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  1. Buz

    A New Place 2

    How the tides have changed. Now I am pissed at Chris. There was clue after clue, etc. His immaturity really showed in this one. August also surprised. He even said it was out of character for Victor. He never thought to go and see his 'friend' who is obviously going through something. Never thought to get his side, etc. He is a grown ass man (well, ya know what I mean), who is also the Alpha of a Pack, who is also on the Crescent Council. Out of the three of them, he should definitely know better. Even Dad. With all of his dealings with Vincent both professionally and personally? They all need a reality check i.e. right shoe across the back of the head. Unless you're left handed, then use the left shoe. Poor Victor. If I was him and not so distraught, I'd pissed at their lack of belief and faith, etc.
  2. Buz

    A New Place 1

    Wow. Good save 😁. Just in the nick of Time. That was lovely, Chris meeting his Gran/Matra.
  3. Buz

    Playing with Fire 3

    Psssttt...thought I'd warn you. I've heard rumors that Father Time is after you. Not good to cross Father Time. He can be such a Grizzle Guts sometimes. Apparently, you took a 'hiatus' and he wants it back.
  4. Buz

    Playing with Fire 3

    I would have caved when Victor got upset about my possibly breaking up with him, but his reasoning was weak. Tres weak. Moving along, although still not totally happy with him...and Gustav can keep his disappointment and resentment to himself, if he knows whats good for him. I love that Chris is a 'beyn Haldruin' and that his Magical Energy Levels and Element Category are Classified.
  5. Buz

    Playing with Fire 2

    I know that this may reflect badly on me, but I am that person...so here goes. Oh, hell NO! You did not just introduce me as your Friend and then basically ignore me the whole afternoon. Plus, I look like him. Someone you've had a relationship with over a long ass period of time. Someone that you always come back to. Someone who you've let think the same thing this time around? You've spent the whole afternoon together and it never occurred to you to tell him that things are different this time cause you have a Partner. That never came up. And then, FOUR HOURS AFTER THE FACT, you realise that I am not even there. You best be happy if all I am doing is lying in my locked bedroom crying. Hell no I ain't giving you nuthin let alone the 'benefit of the doubt'. I love you and am supposed to believe in that love? That is a totally different thing. If I didn't love your ass I wouldn't be upset. What I am upset about is that nothing I have described above is wrong or me being mistaken. That all happened. Nothing I have described above is an expression of your love for me, it is fact the opposite. The next time I see you you best be on you metaphorical hands and knees. You better be bringing your A1/Numero Uno/best game too, cause I ain't playin'. Sorry, but I would be pissed. Pissed and hurt and sad.
  6. Buz

    Playing with Fire 1

    Hmmm...so whats up with the Hall Of Haldruin? What is its significance? Must be something pretty major if Selvenus had a look of shock and disbelief. And then Patri had to give him a look of warning? Is Patri being sly? Is no part of the Ascension actually happening in the Hall Of Hadruin? Or is it something else? It is obviously not anything bad or harmful, but it is a something?
  7. Buz

    First Surge 3

    I am loving the manifestations of Chris's powers and how everyone is always so amazed. I am not sure why the thought of those with power (cause we are talking some powerful beings within their own right here) are so amazed and freaked out makes me feel excited and happy? But it does. I am glad his Uncle seems really nice. I wouldn't have expected anything else really, but it is good to see. Yal swears like a human. I mean, why not. Especially considering he interacts alot with humans, way more than alot of the other Elves. It just seems, odd?
  8. Buz

    First Surge 2

    Oops. Got my chapters out of order. Sorry. That's what happens when you comment after the fact. I could just not comment, but you deserve at least that from us. If even out of whack. I am so glad Martin and Matteo are on the up and up. I was a tad wary of them for some reason.
  9. Buz

    First Surge 1

    I forgot to mention after the last Chapter, hell yes! If I was Chris and someone threatened my Dad, I'd do the same. It wasn't even a threat, it was a promise. They were threatening to do it. They were actually gonna do it. Hell no! With the tattoos, does this mean that the previous Houses are showing their support of Chris and his destiny? Did the tattoos affect his ocean of energy or has he always had it? If they did, then what the hell is gonna happen when the Third House comes along? Can I just say, he cooks as well?!?! August just gets hotter and hotter. Go Leo!
  10. Buz

    Battle Lines 3

    Hi gabz2000, I usually read the chapters of this during my lunch break at work. So whilst I have the time to do so, I don't have time to comment. This is why they are so out of whack. Whilst I now know what the tattoo relates to, still not sure what it actually means? I google searched 'intriguing' to make sure it reflected how I feel about each/chapter development, and it is perfect - adjective arousing one's curiosity or interest; fascinating. "an intriguing story"
  11. Buz

    Chapter 4

    That was beautiful. Like droughtquake, I need Neelie to help find me someone who I can " dream the same dreams" with... What is the next holiday please?
  12. Buz

    Chapter 3

    Wow! Go Casper. The simplest option/solution is usually the best and most obvious, once revealed. Must say, can't wait to see what Ricky's and Charlie's "powers" are???
  13. Buz

    Chapter 1

    Its so good to be reading about everyone again. Rootars. Pirates with a heart of gold and sense of humor. I really really hope Aliens are real... So glad to be on another Adventure! All buckled in and rarin' to go!
  14. Buz

    Chapter 1

    I haven't even read the above yet. I just had to say, before I started, I forgot you said Valentine's was the next "holiday"! So excited when I saw the words "Charlie Boon". They were the ones that jumped out at me. Lastly, before I get to the reading, "regular" holiday stuff this ain't! Not by a long shot.
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