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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 2. Chapter 2: The New Prince

Draco woke to the sounds of birds chirping and was fitfully surprised when he opened his eyes and found himself in a strange new room.

‘It wasn’t a dream,’ his mind raced.

“It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it,” Orion said coming from around a corner, he added when he saw the look on Draco’s face “I heard you awaken.”

“I keep thinking this isn’t real… you are real aren’t you?” Draco asked.

“I suppose this must be a little surreal… and yes I am real,” Orion said.

“Tell me about this place,” Draco said relaxing back into his covers “please” he added as an afterthought

Orion smiled “Adendele is a wonderful place, you’ll love it here… we’re in the castle that lies in the heart of the capital city named Adendele (eh den del ee)”

The doors to his room suddenly opened and Lord Zasuan himself came striding in with a huge smile on his face

“Draco, how are you?” he came in stopping once he reached Draco’s side

“I am better now,” Draco said “I think I want to get out of bed.”

Lord Zasuan merely nodded and giving Draco a hand helped him out of the bed and on two shaky feet Draco managed to hobble across the room and into a chair.

“Thanks,” Draco said.

Lord Zasuan merely smiled “I think those potions are working Orion, perhaps we might get him outside today?”

“I think so milord,” Orion said.

“Draco, I sent word to your mother, she is coming straight away to see you, but it might take her a few days to reach us… for the time being I think it’s best if you take a couple of the horses and go for a ride around town and see the sights and stretch your legs.” Lord Zasuan said “you do know how to ride?”

“Yes we had horses back at the manor,” Draco said shivering.

“Well you’ll never have to go back there,” Lord Zasuan said “I know this must be a lot to take in… there is little we can do, I guess you will have to make peace with yourself here.” Lord Zasuan pointed at his heart

“Thank you” Draco said biting back some tears

“Good then… Orion,” Lord Zasuan said “I am placing you and your two commanders as Lord Draco’s personal bodyguards.” He turned “Draco, I wish I could stay longer but I many things I need to do I will come back as soon as I can.”

“You can count on me, my lord,” Orion said.

Lord Zasuan smiled as he shut the door.

“Lord Draco … I…”

“Orion Please,” Draco put up a hand to silence him. Images of servants bowing yelling ‘master Draco…Master Draco…’ flashed in his mind and a cold sweat broke across his back. “Call me Draco, just Draco… I have just discovered all of this at the same time as you and I would I’d prefer Draco... just Draco. It’s just more comfortable. I was raised into thinking I was something I was not, no wonder why my parents… before it was all I could have hoped for… but now I… Oh wait… never mind…”

“Draco, this is you home, I remember when you were born, I watched over you and I remember when you were taken. You’ll fit in again… I promise.”

“Thank you Orion could you help me out this chair, it is far too comfortable for its own good, everything here is comfortable.”

Orion smiled and helped Draco out of bed Draco stretched out and rubbed his sore muscles.

“Perhaps you’d like to bathe and cleanup before exploring, if you are quick I daresay we could explore most of the village by nightfall.”

Draco wasted no time showering in one of the most glorious bathrooms he had ever seen, even better than the prefect’s bath back in Hogwarts, and changing into some elven clothes that took a few tries to get his size just right. It took him quite a while to adjust to his new features, he still looked like himself but he looked softer, more ethereal and the ears. He and Orion ate lunch in his quarters. They were about to leave when Draco asked a question

“If we go out, will people recognize me as royalty?”


“What if we dressed me up as a guard like you?”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“It would be a disguise for my protection; after everything that’s happened; I don’t really like attention drawn onto myself.”

A small smile appeared on Orion’s face “we can do that if you wish… but you know if you ever need to talk about what happened, I’ll listen to Draco… just Draco.”

“Thanks… and when we meet my other guards I could just be introduced as another recruit.”

“Why don’t you spend today as a new recruit and meet all the other recruits and spend today getting to know how the people act.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

“Good I just insist that you always wear this signet that signifies that you are of royal blood, don’t worry it can be hidden under your uniform,” Orion handed his the large metal chest piece and connected the chain around his neck.

“Ok sounds good.”

“Good throw this on.” Orion threw Draco a recruit’s uniform

Orion led Draco through some hallways of the castle before leading his down and out into a courtyard

“The training grounds are held within the castle walls… cross through here and you will enter the grounds”

“Okay,” Draco said.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.”

