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  1. Basically what the title says. Does this site have a Discord that I'm not seeing? I'd be interested in joining if there is one.
  2. Taking "thou doth protest too much" to a whole different meaning lol.
  3. Demented

    Chapter 29

    Sargis hovered outside of the room where his two masters were. He had checked into the private infirmary area a number of times during the night. Every time he peered in he saw the young Lord Baldric sitting eerily still next to his father's bedside staring at the floor. At least by all outward appearances it looked like his young lord. Yet he knew that whatever was inside there was merely a puppet that Baldric was controlling from who knows where. He could still remember the strange horror he h
  4. Demented

    Chapter 28

    Daw shucks thank you! This chapter took a lot of work to get right so I'm glad you enjoyed it! Also that is a good point, we do need to find out what is going on with that! Stay tuned~
  5. Demented

    Chapter 28

    I hope you understand that I am now going to steal the phrase "Zeus's Balls" and use it liberally for now on.
  6. Demented

    Chapter 28

    Count Raudh watched Kotik disappear behind the veil of steam as silence entered into Baldric's Lair. He hadn't been inside of the lair since it was being constructed all those years ago. He had seen Baldric work so hard to make this project a reality. At the time the count hadn't been entirely sure if Baldric would even be able to make a Lair. Sure he was smart, but Lairs took decades, sometimes even a century or two to complete. Yet Baldric had managed it in two years. Was he the emperor of
  7. This chapter has been giving me some issues, but the general idea of it is coming together. I've been loving all the engagement my stories have been getting. The Next chapter of Spare Me Your Alpha Nonsense is in the works as well.
  8. It comes for all of us at one point or another. The dreaded writers block is the bane of any writers existence. Nothing is worse than when you're on a roll and all of a sudden you hit that brick wall where you just can't squeeze out anything creative towards that project. What do you do under such circumstances? Usually what I do is I ask questions of my story and my characters until I feel out where the snag is and fill out those answers accordingly. That tends to do the trick for me most of the time, but even then it can take some time depending on how much information I'm missing to continue the story naturally. I'd be interested to hear what tricks and techniques other people have learned to break through writers block.
  9. Demented

    Chapter 27

    I do love it when I can get the gears in someones head turning. Very good questions! I've always enjoyed stories that reward people for paying attention, so I've tried to emulate that in this.
  10. Demented

    Chapter 27

    good questions!
  11. Demented

    Chapter 27

    There was a time not that long ago that Kotik would never have agreed to have gone to the Undersea Kingdoms. To Kotik, the depths of the oceans was a vile and dangerous place filled with unspeakable horrors. To this day he had no idea how foolish humans and demi humans could trust those flimsy vessels they call ships that could be brought down by ocean waves on a moment's notice. Fish ranged from being small and gross to being terrifyingly huge with innumerable rows of jagged sharp teeth. Then t
  12. I said it before and I'll say it again, I take that as a huge compliment. Love me some Kandric Saga!
  13. Glad you liked my little behind the scenes peek. It's fun talking about the creative process!
  14. Demented

    Dear Santa

    Dear Santa Listen, I'm going to need you to not pop by my place this year. I know, you're super bummed cause you wanted to drop off all that good shit, but seriously this is just not the year. In fact, you probably shouldn't do your run at all this year. Social distancing is the name of the game right now, and a man traveling by airborne animal sleigh going to all the houses (above a certain income threshold) in the world just seems like a bad call champ. I mean, what if you got Covid and didn't know it? Then you'd be bringing that shit to all the boys and girls down their chimneys or wherever the hell you break and enter from when they don't have those. Perhaps you should look into Drone deliveries? You could make the drone festive or something, and I'm sure your elves could crank those things out in your sweat shops. Oh, excuse me, Santa's workshops. Gotta get that brand synergy right. Say hi to the Missus for me! Irreverently, Demented.
  15. Trust me my shits drenched in weeb as well, I get you lol. I mean my biggest story on this site stars a goddamn Neko boy, I think my anime influence speaks for itself. ain't nothing wrong with that. They're modern day teenagers, it'd be weird if there WASN'T someone who shopped at Hot Topic.
  16. Granted, but you can only do that for places literally called "The Grocery Store" and nowhere else. Now to throw a curve ball at the next person. I wish this wish gets corrupted.
  17. Demented

    Chapter 14

    Praise me more! Uahahahaha! Glad you enjoyed the lil plot twist
  18. "The only thing hetero about me is my Chromia" -Nikki probably Nikki caught anime main character disease. Heterochromia, the harry potter/Goku/My hair is perpetually messy no matter what look, sees dead people, ect. I'm going to have to prescribe him to sit at the back window seat so he can wistfully look out of it while contemplating life. Cain sure seems like a totally not suspicious person at all. No sir. Not suspicious at all. Not one bit. Also "Bro could you like give me like 30 seconds with the fuckin thing before you try and steal it from me?! I literally just found the damn thing on my bed. Fuckin chill!"
  19. Demented

    Chapter 6

    As any good performer would say: "Know your audience." Making that kitty blush was exactly the goal lol
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