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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 13. Chapter 3: The Dawn Approaches

Chapter 3: The Dawn Approaches



8:30pm Hogwarts


Dear Blaise,


I know of your true loyalties and of your reasons why, it was my job to watch for these things while you were at Hogwarts. I am writing because I know that you are there and that you must be preparing for an attack, what you do not know is that I am on your side. Deep inside Hogwarts there is a chamber that was once used as a safe house in time of danger. I know of this place because I once found it, now you must now find this place as well. Travel to the deeps wing under the great hall and keep turning left. If the castle walls are breeched you must get as many as you can there. To find it you must go alone to open it, the enchantments around it will not allow otherwise. I am sure you will do this as your lover and your child are counting on it.




“What do you make of this?” Blaise asked the figure lying in bed next to him

“That sounds like my Draco, always leaving a little guilt behind”

“Should I do it?”

“Why not?”

“Good point”

“Get some rest Blaise”

“You too Pans, I’m going to go look for this chamber, I’ll be right back” “ok”


With a soft kiss Blaise left his chambers and headed for the great hall.




8:30pm Southern Shores of Adendele


‘The ocean is the bluest I have ever seen’ Harry thought at the vast ocean before him

“Like it Harry?” Draco asked from beside him

The army have raced out the southern gates of Adendele Castle and headed right to the shores of their continent. Now they were resting before crossing through a large stone archway which to Harry looked eerily familiar to the arch that Sirius fell through. Through the Arch the sun was setting, it was very pretty.

‘Sometime we’ll have to come back here and watch this together’ Draco thought

“Yeah’ Harry thought back to him.

“Harry?” a new voice called out

“Ron?” Harry asked

“Yeah over here” Harry spotted Ron waving to him from the ground. Harry dismounted and gave him a quick hug. Hermione appeared out of nowhere and gave him a hug too

“You guys ready?” Harry asked

“Oh Harry!” Hermione exclaimed almost to tears “please be careful, we…” with a glaring look to Ron “wanted to say that we’re happy for you and we’re sure that everything will go fine. Ron has given some good battle strategies and everyone is prepared… basically we love you Harry”

“I love you guys too” Harry gave them both a hug again. “I promise I’ll be careful”

Harry mounted his Pegasus and with a look to Draco the trotted forward to the unknown, they came closer and closer to the arch, unlike the one in the ministry this one had no veil so you could see right through it, and watching the last vestiges of eventide they crossed through the arch.

Instantly like being startled from behind everything around them changed. They were indeed in the forest. Instantly more followed and soon orders were being shouted

“Scouts check the perimeter” Orion ordered

“Confirm out position” Ru commanded

“Setup command camp here…” Acarna pointed

In a fury of movement the camp was setup thousands of elves made camp and tents were thrown up in haste.

“Sir” an elf addressed Draco “the perimeter is clear, Lord Voldemort’s army has not yet reached Hogsmeade sir, airborne troops report clear skies over the forest, but report a large airborne mass heading for Hogsmeade at great speed.”

“Thank you, dismissed”

“Sir” the elf said and walked away

‘What do you suppose the back mass is?’

‘Dementors’ Harry thought back

‘What do we do? I cannot send troops to Hogsmeade the re isn’t secure enough to make a good front we must form t the castle’ Draco thought deeply

‘Send me’

‘WHAT! No!’ Draco protested

‘I can summon a Patronus’ Harry thought

“It’s too dangerous I cannot allow it” Draco actually spoke out loud

“What’s too dangerous?” Orion asked

“I can summon something that can stop that mass from hitting the town” Harry spoke to Orion

“Then why isn’t he going?” Ron asked coming into the command camp

“Draco I’m going” Harry said to Draco

Something bout the way he said it or maybe it was the fire behind his eyes, but Draco knew that he couldn’t stop Harry; he had to let him go.

‘Harry, I cannot send a guard with you, you will give away our position you have to go alone, after you summon it you will be vulnerable you must get into the woods and return here before dawn’

‘Piece of cake’


Harry launched himself into Draco’s arms and together they embraced what might be their final time

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine” Harry said as he mounted his Pegasus.

“Be careful Harry”

With all eyes watching him Harry took off out of the cover of Trees, into the night he flew the moon lighting his way, ahead of him was the many towers and turrets of Hogwarts and beyond was his target… Hogsmeade

“C’mon Blaise” Draco muttered as he watched his mate fly off into danger




8:40pm Below the Great Hall/ Hogwarts


“I don’t even know why I trust that little bastard; he seemed all doped out on Voldie-shorts to me… I bet he tricked me… just wasting my time…” Blaise was talking to himself he had barely been out of bed before he started complaining he turned right and found a staircase downward… down… down… down… down… he went, another right along a long corridor. There were no portraits or paintings the torches strained to light as he passed. He found another set of stairs down… down… down… down… a door

“Fucking won’t open” Blaise swore out loud




Pieces of wood showered him as he then looked at the gaping hole that once was a door, with a smirk he pulled out his wand and with a quick Lumos entered




8:50pm Astronomy Tower/ Hogwarts


“Back here again?”

“Neville! You startled me!” Ginny cried

“Well you weren’t in the common room after dinner I thought that you might have come back here” Neville said

“I don’t know why I’m here, I keep waiting for something” Ginny said “it’s like I’m keeping watch or something”

“Is it alright if I keep watch with you?” Neville stuttered

“Yes…” Ginny said with a smile and pulled him to her.

