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  1. It seems like Kevin may be gay himself and he's fighting it. Perhaps he'll get with Sarah and then finds out having sex with Sarah is not good at all. He'd much rather repeat the experience he had with Dex. Him and Dex may be meant for each other.
  2. This makes me wonder... is Torry a wizard? LOL!
  3. Years of Tyrants - Stronger than All Absolutely incredible!
  4. Believe it or not, The Great Gatsby. I have the 2018 edition of it. I surprisingly was not required to read it back when I was in school (I had a really low budget and ghetto school district while I was growing up in New York). I saw the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and I even played a flash game of it. I got interested in reading it, so far I've read the foreword.
  5. I LOL'd while I read "Okay Torry but if it's something pervy then I swear to God…" haha! I totally get the humor of this story. I look forward to reading the next chapter!
  6. I knew Kevin would drink beer. I knew it for some strange reason. I like the humor in this chapter. I actually did literally LOL at some of the funny parts. Your story is getting more interesting.
  7. I figured. He even uses KC as a username on YouTube with numbers (zip code).
  8. Interestingly, a close friend of mine I know personally goes by the name K.C. However, mostly family and close friends usually call him that. Another interesting thing is that he is a fan of Animal from The Muppets. I know you can't be the K.C. I know, since he's not into gay stories and he's not gay or in the LGBTQIA+ realm.
  9. I enjoyed reading it. There were parts where I did laugh out loud. Great characterization in this story. You're off to a good start with this story.
  10. Ozric Tentacles - Floating Seeds That's what I'm currently listening to.
  11. I'm into chaotic metal music, like Sadistik Exekution (death metal band from Australia). I also have an interest in chaos Satanism (yes, I'm actually a Satanist myself, not too serious about it). Yes and chaos (chaos emeralds and other things) is a thing in Sonic the Hedgehog games. I thought it was perfect and I've been using this username on sites for almost a couple of years. Oh and Devin is my real name. I think it's a bit straight forward.
  12. I came out a bit late, I came out at 23 going on 24 to one person. Then I came out at 24 to the whole world in October 2008. I was thinking my parents would flip out, especially my father. My mother didn't believe me at first. She insisted I was straight. For some odd reason, she was trying to accept it and she considered me to be bisexual. I guess to make herself feel better? It took her a few years to kind of accept my homosexuality, but not totally to this day. Yeah, it's strange. I believe she still thinks I'm bisexual... why?! I have no idea. My mom isn't homophobic at all, but isn't totally comfortable about me being gay. I've noticed with a few parents, they claim to not be homophobic. However when it comes to their sons, they're not cool with it for some reason. As for my dad, he was a bit indifferent. However, I remember years before I came out he claimed he'd still love me if I came out as gay. He was a bit homophobic, but couldn't care less about me being gay after I came out. Not sure if he totally accepted it or not, he died in 2016. I guess he did, but didn't tell me. He never yelled at me or called me any derogatory names.
  13. Hi y'all, I'm new to Gay Authors. I've been aware of this this forum for about a few months. I seriously would like to write a story here. I'm gay myself, I have been out since 2008. You may read more about and more in my profile. I hope I'll be able to muster up something for this place. I started off with reading The Matchmaker today and I'll certainly read more stories here. This COVID-19 thing is a bit good, now I have a load (uh huh huh huh huh I said "load") of time to read stories!
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