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  1. wenmale64

    Chapter 11

    I absolutely loved this story. The whole idea of a second chance without societies restrictions and fears just screams wonderful!! Your talent at story telling speaks volumes. I will also jump on the wagon wanting more of Drake and Kyle. In any case, I am going with the feeling that they will persevere and have a wonderful life together!!! I will look forward to reading more of your works.
  2. wenmale64

    Chapter 13

    This was a wonderful story. I also could read more about all four guys. I would love to see a sequel carrying through college and beyond, but I realize that the real story of J&B was told here. The ending closed things with elegance and a HEA implied. I like your work and am following!!
  3. wenmale64

    Chapter 7

    This story is great in these times of worry and isolation. These guys seem to be head over heals with each other. I also think Brandon needs to be more involved with expressing his wants and thoughts. Seth did say that Brandon had never been one to lead. He just needs to be more involved in the planning...However, he DID make his thoughts on the "boyfriend" subject crystal clear. Even his dad understood that one .
  4. wenmale64


    I am so pissed I'm ecstatic!! OK, now that is done... I am a HEA reader. I fully expected Dorian to survive, but you did an outstanding job hiding it until the very very end!! I do feel sorry for Dorians family, but the wolf culture makes loss a part of life in an even bigger way than it is for us humans. They will mourn and move on, but I will hold out hope that they can be surprised at a later time after the McKinneys and supporters are worm food!! Your talent as a story teller is great and I will await your next offering.
  5. wenmale64


    This was a good story with a good ending. I agree, Sean needs to find his Mr. Right! Keep writing Dave!!!
  6. wenmale64


    The plot thickens. Isn't it amazing how GOOD private security groups have resources that rival many government agencies. It helps when many of them include people recruited from said agencies.....
  7. wenmale64

    The aftermath

    The shooter is now history, but the question is who contracted him? Professional hit-men do not work for fun...in most cases. I like the dog idea. I grew up with large dogs, all German shepherds. They are very loyal and extremely protective. Smaller dogs are very good for companions. I am sure both Sadie and Max have found good homes! Now back to the action....
  8. wenmale64

    The Will

    As your reply to Gary implys, things may be looking up, but the higher you get the farther the fall. I don't think you are planning a fall, but a few stumbles seem likely
  9. wenmale64

    July 4th

    This is my first read of your story and I am liking it so far. I really like Sean. He seems like a neat person and totally safe for younger people to be with. Mom is also a good soul, but dropping that bombshell so casually might give Dean the heebee jeebees for a while. I think there is more afoot with the will and see many possibilities, not all good, with being included in the will....
  10. Outstanding story! This one is a 'must read' for so many reasons. Dabegal has the gift to be able to create a real world feeling with words that hold you and then leave you wanting more. Fabulous Read!!!
  11. wenmale64

    Chapter 7

    Geron you have done it again! This story definitely ranks very high in the Charlie Boone series. The details you have explored make this a very special story. Your craft at making us think and learn in new ways is wonderful. Telling a story within a story about thinking like a bird to be able to understand things differently is classic thinking outside the box! You have a special gift for writing and all of us benefit from your gift. Keep writing and we will keep reading!!! Onward to Halloween my friend......
  12. wenmale64

    Chapter 1

    This is a great start to a new adventure. It is a bit troubling that it is starting with basically a cry for help as the line goes dead. I know it will work out good in the end, but @Geron Kees will make us worry for a while.
  13. This is a story of several teens and the way they help each other. While the story centers on Drew and Cole with their individual harsh home lives, it also shows how friends can be more than just friends. With the help of the friends this story opens the readers view to the many ways life can twist and turn towards a most pleasant outcome. From virtual imprisonment and abuse to ill conceived views of how a person should act to be what is expected, this story takes us on a journey to find the solutions to mistreatment, poor decisions, angst, fear, anger and finally acceptance and caring. Jump into this story and hang on for a wonderful ride through a piece of the life of some wonderful teens and adults along with some not so wonderful characters and one or two who fall in between. You will not be disappointed!!
  14. wenmale64

    Chapter 22

    I really liked this story. I only wish it would have continued a few (hundred) more chapters. It developed steadily with several twists to the story line. I felt the caring and anguish of both Drew and Cole when they were separated. I found the line “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” by Coles grandfather to be especially heart warming coming from an older generation. It just felt like times are truly changing when someone from those times can honestly say something like that!! I also was wanting to see a better insight into Drews blackouts and a definite plan to address them. I guess we kind of got that, as he did agree to see a councilor as Cole suggested. I will be following Dabeagle so I do not miss any future possible sequels to this story and to simply catch future works by this extremely talented author.
  15. I am unsure who is responsible for what, but I really think Don is in the mix somewhere. It also would not be to big a reach for Connor to be involved with Nathans beating. I hope I am wrong about Connor, but would not be shocked. I really want Sue to be shown exactly how bad Don really is. Would it not be perfect if Jo caught Don at his worst with both audio and video to prove how he was in the middle of lots of the bad happenings. Don being a caged rat would be great!!
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