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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Ticklish Thriller (Revised) - 3. Emotion Filled Night

Lots of emotions swirling around the characters in this chapter. There is some strong content contained in this one.


TL was driving around, getting lost in his thoughts. He didn't have a specific destination in mind at the moment. "I... I killed someone." The realization that he caused another living being, other than an annoying insect, to breathe his last breath was unbelievable to the man's mind. Then his thoughts switched to how erotic and amazingly tantalizing it was feeling the man's body thrash and writhe beneath him. The unchallenged God-like power that surged through his veins and wakening his dulled senses was indescribable. TL wondered if he'd ever be able to recreate the thrill of the first kill.

Before he realized it, the thoughtful driver was cruising around the college apartment area. Mindlessly he looked around as the nondescriptive car traveled down the street. The night was on the colder side, so not too many people were hanging out outside, except for the smokers who didn't indulge their nicotine addictions indoors. As he continued driving, TL noticed the guys outside on their stoops were pretty sexy. He couldn't keep the wonder of which ones were ticklish from filling his head.

After deciding he'd driven long enough, the man turned into one of the complex's parking lots so he could turn around. He was about to exit the lot when a very handsome guy walked in front of the car. Instantly, the hunter's eyes fixed their gaze on the young man as he passed by. TL's tongue moistened his lips as he longed to feel the college guy's plump round asscheeks in his capable hands. His breathing came faster as the excited man tried to guess how the younger man's feet looked and smelled like once freed from the shoes and socks protecting the soft flesh. "He's next," TL whispered to himself as he pulled into the first parking space he saw. Grabbing his dark hoodie, he got out of the car, locked the door, and followed his new target into the darkness.


Janice's naked body sprawled across her queen-sized mattress. She sighed and looked up at the light purple canopy covering the bed. The college girl slightly smiled as William Parks ran his fingers back and forth across her freshly pedicured feet and toes. She turned her head and gazed at the man as he caressed her wrinkled soles. Janice closed her eyes and thought how thankful she was for not being ticklish, especially since William had a fetish for tickling women and, more specifically, their feet.

The lean and slightly muscular twenty-year-old smiled and licked his lips as he lowered his head to sniff Janice's toes. Even though she wasn't ticklish, Will couldn't deny his attraction for the blonde's delicate feet. "Babe, why are you even trying to pretend to be interested in that little bitch, Lance? You could be so much more with my influence and presence behind you. Not that you need it, you're a goddess in your own right."

"Will, we've been through this already. Lance and his f**** brothers are well connected. Daddy works for Bryan Carter. He's one of that little bastard, Mikey's f**** Dads." Janice smirked as she lowered her hand and lightly traced circles along the young man's curved bare arches. The blonde giggled when William jumped and giggled while rubbing his feet against the silk linens. "You're ticklishness is so useful to me, my little Willie-pooh." The blonde grinned evilly as the man blushed.

The redhead’s body quivered, and he lowered his head in defeat. "I can't help being so incredibly ticklish. I admit it's one of my two greatest weaknesses and makes me very controllable."

Janice moved quicker than her male counterpart and wrapped her arm around his ankles. She snickered and rapidly strummed her press-on fingernails up and down both of Will's bare soles. The room filled with the sound of the man's shrill banshee-like screeches. His size ten and a half feet writhed and desperately tried to escape the demonic blonde's tickle assault.

"Mistress, please have mercy." William's head flew back and forth and tossed side to side, making his shoulder-length red hair look like flickering flames. The man was ticklish everywhere, but his feet and asscheeks were the worst spots. His fists pounded the mattress as he continued in vain to try getting his feet out of Janice's grip. Finally, Will got freed after ten more agonizing minutes of tickle torture. The young man's sweat-soaked body lay limp on the bed. He was too exhausted and weak to move.

"Don't ever forget who's in charge. I own your fucking, bitch ass, and you will do anything I tell you. Isn't that right?" Janice's eyes burned bright as she asserted her power over the weakened man on her bed. Before he could respond, she raised her hand and hit him hard enough that the sound echoed off the walls and made Will's head turn sideways.

William's eyes widened, and he gasped as his body quickly retreated to the wall, where he cowered in fear. The ability to speak hadn't returned to him yet, so all the demeaned man could do was nod his head in agreement.

