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Dear, Grocery Shoppers

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Genres: Comedy, Non-Fiction

Dear, Grocery Shoppers is a journal kept by Aaron Stone and his husband, Noah Fields. Here they speak about nuances, moments of self-reflection, and just silly experiences that these two men can't help but make fun of. No matter the cost to their morality and reputation, Aaron and Noah love to turn anything and everything into a laughable moment. As they work in common retail jobs, they are here to instruct the masses on proper store etiquette through comedy. There will be consumer stupidity, nonsense from co-workers, and, worst of all...Karens.

This is a general warning to potential readers. The two men writing this story are completely unprofessional, unfiltered, and unrelenting. They will touch subjects, create hypothetical scenarios, and retell their wildest encounters with retail shoppers. Warnings for this journal include, but are not limited to:  crude and vulgar language, poking fun at the elderly, talking smack to Karens with pixie cuts, pulling 'used' boxers from public toilets, liberal amounts of facepalming, conversing with co-workers about ole crocs-and-socks dude walking up Aisle Three, and much more.

Copyright © 2020 astone2292; All Rights Reserved.

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Absolutely love this journal!!  I have reminisced a lot over things you guys have posted... It has brought back some funny memories!  It does us all good to get things out....  Relieves a lot of stress!!!  Thanks guys!!  Much love and hugs for you both!!!:heart::worship:

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