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  1. Demented

    Chapter 5

    Glad you're enjoying it! I love that that twist managed to hit as well as it did with so many people.
  2. shower thought I found online: 

    If you cut off your right butt cheek, are you left behind?

  3. Demented

    Chapter 2

    More than happy to take adorable!
  4. Demented

    Chapter 1

    I hope to see you in future chapters to see where this little story of mine goes! Always love to see new comments!
  5. Me: makes and eats some food

    My body: "so I hear you want to be on the toilet for the next nine hours?" 

    Me: "Wait wha-"

    1. Zombie


      “Best before”

      Safe to ignore

      “Use by”

      ALWAYS comply... :lol:


  6. Demented

    Chapter 30

    *Kotik squaring up to Cthulhu like* "WHAT'S GOOD SQUIDWARD?! YOU WANNA GO!?"
  7. Demented

    Chapter 30

    Kotik lay in bed next to a deeply slumbering Baldric unable to fall asleep. This was the first time they had ever stayed in his Lair overnight to sleep. The bed he was laying in was quite comfortable, and he liked feeling the warm secure feeling he had curled up against the calmly breathing older teen. The walls were blackened and light was blocked out of the room, making it nearly impossible for Kotik to see anything even with his Lynxian eyes. It was very quiet as well since the black misty wa
  8. Working on MageCrafter 


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    2. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      If I had that much money then I would only give it to GA!

    3. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Larry the cable guy needs it! lol

    4. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      Demented, I love your sense of humor so much!

  9. This has no business being this good 

  10. Demented

    Chapter 8

    I swear I love the genuine hype I feel off of this comment. I like how you're digging into the story and really thinking about it! Those are really good questions to ask, and I'm interested to see how you react to the answers. Stay tuned!
  11. Demented

    Chapter 8

    I remembered this video I saw AGES ago on youtube and honestly I couldn't NOT draw some inspiration off of it.
  12. I adore recut trailers like this lol 

  13. Fuck this whole fucking universe. I say to any god who can hear me they can suck my goddamn dick. Can't have a single goddamn nice thing without having it go to shit. Oh I hear you over there; 'What's wrong Hunter? Not only have you reunited with Felix after all this time, he wasn't even mad at you for avoiding him for months! Plus he seems totally into you! What's the problem?' The problem is he's fucking normal, how many times do I got to drill this into your goddamn thick skull. He's fuck
  14. Next chapter of Spare Me Your Alpha Nonsense should be up in the next few hours.


  15. Random person: What do you consider to be a sexy instrument 

    Me: Hurdy Gurdy 

    Random person: W-what? 

    Me: You fuckin heard me


    1. Zombie


      well, yeah, when it’s played like this... :gikkle:


  16. Trying to get to 2021 like: 


  17. If the 90's had a final Boss Theme 


  18. Getting ready to run up on my writer's block like: 


    1. Solus Magus

      Solus Magus

      *charges alongside you*

  19. Beware. Status Updates have been activated for me. Your feeds will now know fear! Muahahaha! 


    1. Story Reader

      Story Reader

      OH NO! I am shaking in my houseshoes! lol I am running for dear life!! lol Uh.... wait a minute! Why am I running from the site? I am suppose to be reading! Ok, back to my scheduled program!

  20. Demented


    My community reputation has reached 1000! Yay for big numbers going up! I've been having a blast writing on this site so far and I have more plans to come. An update for Spare Me Your Alpha Nonsense is coming around the bend next. That ones been waiting for a chapter. I'm also thinking of starting something like a Horror short story anthology series. Each chapter will be its own standalone story. I do enjoy writing horror and I haven't flexed those particular muscles on this site just yet. MageCrafter is of course in the works as well. That one is certainly the most involved story I have in the works right now. Stay tuned for more from Baldric and Kotik!
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