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  1. Buz

    Chapter 1

    Awww man. Kicks pebble on ground dejectedly...That would have been cool. Whats wrong with two of the same type? If it worked so well last time (which it really did!)? Yeah. Okay. Now I really want to know why the Other Wolf (OW) stopped it so dramatically? Especially considering we know that Cyn survives. Why would OW stop it?!?!
  2. Buz

    Chapter 1

    I am going to LOVE and Dislike this story. I can see it now. Either way, I am hooked. I have only ever read one other story where Deer played a significant part. I have never really felt sorry for Deer before. I never thought of them as fodder, even though they literally are. This is going to be so sad. I want to know why that Wolf saved him? Were the Cerunno of the Herd not supposed to have been injured? The better reason would be that Cyn is the Fated Mate of the Wolf and said Wolf is the Alpha. Now that would be one hella story/situation. Those other two Wolves would be the Enfor
  3. Buz

    Chapter 68

    Kinda silly, but that made me so proud. Brad and Co. have done so well. So very well. To see that through the eyes of the Governor was just so cool. I don't know how long Governor's are voted in for, how many times they are allowed to be re-voted in or how far along this particular Governor is in his term, but I hope he is around for a long time. Having "Friends" in high places can be way cool.
  4. Buz

    Chapter 67

    That was a lovely little moment between Brad and Pat. Can't wait to see what happens in regards to the news article. I would be alot more worried if I didn't see Cal's response to someone else's comment above. Too many people already know about Sanctuary, etc so their 'outing' was bound to happen. It just now depends on how they deal with it. Their Board Meeting gives me hope that they will do well...
  5. Buz

    The Full Story

    This has been my favourite chapter thus far. I am so excited for D'gar to be WeyrlingMaster. And the Weyrling Barracks. Can you imagine walking down that wide aisle when it is full? All those Dragons. All that noise. All those colours. That would be so cool. And D'gar gets to train them all. And their Riders of course. D'gar is going to be so good at this. Plus, PLUS - it looks like F'drun has a one way ticket to Paybackville. Of course, lots can happen between now and then, no? Yeah, nah. Fingers Crossed all goes well...Just don't hurt S'fyn please!
  6. Buz

    Chapter 66

    I nearly cried when Tony saw their account balance. That is awesome. So happy for them all. One less concern for the Sanctuary crew. I am surprised scumbag would try something so stupid like he actually thought that would work. Sanctuary will have his money too thanks. All funds received are greatly appreciated.
  7. Buz

    Chapter 65

    And so it begins, the first one to leave the nest. Good on you Jeff.
  8. Buz

    Chapter 64

    In barrels? I just can't...
  9. Buz

    Chapter 63

    You had me worried for a bit there Cal. The first part of this chapter read like a round-up of story-lines like this story was ending sooner rather than later. I decided this was not the case the closer I got towards the end. Crisis averted I know, it has to end one day. Just not too soon...
  10. Buz

    Chapter 62

    My fav parts of this chapter are the last paragraph and the story of Jim Boy. Sanctuary was set up to help the Kids but one of the added benefits is the impact on the Adults involved, etc. I am surprised Jim Boy didn't mention earlier that he was 'that kid'.
  11. Buz

    Chapter 61

    One day, I'll have to tell you my Eiffel Tower story. Lets just say that even if I am watching a movie or tv show where someone is up high, the bottom of my feet tingle. If they are really high or doing something that seems stupid to me (I remember a scene from a James Bond movie, David Craig was chasing a villan over a high construction site) the tingling can get uncomfortable. It is never painful, but can get uncomfortable.
  12. I think Mr. Win did very well. He blustered but did not get angry angry. I love Will's Family. I can't wait until it is his turn to meet Ritchie's "Family". I hope he meets alot of them for his first time. Maybe a trip to Washington for Christmas? I would love to bear witness to his meeting the Obamas. That would be cool. Not sure I could do it. I'd probably break down in tears or faint. And I'm not even American. I'd make a fool of myself somehow. Whilst we're talking American politics, the people that would be my major gush puppies would be Bernie and AOC. I would die! At the least, I w
  13. Buz

    Chapter 61

    So chuffed for Adam. Awesome day when you get your first car, assuming. I can't drive. Had various people try to teach me. Had some scary moments. For me, there are too many things to concentrate on.
  14. Buz

    Chapter 60

    Congrats to Adam! Wow. A Car per child that earns their license? Okay, so Brad has more money that I thought he did e.g. plane, boat to private island for 200+, etc. That's good. Will not think about their funds/spending again. LOL. Reminds me of that Oprah show...and you get a car!
  15. Buz

    Chapter 59

    That is so disappointing that Corky didn't get to go. Being in the situation his Mother and he were in, the chance to go on such a venture would have been way cool. I can't imagine he would have been on a plane, a boat or an island before. I feel so sorry for him. His Mother would have known all about the trip too. Plus he is bound to find out about it. I know he doesn't attend Sanctuary like Bubba does but he does have a connection. Even O'Shea and Murray's wives were included. Poor wee sod. Wonder why he doesn't hang out at Sanctuary more? Kinda shocked about the lack of sprinklers
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