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  1. Happy Birthday Pitchan!

  2. Thanks for the wishes :D

  3. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :-)

  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Parents bought me tickets to see Phantom of the Opera as my B Day present! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. comicfan


      Ohhh. Enjoy. I loved going to see it when it first came out. :)

    3. Michael9344


      Enjoy:) I'll have to watch it only on DVD.

    4. Dark


      Have fun! and Happy birthday! =)

  6. Thanks! :D *hugs*

  7. Thanks! *hugs*

  8. Thanks! *hugs*

  9. Thanks for the wishes! *hugs back*

  10. Happy Birthday HUG

  11. Happy birthday hug!

  12. Happy Birthday Pitchan!! :D

  13. Happy Birthday :)

  14. It's the Asian mindset in a way. The burning need for a son. I hate that mindset but its there. Thank god my family doesn't believe in all that stupidity (we are also a family of girls in the majority. I have only 1 male cousin out of at least 10 xD). The following is something my friend linked me to after seeing my post. It's cases that have occurred and the result (why changing gender of young children does not work). http://healthland.ti...tists-humility/
  15. The world just depresses me :(

    1. Nephylim


      depress it right back and maybe it will learn its lesson

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