“Good now I’ll be there for most of the time, your other guards will be arriving shortly after you start and will escort you back.

“Now run or you’ll be late.”

“ATTENTION!” a voice yelled just as Draco jumped into line

Draco stood straight as an arrow in a line of 20 young elves his age. A training officer was directing them


“YES SIR!” they chorused

“EACH OF YOU GRAB A STAFF” there was a staff lying on the ground in front of each student they bent down and picked them up


Out of the line a fairly large elf stepped forward.

“Very well, approach.” The instructor said

The elf lunged at the instructor in a flurry of blows and he held remarkably well. Draco gulped knowing that he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of either of them.

Suddenly the larger elf lost his footing and in a swift move the instructor had him pinned. Then with a blow knocked the wind out of him leaving the elf helpless on the ground then he raised the staff above his head a landed a blow across his midsection and the elf cried out in pain he raised it again and brought it down aiming for his head when suddenly


A staff deflected it out of the way; Draco had rushed forward at lightning speed to defend the elf

“So you think you are my match do you?” the instructor said

“No, but I will not allow you to hurt that boy anymore”

“Very well you can take his place.”

Draco glanced at Orion to silence him as he noticed he was about to protest. Draco backed away and went into a defensive stance.

The instructor flew at him with everything he had but just as the instructor was about to get to him time seemed to slow down. Draco looked around… it was as if everything was going in slow motion

‘this is amazing’ he thought as he easily dodged the attack and in one quick movement disarmed the instructor and brought him onto his knees and had the instructor in a choke hold in the blink of an eye.

“Do you yield?” Draco asked

“Yes” the instructor gasped

“Good, attacking someone while they’re down is a rotten scummy thing to do.” Draco said as he went to help the larger elf up who looked at him in adoration. There was some murmuring around the students as Draco headed back to the students.

“I CHALLENGE YOU!” the instructor roared

Orion stepped forward and held a hand up

“Adam Loon I must protest, this is unheard of.”


“I cannot permit…”

“Orion I apologize for interrupting I feel I must insist that this duel take place, as Mr. Loon here has insulted my honor as he beat a fallen student.” Draco said “I have to do this.”

“I do not believe you are aware that Mr. Loon is our finest sword master.”

“Then it will be an honor to be beat by the best, might I borrow your sword captain?”

Orion reluctantly handed Draco his sword. Amongst the murmuring of the students

“On the count of three then” Orion said “1…2…”

…But before three ever came out Loon darted at Draco with his sword unfurled and in a blur of blades they fought. Draco had been taught fencing ever since he was a little boy, but this was different with his elven powers time seemed to stand still and his movements became almost fluid like. After about three minutes of the fiercest sword battle ever done on training grounds the clanging came to a halt Draco had disarmed Mr. Loon and had his sword to his throat

“Do you yield?”

“Yes” the instructor spat at Draco

“Good” Draco lowered his sword but caught off guard Mr. Loon pulled out a dagger and plunged at his chest. The blade struck his royal signet plate and shattered. Draco grabbed the man by the arm and then threw him at Orion

“Arrest this man, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think he’s fit to train these recruits.” One of the guards shouted

Orion simply nodded and said to the class


Instantly pandemonium broke out as the all went to shake Draco’s hand.

“I’ve never seen fighting like that…”

“What’s your name?”

“What happened to the dagger?”

“Ok… ok… hold on” Draco protested but before he could say anything one of the elves tapped his chest and felt the metal plate.

“He’s got a metal plate over his chest.”

He felt someone tugging at the button to his uniform and suddenly he watched everyone step back as his signet was exposed every student dropped to their knees and put their heads to the ground.

“I’m sorry to scare you like that… please get up.”

A few of the heads looked up from the ground and slowly the elves collected themselves and stood in shock and awe

My name is Lord Draco Mal…Phoenix I have returned, I wanted to see how you were learning, and now I am glad I have come and met you all.”

“Look, I decided to come in disguise so nobody would judge me, or treat me differently. I wanted to prevent people think of me as something I am not”

“My Lord,” one of the elves said he noticed it was the larger elf he saved “you are honorable and brave it would be an honor to fight for you.”

“The honor is mine” Draco smiled stood and waved to the class as he was escorted out by Orion and two very shocked looking commanders.

