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The Butler

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

When an inheritance must be shared, unique characters are pitted together by an unforeseen maneuver from the grave...

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious; any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional. This story portrays, at times, strong sexual content. If you are a minor, or in any other way not allowed to read it, you are advised strongly to discontinue.
This story has been a long time in writing and is the result of a challenge made to me several years ago, in fact. It's difficult to place it in a particular field; sometimes it is comedic, dramatic, other times it ranges from light-hearted to quite dark, hence the contradictory tags selected.
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  • Addictive/Pacing 6
  • Characters 9
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  • Compelling 3
  • Feel-Good 2
  • Humor 2
  • Smoldering 6
  • Tearjerker 2
  • Unique 7
  • World Building 1

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I happened to stumble upon this story recently and I am so glad that I did. Aside from it being incredibly well written, great character development, indepth context, and subtle yet steamy eroticism, I devoured the story because of it's unique take on BDSM and the reasons behind a less than usual type of relationship. Highly recommend for the romance, uniqueness, passion, twists and turns, and the quality of two men finding each other. 

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This is a character driven story. It is also romantic dramady.

It is well written with good pacing. The settings are well defined so much that I google a few.

Two men who had detested each other for 6 years, now forced to share a residence for one year.

The reward for one is an inheritance of tremendous fortune and power that was his birthright. Now that all depends on the cooperation of a former "hustler's" presence in "his" home for a whole year... but.

The reward for the other was more money than he had ever imagined to hold in his lifetime but to stay would mean he would be in the constant presence of a man who had been a thorn in his side almost from the first time they met.   His decision was simple, no amount of money could force him to suffer this irritating asshole for another day, much less a full year... but.

From a position of finality the arbiter starts has invited the players or are they are simply pawns played by a dead chess master. 

Will it be a win or a stalemate?

NOTE: I thought I had found a major flaw in the plot early on. Turns out I only had to read a bit further to find myself relaxing and completely enjoying this story.  If you persevere, you will find this to be a heartwarming tale of love also persevering in the face of what one thinks is the truth.




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An amazing story of a life full of emotions. There are no mistakes in life and Mr Montgomery was reminded that day of someone he loved dearly. Christopher provided so much more for him than the story will ever let on but it's up to the reader to decide what that it meant to him. Beginning from a sidewalk in the City, a smelly filthy young man got a second chance at being more than just "The Butler". Definitely recommend! 

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This story is a must read! It is well written, with an intriguing plot and interesting characters. A dominant/submissive relation is one of the main elements of the plot and provides some unexpected twists to the story. A rich older man rescues a young man and trains him to be his butler/companion. As his death the oldest son takes exception to the butler. An unusual clause in the will adds to the animosity between the two main characters. The plot peels away layers to reveal more and more about the butler and the oldest son. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and highly recommend it!

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