“Looks all clear over Hogsmeade” Neville joked

“It’s so dark you wouldn’t be able to see anything anyways, McGonagall couldn’t convince the villagers to leave, and they’ll probably see anything coming anyways.”

“How bout over the lake?”

“Well let’s see…” she shimmied with Neville round the tower so that they were looking over the lake “looks like water to me” she teased

“But what about that…” he pointed to the lake, there was a little white speck moving across the surface

“That looks like a reflect…” but the last words were erased from her mouth s she looked up to see a set of hooves race past her face she and Neville turned around to see the form of stark white Pegasus race towards Hogsmeade as if hell were racing it

“Oculus” Ginny pointed her want to her face “Zoom spell”

“That’s an elven Pegasus, the elves are here, quick lets get McGonagall…” she continued

“Wait… what’s it doing?” Neville asked

Ginny zoomed towards Hogsmeade

“I don’t know there’s nothing there I can’t see anything its all black… wait a sec…”

“Vox” She said “night vision mode” she chuckled “don’t know why I didn’t think of this”

“What do you see?” Neville

“There’s our elf… there’s the village… and…” She dropped her wand

“What is it?”

“RUN” she commanded as she scooped up her wand and without a thought started blasting red sparks into the sky “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!”




8:52pm Skies over Hogwarts


“Damn it” Harry dove so he was mere feet above the ground. He was hoping nobody would see him but the second the red sparks went up all eyes would be looking his way and he couldn’t have that his Pegasus skimmed the ground as he flew over the gates and headed for Hogsmeade.



8:55pm Deep Below Hogwarts


“Fucking Fuck” Blaise swore

He had fallen over a stone sticking up in the floor, in this tunnel there were no more torches

“Who goes there?” a new voice said

“Who’s there?” Blaise said

“Ahh… good sir, over here...” Blaise looked up to see what looked like a frame of a painting but it was covered in dust.

Blaise walked over to it and with a quick cleaning spell revealed a painting of a handsome young man bout early thirties with black hair and stunning blue eyes. Blaise actually thought for a minute it was a painting of Harry; he looked so much like him.

“That’s a good lad, now what are you doing in these dark and frightening halls”

“I’m Blaise, my friend told me to come down here, and he said the castle was in great danger”

“I See, so you are here to protect the castle?” the painting asked

“I am”

“Good enough, My name is Salazar Slytherin and I guard the room behind me”

“Sweet Merlin! Are you really Salazar Slytherin?”

“I am… but I hardly think that…”

“Fuck!” Blaise swore again “Fucking Hell, Fuck me… This is… Oh Fuck…”

“I see you have an extensive vocabulary, must be a Hufflepuff” that snapped Blaise back to reality

“No, I’m in Slytherin”

“Well then c’mon and open me up” and with that the painting opened. Blaise pulled it open and stepped inside.




8:58pm Hogsmeade


Harry trotted down the street of Hogsmeade, nobody was alerted, and although there was now a ruckus going on at the castle it appeared that the townsfolk were unaware of the black mass approaching down the nearest mountainside.

Harry jumped off his Pegasus and barged into the Three Broomsticks, It was packed outside and it looked like people were trying to get warm and enjoy themselves. Madam Rosemerta approached him; she must have not recognized him in his full battle elven armor.

“Err… can I help you sir?”

“The town is under attack, there is a passageway through Honeydukes’s cellar to get to Hogwarts the rest of you must go on foot.”

Everyone just stood there


Suddenly the piercing scream of a woman echoed through the walls, instantly mass chaos erupted as everyone tried to leave at once. Harry raced back into the streets, he felt the temperature drop as a swarm of Dementors rushed into the streets.

Harry pulled out his wand and with the smile of Draco in his mind shouted

“Expecto Patronum!”

The force behind his spell was unexpected but suddenly Prongs burst out of his want almost ten times larger then ever before. He gave a quick wink to Harry before bolting down the street charging the dementors. Harry hopped back onto his Pegasus. Glancing towards the dementors he saw that they were no match for his Patronus and he gave a quick smile. Instantly his scar burned

‘He’s here’ Harry thought

‘RUN!’ a voice popped into his head


Suddenly Harry saw a fleet of Dragons approaching

‘Harry RUN!’


Harry turned around and with a burst of speed took off towards Hogwarts as if hell itself was following him… as it turned out hell happened to be three very large Dragons.




9:03pm Deep Below Hogwarts


“What the fuck is this place” Blaise said

“This place is the defense system put in place by me” Salazar said coming into a new painting that was clear

Blaise was standing in a small chamber with about six blank canvases on the walls of a circular chamber

“What the fuck does it do?”

“Do you always have to swear?” Salazar asked

“Do you always have to be a prick Sal?” Salazar looked murderous

“SYSTEM ACTIVATE” Salazar said giving Blaise a glare

Instantly the six canvases were no longer blank they looked like windows looking outside the castle from the astronomy tower.

“Find hostile targets” Salazar said again

Instantly the windows looked towards Hogsmeade zoomed and Three Dragons and a Pegasus glowed in red

“There you have it” Salazar said “you have four targets”

“The Dragons are chasing the Pegasus… why?”

“That Pegasus is elvish, you can tell from the battle armor” Salazar said

“How do I stop the dragons?”

“Just point your wand at them and say a spell”


His spell passed into the canvas and struck down the Dragon who fell from the sky and landed with a sickening crunch onto the ground below

“Stupefy… Stupefy!” the remaining two dragons met the same fate”

“Excellent job” Salazar said

“That was fucking awesome, holy fuck was that real? Was that fucking real?

“It was fucking real” Salazar sighed

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