"Good, now, pick your pathetic ass up and get the fuck out. I have things to do, and you're not one of them. You disgust me." The blonde sneered and used her feet to push the man's body off the bed. She giggled when his head hit the wall, and William's body landed with a resounding thud on the floor. As soon as he was gone, Janice went to the bathroom, and after getting the water hot enough, she jumped in the shower. "Ugh, his touch is so disgusting. I'm always afraid I'll catch something from his destitute white trash ass."

Lance's Apartment Complex

"Sean, I'm gonna go warm the ram up." Lance hollered through the bedroom door. The brunet grabbed his FOB, slipped on his sneakers and jacket, then walked out to his truck. He was at the steps outside his door and had just lifted his foot when a sudden blow to the back of his other knee made his body lunge forward. Luckily, he caught himself before hitting his face on the concrete. Lance shook his head and started to get up but couldn't because someone's foot pressed hard into his lower back.

"Damn, Knight, didn't anyone ever teach your punk ass how to walk up a few steps?"

A low rumbling growl came from the recesses of Lance's throat as he turned his head and addressed his attacker. "Parks, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Lance's brain worked overtime to figure out why this guy attacked him. Although they weren't close to what anyone would call friends or even casual acquaintances, the two weren't enemies or ever gone after one another. Neither one noticed their scene was attracting spectators.

"Parks, back the fuck off Lance now, before I call the police." Sean ran outside when he saw Lance's attack on the monitor.

William looked up and laughed. "Go ahead and call Sean my old man's on the force. It'll be my word against Knight's."

"You're a complete idiot, Parks. Do you have any idea who Lance's Dad is?" Sean paused. "He's the…"

"Sean, he doesn't need to know who my Dad is. He'll find out soon enough." Lance stopped struggling and let himself calm down. He looked to his left and right to see how his attacker positioned his legs.

"Ya know what would make this the best night of my life? If your f**** brothers were here to witness their precious little Lance get the shit beat out of him. Hey, then I could have my turn with them. I'd show them what a real man with a nine-inch dick can do." William failed to notice Lance's darkening demeanor because he got caught up in his verbal taunts. The boastful redhead also didn't realize the crowd backed up.

"Parks, you're about to enter dangerous territory, now would be a great time to back off." Sean tried to warn Will.

"Oh, please. What's this little bastard able to do? He can't even get up." William looked down at Lance. Seeing him in such a vulnerable position made him flashback to Janice's humiliating domination. Being dominated was the young man's second weakness and turn-on. Will got off on women using his ticklishness to control him. However, the downside was he felt so emasculated afterward he had to take his frustrations out on another man to make him feel powerful. Tonight's target was Lance.

The redhead smirked and got an evil idea. "Hey Lance, is it true what Janice told me the other night? Do you and Sean love tickling each other's feet before fucking one another? You know I've been fucking her behind your back. She told me, you need to be tickled, to get your little dick hard." As he looked around, William was shocked his loud announcement got almost no reaction from the crowd.

"Dude, you're soo fucked in the head. Everyone knows Lance and Sean are not scared to be playful with each other. That's what makes them awesome guys. They own their personalities and don't judge or out anyone for being different. And, dude, the man is straight." The voice came from Butch Larkin, the quarterback of the football team. "You've got one minute to get off my boy before I beat the shit out of you."

William sneered. "What's the matter, Knight? Not strong enough to fight your own battles?" The redhead reached down and tickled Lance's sides and between his ribs. In seconds the night air filled with the brunet's cackling and laughter. His legs kicked, and his body wriggled side to side. "Is this how your brothers keep you in line? I bet they tickle you into letting them fuck you. You pathetic little bitch."

Butch was about to knock Will on his ass, but Sean stopped him. He told the bigger man to wait a couple of minutes and that Parks was digging his grave because Lance was about to kick his ass. Lance's anger was building in him, like a volcano preparing to erupt.

William continued tickling Lance for another half a minute. Then he stopped and started pulling at his jeans. "Let's see what kind of ass that bitch, Mikey's been fucking. Ya know, I think I'll fuck your f**** brother's ass instead of yours. God, how pathetic can one man be, twenty-two and still wanting to be called Mikey? Will's second statement got a much greater reaction than his first. Not because of its content, but because of who the subject was. Mikey was very much loved and respected by most of the people at the college. He helped most of them graduate high school.

