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  1. MKE is famously the airport that brought us the phrase "Recombobulation Area" in signage after the security checkpoint...
  2. apjordan

    ATGB I

    Excited to see where the new story takes us, Carlos. And you can count me among those happy to hear CJ's editorializing about the cheetoh-in-chief. A small writing correction: Owen is CJ's fiancé (just one e); the second e is just for women.
  3. Just popping back to this thread to note that, with today's generous double posting of new chapters, Mark has returned to his rightful place atop the list of prolific authors. Thanks, Mark and team, for your continued gifts to GA's readers... ....Allyster
  4. The first time I read SATW, I was confused. I was sure I hadn't seen it before, and yet it seemed familiar. Then I realized that the same artist also draws Niels, and all was well. (Sorry this is slightly off-topic, but I suspect Sasha and his readers will enjoy Niels, too—though it's quite different from SATW!)
  5. apjordan

    Family Matters

    Since Beautiful Thing is one of my favorite movies, my brain made little sqeeing noises at the first flashback scene. I enjoyed this version of the future for Jamie and his mum. (And I might be a bit more optimistic regarding Ste's future...) Readers who haven't seen Beautiful Thing should do so immediately... and then come back and read this story again
  6. And we're back! How else would Mark return than with an update on a holiday? (And the timing is perfect for me, since I used the hiatus as an excuse to re-read the last several CAP stories and had just worked through to where Black Widow was paused, which means most of the relevant story details were fresh-ish in my mind. Lucky me!) Mark: I'll add my voice to the chorus in other threads wishing you well as you return to health. It's very good to have your authorial voice back in form, and to know that things in your real life continue to improve. All best, Allyster
  7. Pretty sure the story's complete with its 11 chapters. I've never seen/read more. I double-checked the archive of Archerland, and there are only 11 chapters there, too.
  8. I missed the "retired" bit, but am surprised no one's jumped on this more recent revelation for 2016 CJ: Are we taking bets on who it is?
  9. Briefly de-lurking to note that "hour's worth of practice" is correct with the apostrophe. This is an inanimate possessive, which is used most often with units of time. It's not that the hour owns the practice—rather that it owns the worth. I'm really enjoying the CJ saga, Carlos...each new chapter is a nice way to end the week.
  10. Have just discovered your writing as a result of the Secret Santa competition. This is a lovely story, and I'll add my voice to the chorus hoping it will have more chapters soon.
  11. As more and more signs point to Elizabeth as the mastermind, a little voice in the back of my head won't let go of the fact that she's not, technically, a widow. (Recall that that technicality mattered quite a bit in the planning of the Senator's funeral and the settling of his estate.) Even though Mark has hinted that the title might not be literal, I can't help but notice that we still don't have any actual confirmation that Elizabeth is even involved, let alone in charge. In his conversation with Wade in chapter 12, Trevor denies that Mary Ellen is involved; but when Wade implicates Elizabe
  12. And with Chapter 34 of HMS Valiant posted, all is right with the universe again...
  13. Hmm...and now it says 4,989,798. Perhaps the algorithm is recounting slowly? Edit: Apparently the algorithm was tweaked again a little bit ago and the counts were re-run.
  14. So, the algorithm that counts words at GA was changed yesterday to something which defines words much more conservatively, dropping most word counts by ca. 10%. The upshot is that Mark's total as of this moment now registers as a mere 4,997,244. The next posted chapter will presumably push it back over five million again.
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