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The Golden City

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Fifteen year old Arthur Price just saw his world come crashing down. From his mysterious family troubles, to the tragic sudden death of his single mother, everything Arthur has known is falling apart. However when an unlikely hero takes him in they find they both have a lot to learn before they can escape Arthur’s living nightmare

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2 hours ago, long1jo said:

Very interesting, looking forward to next chapter

Very glad to hear!

Edited by Aceinthehole
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Another great story to add to the collection of great stories from Ace I cant wait to see what the next chapter brings 

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18 hours ago, James B. said:

Are we gonna see more of this story? It's been 5 months. Really missing it.

Check back later tonight (around 7-8 pm EST) or, at the latest, tomorrow. Sorry about the wait, but I'm glad you stuck around long enough to ask for more! 

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1 hour ago, Aceinthehole said:

Check back later tonight (around 7-8 pm EST) or, at the latest, tomorrow. Sorry about the wait, but I'm glad you stuck around long enough to ask for more! 

Great to hear - I kind of assumed it was done. Or that you were doing something similar to Blinded where you added a part two after a little while, with both segments kind of being their own story.

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So glad that you didn't leave us hanging forever. I have so enjoyed this story, your charaters are so well thought out ,and long with the humor you balance it with personal drama. Such a great story. Look forward to seeing how Sadie adds to the family. 

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I couldn't find the link to review the whole story so posting it here 😮

Over the past few days I have read every chapter of this wonderful story that really shows why the author received their promising author badge.

There were many chapters which ended in a way that I thought "this could be the end of the story" but the author kept surprising me with another chapter🙂

I'm glad they kept adding new plot twists and developing the world of Artie, Ziggy, Adam Xmas all the other characters.


Thank you for writing this wonderful story.

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