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  1. Buz

    Chapter 7: Dandy Day

    You know its been a good one when you scroll down, see this at the bottom of your screen - Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved. and then do a mental scream of "NOOOOOOOO" in your head! Can you imagine the look on Mace's face when he opened his eyes after hearing, '...Welcome to Hong Kong...' Those two nano seconds whilst his eyes reconciled with what he heard and what he was expecting to see, would have been Hi-Lar-ious! OMG! That was funny! The best thing - there is still so much to look forward to e.g. Vin actually meeting his MIL, the Pack Meeting, Vin and Elaine's training/first spar, Vin meeting his first Human Hater, Vin sorting out his role in the Pack, etc. Thanks so much for putting out another chapter so quickly. It was an awesome way to start a Sunday, especially when you're not feeling 100%. I needed my dose of 'cuteness' that these two provide and that giggle/chuckle was apropos and much appreciated.
  2. Buz

    Chapter 1

    This just screams how good it is. Love it, love it, love it. Another awesome one to follow...
  3. Buz

    Chapter 1

    Maybe I read it wrong? In my mind Will and Mano are going to have a To Do. I am not sure of the extent of said To Do, as it could go either way. In the end Kai and Kiki will be just fine. Would be good, but I don't think Will and Kai's relationship (which is way awesome) will change in any way. Maybe just get even stronger. If Will was to find his Bliss, then it will have to be a new character. I think. This is only the first chapter and it is going well, apart from Kai's Pop. Well excited.
  4. Buz


    This site wouldn't be the same for me without new chapters of this Family/story. Glad to have you, and everyone else, back. This has been sad, but good. Will needs to move on from Zach. This is a step in the right direction.
  5. Okay, so this is gonna be a bit all over the place. Arrived back into Auckland this arvo. Was 42 mins late, so could have been way worse. Wanted to get a comment down. So... When it comes to eggs (when I used to eat them), scrambled and omelette's should always be made in huge portions. Its like a rule or something, I'm sure. 3 or 4 egg omelette's or scrambled eggs are too small. So I'm with Mace on this one. Mace is an Alpha. So I loved that he was eagerly waiting on Vin's reaction to his cooking. It is also cute that Mason can't believe how easily Vin is accepting of things. Like he can't believe Vin is his actual own destined Mate. Like he is waiting for something to go wrong. Like it is too good to be true. That's what it seems like to me. The last example to share of Mace's adoration with his Mate, is how he wants to promenade the Main Street. So everyone can see them. Together. I love the names - my little Mate, Pup, Mother of the Pack, etc. Bench seats in trucks is hot. Can't wait for Vin to encounter his first "pure bred Human Hater". Talk about setting the tone of his Mateship/position in the Pack, etc. Due to who and what Vin is, somewolf is bound to go for gold. I have a feeling that Vin's Mage Dance is gonna be epic. Mace's Mum would know all about Mage Dancing, so dying to know what the significance of her Gift is or what effect it will have... He has re-united with his childhood friend after 15years. Then said friend becomes the Pack Enforcer so they will be spending alot of their time together. Caleb will be Vin's Secondary Protector. Major role in the Pack. Something else for the aforementioned 'pure bred' to possibly rail against. This coming Pack Meeting will be memorable. Abit long but above stuff stood out for me. Can't wait for next chapter. I believe that mention was made of '...a week...?' Ahem. Ya know. That 'ball' and 'court' thing...
  6. Buz

    Chapter 11

    Poor Nonno. I am really worried about Nonna. Especially when she wanted to stay longer...
  7. Buz

    Chapter 10

    So glad. The last chapter read like it could be the end. Awww. The Captain will be so pleased. And Thomas is now a Nonno. His folks are both doing well then.
  8. OMFG! I am away right now. I will write my proper comment when I return home, later this week. I could't resist and not read it straight away. SO very glad I did. That was frikkin awesome 😁
  9. Buz

    Chapter 8

    Nesting, in New Zealand, is called "Marae styles" by Maori
  10. Buz

    Chapter 7

    OMG. Thomas's Mama is gonna flip. From having no close adults to having a Pop and Grand-parents. The Boys are gonna be so happy.
  11. Buz

    Chapter 6

    Awww...Thomas and Geno make a great Team. Knew they ended up with a big house for a reason. The fact those Boys helped/looked after Geno when he was on the streets, makes their salvation by Geno (& Thomas) even sweeter.
  12. Buz

    Chapter 5

    Wow. When I said there was room for more Ferals in their Home, I didn't think it would be 4 in one go!?!? The food sounds so yummy. It is Sunday in NZ and I have to go to Manukau. Hope Tank is open today. I feel like one of their salads and a smoothie. Not quite authentic Italian (or even at all), but ya can't have everything.
  13. Buz

    Chapter 4

    I didn't realise Thomas had been transferred to Italy? I wondered why he was buying a House? At first, I thought he must have meant a Holiday Home. If I was Geno/Thomas, I would have kicked the Uncle and his Family out of the House and put it on the market then. The new House is big enough for more ferals...just sayin'.
  14. Buz

    Chapter 3

    First off, the apartment and Positano itself sound stunning. So jelly right now. The first home we lived in in Sydney had a huge balcony off my bedroom. We used to sleep out there a lot. When the Famz was over we could have up to 10 of us. We had some awesome times on that balcony. Secondly, I hope that Uncle gets it and gets it good. What a "bleep!" That Priest was also a dickhead. Poor Geno. Not so poor anymore me feels...May have just landed on his feet.
  15. Buz

    Chapter 2

    ...drool...Italy...drool...Italian Food...drool...Italian Men...drool...Coastal scenery...drool...the blue blue sea...drool...slightly cooler weather in May...drool...long beautiful walks...drool...Italian Food again...drool...
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