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  1. Buz

    Masters of Earth 2

    He has the physical abilities/power (by the truckload), he just needs the mental. Would have loved to be in the cafe after Chris left, to see all of the reactions
  2. Buz

    Chapter 14

    Apart from the slight ripple caused by M'rell, that was quite a pleasant chapter. False sense of security? Calm before the storm? Especially as there is thread fall tomorrow? I love me some drama, but I'm content with pleasant right now. Who wouldn't want to be on a beautiful beach, with beautiful weather, surrounded by lush vegetation whilst cavorting in the sea with Dragons? Sign me up. I've got my SPF30 and my ie lavalava. Let's go!
  3. Buz

    Chapter 4

    "...or is it?" Oh, a question? Then the emphatic answer is, "Hell No!" There. So. Next chapter please player...
  4. Buz

    Chapter 13

    This has been a good chapter for D'gar. He has learnt alot more about F'drun (drop kick), he is mixing with (and being noticed favourably by ) people outside his Wing and he, H'rek, Herebeth and Rioth have an awesome new Weyr. H'rek will have the Weyr looking even more awesome soon.
  5. Buz


    This was a good chapter. I mean, they're all good. But: we got to see Lenny at work in London, we got to visit with his Lawyer and have some progress there, he reached out to his Cousin, we got to meet Kieran again (who is lovely by the way), Bryn Bach is coming along swimmingly, the person that broke in seemed harmless by what they didn't do, Aunty Mill is going to be very disappointed, with the cost of the case vs the value of Bryn Bach so something else is definitely going on, Abe and Len are all loved up, etc. The last two things: 1. we now have another mystery - why did Len's great-great-Grandfather get left Bryn Bach by a Lord? 2. The Gods help Lenny if he forgets that skeleton key!
  6. Firstly (and quickly), thanks for this unexpected chapter. Unexpected because it was so soon after the previous one. Now...Shasta. I feel like such a %$#@ for my previous musings about Shasta. This chapter was way sad. How heartbreaking for him. If the only person in the whole pack that could possibly be his chosen Mate, does not in fact choose him!?!? The only choice he has is to leave said Pack, which is not a choice at all. If an Omega can have two Alphas, why can't an Alpha have two Omegas? I know Shasta's first priority, as Shaman, is the Pack but every wolf needs a Mate. It would be just cruel otherwise. Please please please can something be done for Shasta? It doesn't have to be soon. Even eventually would be awesome. Lastly, just a quick side note - I think Zaran and Shasta are going to be the best of Friends.
  7. Buz


    I too initially thought, 'Howie!' in regards to the footprints. Now that I've thought about it. I think it was Freya. When they mentioned eating she knew she had some time to get to the House and do what she had to do. I don't think it was Cuzzie Matt or Aunti Mill cause they wouldn't have known Len and Abe weren't at the House. Unless they were watching it of course. But then there wouldn't have been any prints cause it didn't rain until they got to the local. What was she after? An innocent walk down memory lane? Mmm...yeah, nah. It would be good if Howie did appear somewhere along this story. Just so we know what he has been doing all this time, etc. Len and Abe are way stronger than me. A locked AND hidden dresser!?!? I am way to nosy for that. That sucker would have been open as soon as I could get a suitable locksmith type person. &*%#$@ dresser is gonna be the death of me...
  8. Buz

    Chapter 12

    I really don't understand how F'drun got chosen by a Bronze/Ryth? There is no way in hell he deserves it. There needs to be a viable/believable way for him to be un-Chosen i.e. F'drun needs to be gotten rid of without hurting Ryth. But there isn't one is there? They have together too long. That is going to be sad. So happy for H'rek though. He (and Rioth too I expect) are so excited that they are finally doing what they have been born to do.
  9. Buz

    Chapter 11

    That pair of Biarchs! However H'rek gets out of the 'beat down' those two are planning, I hope it includes a backfire/backlash to the nth degree. I want their to be pain and lots of it. I want those two to suffer. Okay, so obviously not their Dragons...but no mercy on those two. How dare they! I want them to rue the day!
  10. Buz

    New Day

    Monsieur lomax61, you would make a good politician n'est pas? '...Finally, what's behind the wall is revealed.' Not a lie, non. But not quite le whole truth either. Okay, so what is inside the dresser? What is the secret. So, we (your readers) are assuming there is a secret. At this stage, there better be a secret...Ooo. Maybe there is "treasure"? There has to be a story behind Adrian's not kissing. Has to be!?!? Kissing and snuggling are my two fav things
  11. I can't wait until the Alphas go back to Zaran's old pack to visit Tomic and obtain further information. That will, at the very least, be interesting. Hopefully some justice will be meted out. I don't trust the Solstice Celebration. Something is bound to happen that is not good for Arik, Einar and Zaran. I still don't trust Shasta quite yet. I hope my 'worries' end up being me just overthinking it. Loving the glimpse of Zaran's power. Also love that it looks as if Einar will end up happy, etc.
  12. Buz

    Growth All Around

    I miss being part of a large crazy Family. It sucks when everyone grows up.
  13. Buz

    Chapter 10

    F'drun with a 'face of thunder'. Oh dear. Me thinks the cauldron stirring has begun...
  14. Buz

    Chapter 9

    What an idiot. To be a successful bully truly you need to be clever. Like, way WAY clever. That stunt was ridiculous. It was not well thought out. Hullo. Multiple witnesses and did he really think Herebeth was just gonna sit there and watch his Rider be assaulted? He ain't no bully. He's a psychopath. That is not gonna be good for the Wing or Weyr. One of the hurtful things is that Ryth is a Bronze. What a waste. Ryth is gonna suffer for his rider...
  15. Buz


    Well hell...last time I read, Lenny was gonna 'take a chance'. Uh, unless I'm missing something, that was more than just a chance. Adrian was all kinds of hot!
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