Orion escorted Draco back to his chambers and once inside he shut and locked the doors

“Draco, these men are my seconds, and members of your personal guard. They are Twfen.” Orion indicated to a young handsome elf “and Solstice.” They were both dressed in forest green armor with silver plating; however Solstice’s armor was covered in a black cloak that concealed most of his face.

“Why is Solstice concealed?”

“Solstice is a member of the Secret Imperial Police. His identity must not be revealed to the general public and most of the staff.”

“Since we are in private could you remove it?” Draco asked

Solstice looked to Orion who gave a small nod and he turned back to Draco and slowly removed his hood, to reveal a very somber looking elf.

“Might I ask Lord Draco, where id you learn to fight like that?” Orion asked

“I don’t know, time seemed to slow down for me, it was an odd feeling.”

“Our young prince here might carry the Hal-Erwnex” Twfen said

“What is the Hal-Erwnex?”

“Err…” Twfen said “it’s how you say in English… “Time magic?”

“It’s having innate magic that allows you to see what your opponent does before he does it. The last elf to possess this power died almost 60 years ago. And there is only one other know to exist.” Solstice said

“Who is the other?”

“Our intelligence informs us that he is a wizard, and his name is Harry Potter”

Draco spent the rest of his time speaking to his guard until there was a knock on his door. Instantly Solstice covered himself and moved to the corner and Twfen went to answer the door.

“Lord Draco’s presence is requested at dinner by Lord Zasuan and Lady Talenna.” A startled young girl said as the door was opened. Twfen stepped aside so she could address Draco

“I will be right down, thank you.”

“Your lordship is most welcome,” she hurriedly shut the door.

“You might want to change out of those clothes Draco,” Orion said.

“What should I wear?”

Orion moved to his wardrobe and pulled out some clothes and threw then to Draco and pointed to the bathroom. Draco hurriedly ran inside and quickly got changed when suddenly there was a loud shriek and a very flustered Draco came storming out in a bathrobe over his clothes.

“I AM NOT WEARING THIS,” Draco shouted at Orion.

“Draco, those are customary dress robes.”

“It looks like a bloody dress and it is completely too revealing.” Draco lowered the bathrobe and revealed a gold dress robe; elven robes unlike human robes weren’t designed for modesty. It was very tight and had his midriff and most of his back exposed. It was elegant, but Draco still felt uncomfortable with this part of his elven heritage.

“I must say you look very fine,” Twfen said.

“That robe is most fitting,” Solstice answered.

Draco just shot them a glance and Orion directed them out of Draco’s room and out into the castle.

“Adendele Castle was built by the elves over two thousand years ago in this realm. It was shaped like a ring and over time many towers and turrets were built around it. The surrounding village was built over time. Most of our functions can be done from within the castle, as you know the training grounds are held inside. Inside the center of the castle is the inner courtyard called the Sanctuary of Light, you will not find a safer place on earth, and it is also where all of our weddings are held. You will find that there are no doors or windows leading to the inner courtyard, only the king himself can open the wall to get inside.”

“Where are we now?”

“Your rooms…” Twfen continued “are on the third floor, there are six floors total though you will find many towers that stretch much higher than that.”

“You went to Hogwarts correct?” Solstice asked

“Yes why?”

“You will find that this castle is much larger, and harder to travel around, at key points around the castle we have gating mirrors that you say your destination to and it will send you to that part of the castle. As it happens we will not be using one today as most of your living quarters are near each other and are over the training grounds, but if I were to show you our snitch field you would have to take a gate mirror otherwise you’d be walking for a long time.”

“Where is the dining room from here?”

“We will take the stairs down to the second floor which is the main living quarters for your parents, most of their private rooms are on that floor. So is the dining room, will be there in a second.”

“Where is the nearest gating mirror?”

“Right there” Orion pointed ahead of there. Two elven guards dressed in full war armor stood in frond of a large ornate mirror that stood almost floor to ceiling, it was large enough to push a muggle car through.”

“How do they work?”

“Well I suppose we could use it.” Twfen said

The approached the guards who saluted and stepped aside for Orion

“Orion Firebrush escorting group to the Master Dining Room” Orion put his palm on the mirror which instantly rippled like a pebble striking the still surface of a pond, and through the ripples he saw what looked like a dining room and before he knew it he was standing inside a grand dining room about the size of Hogwarts great hall.

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