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  1. I actually liked this chapter except for Nicola the bitch!!! I am really hoping she gets knocked up by Mr. Lube. I think Robbie will make for a very good dad as he knows what it is like not to have one. Can you imaging having Nathan as a step father 🤣. Nice seeing you Nathan was a great line and Nathan fainting was perfect. I guess Nicola will get to clean her own bathroom....serves her right!
  2. This was an interesting chapter. We now have a second god in the game and she is a wild card. Dave is moving forward and the spars are getting closer. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  3. @Wesley8890, You just made me empty the Pepto.... I can't unread that comment 🤢. This was a good chapter! It is very nice to see Sue having a real moment and supporting Robbie! It will be very interesting to see Don implode. It won't really matter as there are professional cleaning companies that can even clean up that type of mess.....
  4. Great chapter. I did like the before leaving warm up. I am in agreement with the majority on the above areas. I really want Wagner to be beat down and made to cry. Bullies need to be taught a lesson they never forget. Alpha Drego just gives off a bad stench. He may turn out to be a great ally, but I feel caution is a better first step. Stacy seems to good to be true or could it be Gwyn? I think something is a bit off with this quick forming relationship. Oh Well. We will find out more as the story continues to build!! Great Writing.
  5. Great Story!!! I am sad it has ended with Boone and Coy just getting their feet firmly under them. A sequel following the guys through good and bad times would be received with a lot of smiles!!! Great writing!!
  6. This story is very well written and includes nuances of the old west way of life. It is a serious tale with sorrow, loss, hope and love. As said above, it is very much worth a read. The author, Gary, has a wonderful way with his words that draw you into the story and make you want to reach out and help. Give this one a read. You will not be disappointed!!!!
  7. This story follows two main characters as they move through a pivotal time in their lives. We learn of past sorrow, current discovery, and future times in the lives of all the characters. This is an amazing ride through real life with many snapshots of interesting times for all. I will stop here before I give anything away, but I urge anyone reading this to board the train and prepare for an amazing adventure through life presented in 29 captivating chapters!!!!!!!!!!
  8. wenmale64

    An Ember Burns

    Wayne, this is the first of your work I have read and it is an AMAZING story!!! The care you put into each character and every scene has made this story LIVE. When I read I feel like I am in the story I am reading. With this story a was able to smile, frown, cuss once, laugh a lot and cry both sad and happy tears as I lived this time with your characters. You should be proud of your work as it is wonderful!!! I would love to see a sequel to this story that lets us live on with these people through the good and bad that life dishes out. Wayne, you have a great talent for story telling and I
  9. This chapter had a lot of interesting things show up. Vincent tackling Caleb into the shadows is very interesting considering we really do not know if Caleb was in any shadow. In the past Vincent had to have his second in a shadow for him to bring them both into the shadows. This is a real show of power. Another is Vincents ability to control his hybrid form so well so soon AND being in full control of his magic.... Oh can we even imagine what he could do as a hybrid with a fully charged bracelet???? As for the new a$$hat alpha.... Maybe he should be the subject of a four way team tag tennis
  10. @Wesley8890, Thank You for the compliment . Glad to be part of the family!!!!
  11. @Wesley8890, I was not specific enough..... Don seated by an emergency exit, not wearing his seat belt. Everybody else on the plane securely seated and belted. Just to be totally evil, lets keep Don sober so he can watch the ground getting closer and closer and closer .............. SPLAT!!!
  12. Yep as said above. I saw it coming, but really hoped I was wrong. Well one glimmer of hope.... Stephanie most likely has a rather varied track record. We can only hope... @Wesley8890, Horrible NO, but why would you want to damage a perfectly good train? I am more for a airplane door blowout at 30000. It leaves absolutely no doubt about the result . Even expecting it, the last 50 or so words left me really disliking this chapter. Robbie seemed to be starting to grow up and look forward. This could really set him back... Ok @Dodger, you need to clean up this mess, in which ever way you se
  13. This was a great chapter. The emotion between Cy and Kap was so heartfelt and special. Those two are going to be the next POWER couple. If we ever see a situation where Cy, Mason, Kap and Vincent are together against a single threat it is going to be road pizza without the road 🤣. I have no idea where Vinnys powers are going to top out at, but watching the show will be over the top. As for the shadow travel with a guest, I think Vin needs to take Mason out for a very nice dinner. I am thinking somewhere on the west coast. Maybe the Gotham Steakhouse in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. I un
  14. wenmale64


    I like the idea... lets get started
  15. Yep, with an ice cube hanging around his neck 😇 . Bullies need to be taught a memorable lesson.......
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