Will thought he'd won and was completely thrown off guard when Lance made his move. The brunet emitted a low menacing growl, turned over, and situated himself on the steps. Then he reached up, grabbed hold of the other man's nuts, and squeezed, hard as he could. Under normal circumstances, Lance wouldn't use such a move, but the redhead pissed him off. As soon as the pain traveled from his nuts to his brain, William's high-pitched scream pierced the spectator's ears. His body crumbled, and he fell onto Lance's lap at the same time all the guys moaned and instinctively massaged their dicks and balls.

Lance's eyes filled with the fires of disdain for the creature perched on his legs. "Listen to me, William Parks," Lance growled. His voice carried through the gathered audience and made everyone shiver in fear. Even Sean, he'd never heard his roommate and brother so pissed off. "If you ever fucking threaten my family, and specifically Mikey again, I'll use all my power to make sure you don't see the light of day except through iron bars for a very long time.”

Will was terrified of the death stare Lance had fixed on him. It was even worse than Janice's when she hit him. The redhead closed his eyes, swallowed hard, and nodded his head.

Lance nodded then got him to look at the apartment door. "You've been under surveillance this entire time, and the footage got sent to four separate locations. I expect you and your father will be hearing from my parents, as well as Mikey's."

William looked at Lance. "Funny, I never took you for the type to go running to your rents."

Lance's eyes narrowed and darkened to almost black color. "They'll see the recording in the morning that's out of my hands. Oh, just for the record, Mikey is the most dangerous of my siblings. He puts me, Adam, and Jai to shame in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. He's also armed wherever he goes. Despite that, don't ever fucking threaten my brother again in my presence." Lance paused. "Now, get the fuck off my lap." Will gulped and jumped off the brunet's legs, then ran fast as he could to the safety of his apartment.

While the crowd dispersed, Sean and Butch walked over and helped Lance to his feet. He looked at his friend and fourth brother, smiled, and hugged them both. "Thanks for wanting to help Butch, and Sean, thanks for not letting him. I'm more than lucky to have the most amazing guys in my life." Lance giggled as Sean ruffled his hair and Butch tickled his side.

"Are you okay, bro?" Butch asked as he gently rubbed his friend's shoulder.

"Yeah, Parks is an idiot. He doesn't bother me." Lance looked at Sean. "You ready to go?"

"Sure, see you later, Butch." Sean and Lance gave the football player another hug, then headed for Lance's truck. They were about to climb in when a male's voice stopped them.

"Hey, guys, wait up. Have you seen the news?" The new arrival asked.

"No, why?" Lance looked at the young man.

"Mikey found a body."

The guy's comment made both Sean and Lance slam their doors at the same time, turn to face him, and ask "What?" in unison.

Dakota & Mikey

While they were at the crime scene, Dakota and Tony noticed Mikey's energy wasn't as prevalent as usual. The two men also saw the younger man's legs sometimes quiver as if he were fighting the urge to stumble or lose his balance, and it concerned them. Before everyone left, Mikey made sure he turned over the pin he'd found and showed the officers where on the ground it was. Finally, Tony told Mikey and Dakota they were free for the rest of the night. The younger men hugged the seasoned Commissioner and headed for Dakota's car.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue tonight, Kota." The brunet put his hands in his pockets and fidgeted slightly. He smiled and giggled when he felt the bigger man's arms wrap around him, lifting his body off the ground.

"Any time you need me, my sweet baby boy, I'll be with you." Dakota blushed and kissed Mikey's cheek. He was dying to ask the young man back to his place but didn't want to come off as being an opportunist. Unable to take the internal fight any longer, Dakota decided to seize the day. "Mikey, would you like to go back to my place for a little bit? I know it's been a long evening, and if you'd rather not, I completely understand."

Mikey giggled at his big, burly cop's shy hesitance. "You're sooo cute when you're unsure of yourself. I'd love to go back to your place, Kota." He stood on his toes and kissed the officer's nose, then got in Dakota's SUV.

During the ride to the apartment, the two men continuously stole glances at one another and held hands. After about five more minutes, they reached the apartment complex the officer called home. Dakota parked the vehicle and shut down the engine. As Mikey undid his seatbelt, he gently placed his hand on the brunet's and looked into his angel's eyes with tears in his.

Mikey looked at the gentle giant beside him, raised his thumb, and very lovingly wiped the tears that stained the warm cheeks. "What's on your mind, Dakota. Don't be afraid to tell me things I promise, my brave warrior. I'll listen and never judge you." He slowly raised his boyfriend's hand to his soft lips and gently kissed it.

