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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 1. Chapter 1: Destiny The Beginning


When the bumblebee pulls out the stinger

When the darkness is revealed at last

The bee dies, but the hopes does still linger

That the poison will still seep in fast

But be wary to the young wizard hero

His journey has yet only begun

His path is the path that we’ll go

Until his destiny’s won

The elves will unite in his plight

And one last warning before this is done

As our hero approaches the light

The greater his shadow becomes


Chapter 1: Destiny, The Beginning

The wind had begun to pick up leaves blowing around the grounds of Malfoy Manor. The late august wind held a slight chill in the air as a storm was approaching. Rain droplets gently fell onto the dirt and dissipated as fresh ones fell on top of them. Lightning cracked across the sky contrasting in sharp relief as night became day, exposing breathtaking views of the grounds that extended to the lake and around the great perimeter wall that lead to the huge wrought iron gate bearing the Malfoy crest, before returning to blackness again.

Through the sounds of clasping thunder and the shifting wind, the sounds of gravel shifting under feet could be heard. Soft steps though the blackness, and then once again in sharp relief a flash of light revealed several hooded figures standing on the grounds that were empty only moments before, only to plunge into total darkness once again.

On the highest point of the grounds Malfoy Manor stood like a beacon with it magically aglow. The figures approached swiftly wasting no time making it to the front door. Boots echoed heavily on the front marble steps as wands were drawn.

Ten yards below their boots a figure was huddled in complete darkness, he was naked and covered in bruises. He had been beaten and touched, tortured and brought to the edge of insanity. He was chained to the wall by his legs and the great number of lash marks, if could be seen through the darkness would have appeared like angry red marks across his pale skin and blurred with the covering of blood smears. He hadn’t heard the voice calling to him, at first he thought it was a dream when he heard his name.



Draco opened his eyes, it was dark and a voice was calling to him. He frantically looked around the pitch blackness looking for the source of the voice. It was cold and he didn’t know where he was anymore.


Suddenly a bight light was pointed in his eyes. Blinding him to the fore but illuminating his surroundings. He recognized the familiar surroundings of the Malfoy dungeons but could not see the person in front of him. Suddenly the memories came flooding back; Dumbledore dying and being taken to Voldemort. He had failed his mission to kill Albus Dumbledore and had been tortured for it and after several sessions of “crucios” his mind had snapped and he had started cursing Voldemort and pledged his allegiance to the light, or much more importantly his death.

“Do you know what tonight is?” the voice asked him

Draco had long lost the ability to speak; his silence indicated that he didn’t know

“Today is your birthday, and ironically the day you die.”

Draco didn’t seem to be able to care anymore, his spirit was broken. He had been locked away and was tortured for almost two months.

“What a disgrace you have become my son…”

“Mother” Draco managed to croak out, now he remembered that voice

“Voldemort will come for you himself shortly.” And suddenly he was plunged into darkness once more.

Silently Draco shut his eyes and listened to his breathing, in and out… in and out… and as his mind wandered as he fought back the tears of distress he thought

“Harry… I’m sorry”

Suddenly alarms began to sound; his senses heightened ‘someone has broken through the wards.’

Chaos ensued as death eaters ran past his cell and started to scatter.

Draco tried to see more through the dark but was blinded by the light when the torches were suddenly lit and several figures came into view, Draco’s vision swam as he tried to focus on the boots of the person in front of him.

“This cannot be right, are you sure we came to the right place Ori?”

“Of course Sage I am sure, Lord Zasuan was very specific… this must be it”

“Yes but where is he?” asked the third then all three glanced down

“OH MY!” one exclaimed as he waved his arm over the chains binding Draco to the wall as another reached into his robes and pulled out many vials and selecting a few proceeded to pour them down Draco’s throat without protest. The last lifted Draco into his arms and looked deep into his eyes.

“It’s Him,” the one called Ori said “he has Nico’s eyes.”

“Then let’s go,” a voice called.

They suddenly disappeared into the night as a clasp of thunder sounded, and just as Lord Voldemort himself came around the corner.

“WHERE IS HE?” Voldemort roared.

Several death eaters did not survive the night…

Draco opened his eyes and immediately felt warmth around him, he was lying in the most comfortable bed he had ever slept in, it was either that or he had slept on the floor far too long.

“Awwwww,” he moaned in protest as his body was trying to wake up.

“Good Morning… I was beginning to think you would not wake,” A voice said from his left.

Draco turned his head to see a figure huddled in the corner of the room almost masked in shadow, he stepped forward to reveal a man with a handsome face wearing a shiny golden circlet on his head that was woven with a very intricate gold pattern that seemed to be wrapped into his hair somehow, it took a few moment for his eyes to adjust as he also realized that the man was scantily and his chest was exposed but also seemed to be discretely covering his nipples and appeared to be wearing some sort of cape.

