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  1. Great Chapter! I knew there was more to Sasha than it seemed. He was 'looking' at Billy too much in previous chapters. I'll bet that he had a 'relationship' or something with Liam also and Jesse f'd it up. Poor Billy, so shy and nervous all the time. Will he wind up with Donny, Liam or Sasha?? Thanks for posting
  2. Great chapter! Love the pics too. Hopefully we won't need to find out if Donny can fight. Pls keep the updates coming too!
  3. JohnnyCD


    Really like the story and glad to see Valentin becoming a larger part of everything....they should have at least kissed again in the bedroom
  4. JohnnyCD

    Chapter 2

    I like the story a lot so far....Damien and Dennis belong together. But I want to see David get hurt bad somehow!
  5. JohnnyCD

    Chapter 1

    Very good start and a sort of cliffhanger end! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope it's sexy time for them both
  6. JohnnyCD

    Chapter 3

    Being part Irish myself, I love this story. Can't wait for the next chapter to come out! Any ideas when it might be?
  7. JohnnyCD

    Chapter 10

    Great story! Enjoying it a lot, even if it is somewhat dark... My guess is that Ethan is really bi, but unable to admit that to himself yet. The way he reacts as he approaches Nathaniel, is very 'telling'. He doesn't really recognize it, yet, but there is some attraction there....besides Nate's loyalty.
  8. JohnnyCD

    A New Place 2

    Besides Chris's immaturity coming into play...heavily; it seems to me to be a big plot hole that Victor did not just tell William, Leo or August what really happened and let them intercede! I really like most of the story...hope for good things to come.
  9. JohnnyCD

    Chapter 15: Orders

    Great to see this back again....first read of the morning for me! Really enjoyed the chapter. Milan may still come around. we hope. Thanks for posting!
  10. JohnnyCD

    Sanc Chapter 9

    Hmmm - at the moment, no one seems concerned about the arson. Are there any security cameras too?
  11. I really liked this story and the 2 main characters in it! Just curious if this was the end or if there will be more to the ongoing story of Salem and their relationship? Thanks for writing!
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