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  1. Thunderaaron12

    Chapter 31

    Update soon?
  2. I meant gay oriented litRPG — there is a story on nifty called “Half Breed Adventurer” that uses the DND type roles, as well as one story on royal road. Was just looking for more.
  3. Are all of royalroad’s stories gay oriented?
  4. I google searched looking for this, but can’t find anything!
  5. Thunderaaron12

    Chapter 55

    Dear Comicality, Just give into the circles already. You know your inner shadows are ready to manifest themselves and take over — and lead you to binge write 30 more chapters. There is no “Jesse101”, there is no “No Kid” — there is only Taryn. Think about Taryn and his need to have security in knowing that at the end of the series, he will be spared. One day we are going to wake up and realize that poor Justin and Taryn were both murdered. “By Who?”, you might ask. And the answer is going to be TIME. Lost to the diminishing monotony of life that has us slowly forget these beautiful chara
  6. It’s cool to see you liking my other favorite author on this site. I check daily for both of your story updates after binging.
  7. Thunderaaron12


    Thanks for the quick posting!
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