“Where am I?” Draco asked in a fairly coarse voice, after screaming every night after being put under the crucius curse, he didn’t think it would ever be the same.

“You are disoriented, this is the second or third time you have asked me that” the man said

“Where?” Draco insisted

“It’s hard to explain but you are in another magical realm of existence, this place is known as Adendele, it is the magical realm of the elves.” The man said

At this point Draco realized that the man before him was actually an elf the elf approached him and placed a hand onto his forehead.

“Your fever is down, that’s good.”

“Who are you?” Draco asked

“My name is Orion Firebrush; I am the newly appointed captain of the imperial guards.”

“Did you bring me here?” Draco asked

“Yes I did, I was a member of the group of elves sent to rescue you.”


“That is a question better answered to someone else, I have to leave for a moment, and will you be alright by yourself?”

Draco merely nodded as Orion disappeared behind a set of doors.

Draco looked around; he appeared to be in the most elaborately decorated of bedrooms. He was lying in a four poster bed, his wounds had dressings on them and the sheets were made from the finest quality fabrics he had ever felt. Everything was furnished in greens which were his favorite colors. The room was truly spectacular he could see a door that looked like it might lead to a balcony and another set of doors that he had a feeling that they were to a bathroom; he couldn’t shake the feeling like he had been here before.

Suddenly the doors opened again and Orion was back with a far more decorated elf with him. This elf had the air of superiority and seemed timeless he couldn’t even begin to guess how old he was.

“My Lord,” Orion said to the older elf “this is the young man you asked for, we found him just like you said and in the condition that you predicted, he has been treated as you requested, is there anything else you require of me?”

“You have done fine work Orion, as you have done in the past and you may leave in a moment, but first I have some introductions for you.”

“As you wish it my lord” Orion bowed deeply in respect and the rose to his full height.

The older elf then walked to Draco and leaned in close and with a deep sniff in the air backed away slightly and then smiled.

“Hello my child, what do you call yourself?”

“Draco Malfoy”

“Draco…I see… and how old are you Draco?”

“I guess I am seventeen.”

“Good, good… do you know where you are?”

“Adele Castle??”

“Adendele Castle very good,” the new elf bowed in acknowledgement to Orion.

“But I don’t know where that is.”

“Oh, well that is no matter, my name is Lord Zasuan Phoenix I am High Lord of all the Elven Realms, and this is my home.”

“My Lord, it is an honor to meet you.” Draco said attempting to bow in his position but ending rasping back into the bed in his weakened condition.

“My child, relax… no such formalities will be needed from you.”

“As you wish it,” Draco said bring his pureblood knowledge to the fore.

Lord Zasuan laughed heartily at Draco for a moment before turning to Orion

“Do I always intimidate people so?”

“I think so my lord,” Orion said smiling which cause Zasuan to laugh even harder.

“Draco, I’ll come straight to the point, around your seventeenth birthday as you were coming into your magical inheritance which allowed us to find you, you were undergoing some changes, your magical signature changes and it proved that you are no Malfoy. You’re not even a real wizard. You are an elf.”

“But I am a pureblooded wizard.”

“No, The Malfoy’s had a child named Draco but it died shortly after birth. Distraught after the loss and the fall of Lord Voldemort he was here in this castle trying to get the elves to side with his lord when the Dark Lord fell. He stole an Elven baby and took it back to his realm. He used potions and glamours to hide what it really was. Now I have returned you to your rightful home”

“Who am I really?” Draco asked

“You are Lord Draco Phoenix, my only son.”

Orion gasped nearly as loud as Draco did. Orion turned his heard and coughed to cover it, but something dark flashed behind his eyes as Lord Zasuan continued.

“My Lord, are you sure? He doesn’t look a thing like you.”

Lord Zasuan merely leaned over to Draco and waved his hand over his face.

To say the experience was odd was an understatement. Draco felt pieces of his skin dissolving away and felt his hair grow inches down to his shoulders, but the oddest sensation was feeling his ears extended upwards as his hearing became more acute.

Orion looked on in shock then nodded and bowed respectfully at the new heir.

“Have I been here before, In this room?” Draco asked

“This was your childhood room yes… why?”

“I remember it.”

Zasuan smiled at Draco

“It has been far too long since you have been acquainted with it and perhaps Orion could give you a tour, tomorrow… for now you rest”

“Lulo” Lord Zasuan waved his hand over Draco’s eyes and Draco could not resist the coming darkness as he suddenly fell asleep.

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Hmmm this is different and sounds like it could be very intriguing hehe.

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