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  1. Moody✔️ Resting Bitch Face ✔️ eyes roll more than the rims of a tricked out car ✔️ Thinks a boy just wants to be friends despite the fact he's showering your thick head with PDA for Days and took you out to a movie on his dime like a gentlemen! ✔️ Yep that's a 13 year old gay boy alright. Bro! What you going near a Dark alley for!? Nothing good ever comes out of dark alleys! That's why your "best friend™" is getting choked out by Raven from Teen Titans Creepy uncle!
  2. Sounds like this will be right up my alley then! I will give it a look! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on my little stories. If there is one thing I enjoy it's people experiencing something I created.
  3. Demented

    Chapter 26

    The Bertolde Estate infirmary had been bustling with activity in the past twenty four hours since the attack. Maids, Paladins, and Clerics alike who were suffering from the Curse of exhaustion to one degree or another lay in beds irrespective of who’s group they belonged to. Though High King Vinal had taken his leave from the estate and had taken his exhaustion cursed soldiers with him, High Priestess Marigolds Entourage took up the Bertolde estates offer to house their magically wounded soldier
  4. Demented

    Chapter 3

    I bow to the Alter of Brandon Sanderson's Laws of Magic. I love magic systems that have consistency to them that readers/viewers can follow along with. Avatar The Last Airbender was fantastic at that, and Sanderson's own books are wonderful examples of it in action. One of the first things I did for this story was write up the rules for the magic system of this world, so I think you'll be entertained if that's your bag lol.
  5. Demented

    Chapter 2

    Now this is interesting. What makes you abhor four eared Nekos? Might use that reasoning for a character later if it strikes my fancy. Part of why I made him was cause I've seen pictures of Nekos with both sets of ears and I mulled over what that would actually be like. Why would they need two sets of ears? I came up with the concept that the two pairs of ears serve different purposes and process information differently, giving Kotik a much broader understanding of the world around him. Kotik's brain would actually be different than a human's brain because the two sets actually feed to different parts of the brain. His Neko ears aren't linked to the proverbial "language center" of the brain like the human ears are as an example, but it does process things that the human ears do not. I'm sure a true biology student or professor or what have you would balk at mah junk science, but I think the rationale works enough for an internet based gay fantasy series lol.
  6. I've teased the concept that not all of Baldric's flings with noble boys have ended well. He's alluded to it and Raudh's talked about it in the past. This character would be one of those cases.
  7. Demented

    Chapter 3

    You have no idea how much comments like this give me life lol. People really digging into the text is so much fun let me tell you what. I have this side idea of Kotik reviewing Water themed movies like The Little Mermaid. Let me tell you what I CACKLE writing those bits. I have no idea where to post them though.
  8. I can just FEEL Chucky boys insecurity all over this picture lol. "I don't like this. Change the name! Call them uhhhh...action pants! Yeah, Action Pants! That's manly! Also, photoshop me wearing a Boot! And label it that this is Adult Sized, I don't want people thinking it's not adult sized!
  9. Demented

    Chapter 1

    Very good questions! You know you've got someones attention when they are asking questions about the world and why people are doing what they are doing. I do love digging into character motivations and reasons for doing what they do, so I appreciate when someone does the same with something I wrote!
  10. Demented

    Chapter 7

    aaand fixed. Thank you for calling attention to the name issue. Glad you've enjoyed it so much!
  11. Demented

    Chapter 4

    Hunter is so much fun to write for. I doubt it would win any professional awards, but the whole point of it is capturing the vibe of someone really eccentric and sassy telling you about their day while they do stuff. A lot of these werewolf/vampire/modern supernatural stories are so serious and melodramatic, I thought it'd be fun to insert someone like Hunter into such a setting to see how it'd play out.
  12. Wilfried sighed deeply as he walked into the pewed hall of The Sun God Belenus’s Temple. He hated how crass and coarse the brown robes he was wearing felt on his skin. No other Cleric in the temple was wearing such demeaning attire, yet these were the only clothes he was allowed to wear. Everything from the stiff and unpleasant feeling sandals that irritated his skin to the low quality thick fabric of his undergarments that drew far too much attention to themselves made him hate ever coming to t
  13. Demented

    Chapter 24

    Daw shucks, it's great to hear people are really enjoying the story! Makes telling it all the more fun! I can practically feel you shaking your fist in the air at "that damn druidic elf" lol!
  14. Roughly 43 days ago I published my first story on this site, and since then I've posted an average of 3582 words per day. Some days were more, some were less, but 3582 is about the average. Boy do I love having the drive to write back. It's been great having the creative juices flowing once again.
  15. Demented

    Chapter 24

    Sargis did not feel good about what he was doing right now. He stood in the hall in front of his young Lords Lair with a full company of Maids behind him guarding the sealed off entrance. Their resident Stone MageCrafter Maid molded the stone around the nearby floor and walls to put up a thick block of stone between the Lair’s entrance and the rest of the hallway. There was currently three feet of MageCrafted Stone standing in front of the Lair’s entrance with warding against all moisture from w
  16. Demented

    Chapter 7

    Blame this on my ADD brain but "Growing Up Borisov" is a 90's sitcom name if I ever heard one.
  17. PS: If God doesn't like the LGBT community put him on the Naughty list for me will ya? Thanks a bunch.
  18. Normally I avoid Christmas music during the holiday season, however finding these little ditties in my youtube recommended feed brings a big ol grin to my face.
  19. So I kinda fucked the bathroom up a bit with that punch. The stall that was behind me was shattered into pieces. The toilet bowl that had been behind it had blown apart as well, which caused water to start spilling all over the cracked tiled floor. All this was going on as the lights sparked and flickered above me. The sink I had cracked earlier seemed to have crumbled apart in the aftermath of that punch as well. ‘What the hell even happened just now?’ you might be asking me, ‘Why would a p
  20. Demented

    Chapter Three

    I'm still quite curious to see how this is going to impact their social lives within this setting. They've largely been outside of the spotlight with their relationship so far, but drama is surely on the way.
  21. Spending some time working on Spare Me Your Alpha Nonsense's chapter today.
  22. I'd like to imagine the man never stole a purse in his life, and he tries it one time and just gets his shit rocked by literally everybody.
  23. Demented

    Chapter 23

    Duke Bertolde walking into the meeting area like:
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