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  1. Modified Cub

    Chapter 25

    An outstanding story for sure! It's great to see how far Matt has come from what he endured as a teenager! Your stories are always well written with some deep insights and thoughts that make us readers explore the depths of our own humanity and experiences!
  2. Modified Cub

    Chapter 24

    Poor Hayden! He's had the similar issues to what Matt endured. Sad to see the story ending soon but hopefully the guys adopt Hayden!
  3. Modified Cub

    The Meet-up

    The Gordon situation is creepy and I can see Adam & Jamie falling for one another real quick. Adam's cushy life is about to be dramatically different. I'm still curious about Jamie's life before he got locked up - tattoos are expensive! How did he afford those especially if his whole body is covered and he lives in a trailer park? Looking forward to what happens next!
  4. Modified Cub


    A great ending to a unique story! I've enjoyed the journey and thank you for your superb writing! The ride was entertaining, dramatic, and romantic. Glad to see the characters end up doing so well for themselves and their family.
  5. Modified Cub

    Thirty Five

    Seth has indeed grown so much through the course of this story. It was endearing to see him care for Noah in the way Noah cared for him. It makes sense that Noah considered old man Landry a father figure and naturally it shook Noah that Landry tore him down in the same manner his ass of a "father" has repeatedly. Seth should reach out to Noah's grandfather - maybe he can get through to him. Kudos to Carolyn for stepping in to the police situation although as per usual wealthy folks tend to have a way to guide things the way they want. Sad the last chapter is upon us but this chapter was quite cathartic for sure.
  6. Modified Cub


    Adam's parents sound delightful. Can't imagine why he'd run away? There seems to be an inclination that he and Jamie will end up together? Looking forward to the developments!
  7. Modified Cub

    Burt Ribbons

    Puppy's confused and is bewildered with possibilities - Joey, Jack, Steven and yet still has thoughts he'll stay with Hunter? Things will likely get even more complicated before he figures out what direction to go in. Burt is a sweet man who dotes on these twinks and it's nice that they humor him. Joey and Jack seem to just be going through the motions of being together so there's that wrinkle also.
  8. Modified Cub

    The Village

    Interesting start... of course we all have questions like what did Jamie do to end up in prison? Where's Harper's mom? I'm intrigued as well so we'll see what develops.
  9. Modified Cub


    A great ending to a story I've really enjoyed!!! Glad to see Trent and Kayden still together and obviously thriving!!! I'm definitely going to miss them though!
  10. Modified Cub

    Chapter 22

    LOVING this story. Mr. London should have Matt speak on Hayden's behalf in court and then he and Trent should adopt Hayden. Love the way Trent's family welcomed Matt into their home and family.
  11. Oooh, a crossover??? I love this idea and am looking forward to new adventures with all these great characters meeting up and getting in to all kinds of shenanigans!!!
  12. Modified Cub

    Chapter 14

    I LOVED this story so thanks for sharing it with us! It would make a great movie for sure. I particularly enjoyed the quirks of both Hunter and Caleb as they were different from a typical fictional story. Such a heartwarming tale. I hope to hear more of their story someday.
  13. Modified Cub


    I've really enjoyed the twists and turns these 2 books have brought us. I'm just glad Ethen wasn't the one who was actually having sex with Alan. Glad to see that Jake is finally happy (for now?) and hopefully things work out for his parents. Although if I were Jake, I'd be pissed at them long-term and live my life on my terms from now on. Great story and wow what an ending!
  14. Modified Cub

    Chapter 20

    This has been my favorite chapter of this tale so far. Good for Matt for finally feeling loved and wanted!!! The scene with Aunt Marie was a little weird but it was also endearing and family can be a little crazy sometimes anyway.
  15. Modified Cub

    Chapter 13

    I just love Caleb!
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