grounded. At least the boys will have a safe haven with Brodys parents if everything goes sideways. I am sure even Lara could find a place there if needed. I see many possibilities and challenges headed our way. Keep up the great writing!!
  6. Loved the last line... Rob needs to explore his options......
  7. Good short with a very good statement about the value of the things we may be tasked to do. Great job James!!
  8. wenmale64

    Chapter 20.1

    Great chapter! It should be fun to read about the dehinging of a door AND the education of an old vampire mate in the art of communication. I just hope there are no crosses or garlic involved, scorched garlic can really ruin the moment . I am sure they will soon see the errors in their ways!! Love this story!
  9. wenmale64


    I agree that it is nice to see the guys back. I really liked the part about brothers. It also was great to see Jay and Miles drop their shields and let their fears show to each other. Great job! A little faster on the next chapter.....Please!! Fast or slow, we will be there to read it .
  10. Keep a backup in a safe place and rub the lucky stone three times .
  11. Things are still slipping lower, but now that Nicola knows just how low Robbie has gotten I think things will change. I really hope there is hope for Robbie and Connor. Alex needs help, but at least he needs to go away.........
  12. wenmale64

    Chapter 19.1

    Great chapter Caz! I think it is so obvious that the innocent is Fran, that it really can't be.......... Back to waiting for more .
  13. It's fun when new readers start to binge read my prompt story. Glad you seem to like it so far. Only 60 more chapters to go. :gikkle:

    1. wenmale64


      Thanks Tim. I have my moments.... Good read!

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