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  1. Hi Justin and welcome to the asylum!!! I joined 4 1/2 years ago and still find myself binge reading quite often.
  2. This was a great story! I was hooked on the first chapter. I still have the epilogue to go. I wait for stories to be completed before reading. I also go not leave many comments, but this story really deserves one now!!! You are a fabulous writer and have a gift to be able to create a world that allows the reader to exist as a shadow within the action. This makes the story live in the real world. Keep writing and we will keep reading! Now on to the epilogue and some final answers and wedding cake 🤗.
  3. wenmale64

    The Story

    Geron you have done it again! This was an absolutely wonderful and magical story that brought peace and happiness to the end of an awful year. The feelings you create with this cast of characters just makes the read joyful. I love the guys and all of the family and friends they have. I really like Auggie! A large magic cat would be so awesome!!! This was a perfect way to give a pause to Charlie, Kip and crew for a while. We will always look forward to future adventures, but your other stories and projects will be awaited with great anticipation. I look forward to seeing and reading whatev
  4. wenmale64


    Great chapter. I am really looking forward to seeing how things develop when the demon generals pick their butts up and begin to look at what they are facing. I am also sure that Havar is up to his balls in the bad happenings. He will be another fight waiting to be had in the future. Keep up the great writing. We enjoy your story and will support your continued work!!!
  5. Good to see Robbie finally growing up a bit. Something is very off about the guy watching at Nathan's house. I am glad Nate's mom called Sue and set things right. I am sorry to hear this story is ending, but it has been a fun ride.
  6. wenmale64

    Demon Slayer

    Welcome back!! Wonderful chapter. Many things are now in motion. Leo is going to be much happier with August close by! Chris needs to understand that he needs to take care of himself. He will do nobody any good if he is unwell, stressed or simply not in his A game. Sometimes that means you have to step back and relax a bit. I hope he does that and simply takes a bit to enjoy Victor and everyone who cares for him! The next chapters are sure to be exciting. Keep safe and well!!!
  7. wenmale64

    Chapter 1

    Great start. I wonder what will come of the scholarship meeting... Nice to have you back Hunter!!
  8. @Dodger, Thank you for thinking of us Stay safe, healthy and warm!!!
  9. @Dodger has your muse taken a vacation or has life just run you ragged? Hope all is well. Just missing my Robbie fix and Don rant... No worry. Hope you are staying out of the cold and snow!!!
  10. This is another of the Charlie Boone holiday stories that Geron writes so well. This one follows the boys into and through another mystery of the "paranormal", but with this group, paranormal may just be normal, you read and decide.... Geron has done a great job building these characters and growing them through the holidays and years. I encourage you to read this story, but if you are new to these boys, I recommend you start with the first story and work your way forward so you learn what the group has learned and understand some references that started in earlier books. Read and ENJOY!!!
  11. wenmale64

    Chapter 10

    This was a great story! I like Horace a lot. I think it will be interesting to see him in future adventures. Geron, you always create magical places, characters and feelings with your words. I look forward to your next tale!
  12. wenmale64


    @bubby1234, That is something I never thought about. Thinking more it seems unlikely that HE is a demon general, but he may have a deal with a demon general that would benefit him directly. I still say Chris will be forced to take him out.....
  13. wenmale64


    Loved this chapter. Havar is a snake that will bite any and all to better himself! Chris needs to figure this out and realize he may (will) have to take out his cousin for the sake of all elves. On a lighter note... Who are the interests of the uncles and dad?
  14. I agree with everything said above. Unfortunately I can see Connor being spiteful and going out of his way to hurt Robbie. I also think Don is going to become an even larger threat to Robbie and the entire family. Sue is going to have to make a hard choice and stick with it. Now it could be interesting to see what could happen if Karen got into the fight to help Robbie 🤣...
  15. wenmale64


    This is my first comment as I found this story by the recommendation of the week here on GA and binge read it in a couple of evenings. I really liked this story and am glad I found it after you completed it. You have created a great story with all the elements of life. I really liked your ending, even if it felt a bit rushed. Now with ending this story with the boys meeting for a summer to enjoy, it screams for either a sequel (please) or at least an epilogue showing a peek into the future. I look forward to trying some of your other works. Keep at it, you do it very well .
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