Just hearing those words come from the man he'd come to care very deeply about made Dakota's heart leap with joy inside his chest. "Mikey, you'll never know how much your words, and more importantly, the actions that back the words mean to me. Before we go in, I need to tell you you'll be meeting my parents."

Mikey's eyes lit up, and he smiled. "Have you been telling them about me, mister cop guy?" He giggled, leaned over, and kissed the bigger man's nose.

The reaction made Dakota shake his head and chuckle. "No... Well yes, and no, my sweet, baby boy." Dakota paused and wiped the tears that fell down his cheeks. "See, Mikey, Mom, and Dad aren't..." It had only been two years since their passing, Dakota still missed his parents.

The smaller brunet picked up on what wasn't said and wanted to alleviate Dakota's suffering.

"They're dead, and you have their urns, don't you." He phrased it more as a statement than a question to show his boyfriend he understood what he'd encounter.

"Yes, my love, and there's a little bit more to it." Dakota paused because this is where most guys leave.

"If you're able to, please, continue. I told you, Dakota Buckingham, I'm here, without judgment. And, I'll be honest, I'm really fighting the urge to say I love you. It's not that I don't feel it I'm not sure we're quite ready for that step yet." This time Dakota lifted his thumb and wiped Mikey's tears.

"Angel, whenever you're ready to say it, I will too. We'll both know when the time is right. Mikey, I still talk to my parents as if they're still alive. I'm not crazy, I know they don't physically answer me, but the conversations we have, I know what they'd say if they were alive."

Mikey turned in the seat, wrapped his arms around Dakota's neck, and placed a very passion-filled kiss on the cop's lips. "It's okay, babe, I get it, I do. Now, let's go in, so I can meet these amazing people that raised you."


Janice had just finished the first draft of her acceptance speech for the Friends of Normal Couples banquet. The FNC was an organization that promoted the rejection of any couple or family that wasn't heterosexual. She was about to check the news when her phone rang.

"Hello, Lancey-pooh. I was…"

"Bitch, don't ever send your little puppy after me again. We're through."

Janice gasped and silently cursed Will. "Babe, I swear. I had…"

"Save it. I'm not listening to your bullshit anymore. I'm tired of your shade and bigoted views. We've been on shaky ground, but tonight was the last straw, it's over between us, and you can have Parks."

Janice started to say something when she heard the call end. The blonde's eyes blazed with rage as she screeched and threw her phone across the room. It shattered when the device hit the wall. Shaking her head, she opened her drawer and pulled out her second phone. After a few deep breaths, she made a call.


"Get your fuckin' ass over here NOW!!! We're going to Mikey's house and fucking with his head."

Ten minutes after calling him, Will showed up at Janice's apartment. After hollering at the shamed redhead and kicking him into the wall so hard it made a dent in the plaster, the two got in her Cadillac and drove to Mikey's lakehouse. Janice wrote notes to wrap around the bricks and rocks she had William gather. Then the blonde retrieved her phone and taped the objects as they hurled through the windows around the house. Then she sent the video to Lance.


Lance and Sean just ended a call with Adam and Jai when a text came through. As soon as he saw it, Lance's face turned bright red, and his body shook with fear and anger as tears trailed down his face.

Wow! I really went out of my comfort zone on this one. I have never had a bisexual, or heterosexual thought in my head, and I promise, that's as close to straight couple sex as I'll get. I was on the fence about writing the scene between Janice and Will but adding it won out because I realized it was needed to truly display Janice's evil dark side, as well as Will's spineless side. (No offense to people who like being dominated by strong women, my previous statement was in no way a judgment or put down. Personally, I like a slightly dominating guy to tickle me into oblivion.)

I loved seeing Mikey and Dakota getting closer in their bond to one another.

As always thanks for reading. Please, continue to react and comment. 

Love y'all

Copyright © 2022 Ajbt2001; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Well that was a chapter full of pain and hurt. 

I don't like Janice, she is a dominating evil b***h and needs to be dealt with.

Edited by chris191070
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14 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Well that was a chapter full of pain and hurt. 

I don't like Janice, she is a dominating evil b***h and needs to be dealt with.

IKR, Just like in LOF, I felt Janice needed to be more evil and diabolical. Then I thought about the accomplice I'd originally given her and realized I had never given him a name, personality, or description. So, William was born. And, Janice became way eviler and controlling.

I loved how Lance handled his situation with Will, he showed his controlled anger and strength. And, I felt his retaliation was perfect for his assailant.

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