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  1. The end of the summer meant the start of a new school year and a new school. Most of the kids from middle school went to the local high school but some went to nearby Catholic high schools, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception or OLIC as everyone called it, which is where Zack, Patrick and I went was one of the best. It was very difficult to get in. It was also good that of all the swirly perpetrators, only Finn made it into OLIC. Zack didn’t elaborate on the extent of his relationshi
  2. "Then I felt it. It was a funny feeling. Like if my body was a guitar string and someone plucked it, making a resonating sound that sent shivers down my spine. I let go of Ryan's neck and the world swiveled before my eyes. All sounds melted into a cacophony of disharmonious, high-pitched noises. " What a fantastic description of the changing! It looks like once Alex learns to control the changing the benefits of being a fox/human will outweigh the negatives. It looks like he'll be in for a more powerful sex-life. I'm also happy that Alex resisted Sean's advances. I had my doubts.
  3. This was a great chapter it will be interesting to see how Alex accepts being someone who can change form. Will he keep it from Owen? I also loved the "dream" sequence that wasn't a dream: "Somehow, I was able to keep up with him. Yes, it was him. Thanks to the dangling thingy between his rear legs, I knew it must be Ryan. We ran and ran." I can imagine Alex being interrogated by a cop - "were there any distinguishing features?" "Yes, the dangling thingy between his rear legs." 😀
  4. Thanks for leaving the comment - there are multiple sides to Zack 🙂
  5. Thank you for commenting - for Andrew it seems "all in all it's just another brick in the wall" 😄
  6. There were a few big events that happened during the remainder of the eighth grade year. At school, no news was good news for me. Being associated with Zack gave me subtle privileges. No one really bothered me for the rest of the year and I even got invited to some graduation parties. At home, I started to jerk off more regularly. What was originally once or twice a week turned into pretty much every night. I did it before bed after changing into my diaper. The diaper slid down past
  7. That car trip with dad - torture for Alex - ugh!
  8. Haha - good idea, thank you for commenting
  9. Yep, I think they needed to get the phone camera from Ian - that's not going to end well...
  10. One other incident happened a few weeks later when, at that point, any comments about the swirly were rare and one-off. It was a Friday after lunch and I met Zack in the hallway across from the boys bathroom standing around talking to his lunch group friends, Austin, Patrick and Quinn. We were talking, waiting for the bell to ring for the lunch period to end. Michael walked out of the bathroom and waved to me as he kept going down the hall. Ian was coming down the hall in the other dire
  11. Thanks for commenting - I hope you enjoy the rest of the story
  12. Good to see Ryan is back. Also good to see Alex is OK with Chris - I think Alex overreacted at first.
  13. I got out of bed, showered, ate breakfast and waited for him. He arrived, as promised, within the hour. I opened the front door and let him in and, with neither of us saying anything, we walked into my room. He sat on my desk chair. “Are you OK?” He asked, as I closed the door and sat on my bed. “I’ve been better,” I abruptly replied. “Yea, me too,” he added. Raising my voice I exclaimed “You too!?! Really!?!” He replied, "I didn’t mean it like it was just as bad fo
  14. Great to have a second season of this story. I really like the way you changed the perspective. I was glad to hear more about Owen's sister and I hope there is more about Ryan!
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