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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 6. Chapter 6: STORM

You'll notice a change of structure, this is where my secondary edits stopped.

Chapter 6: STORM!


3:35pm 12 Grimmwauld Place/ Kitchen


Harry had just seen Snape out the floo and was about to make himself a snack when the flames flared back to life and the forms of Hermione and Ron fell onto the floor in a heap. With a sigh and a slight smile Harry went over and gave Hermione a hand getting up. She immediately launched herself at him in a bone crunching hug.

“Harry!” She exclaimed “we’ve missed you so much, you’ve gotten taller” she said giving Harry the once over with her eye. ‘Harry has certainly come into his magical inheritance’ she thought

“Good to see you mate” Ron said “we decided to stay and have an early dinner; we didn’t know what you had for food here”

Harry smiled; all Ron ever thought about was food.

“Harry, you had us all worried, what have you been up to?” Hermione asked

“Hermione, what do you know about the ‘Elven Realm?’”

“OHH!” she exclaimed “I’ve read all about them, it is said to have been formed before even our realm, the capital city is Adendele and it is said to be over thre… oh sorry… what particularly did you want to know”

Harry and Ron stopped glaring at her and Harry continued

“I want to know if you and Ron want to go there tomorrow.”

“Why do you want to go there?”

“Do you know what these are?” Harry pointed out the trophy and the locket sitting on the table

“Nope Ron said through a stuffed mouth” he had apparently found some cookies in the cupboard.

“No, what are they?” Hermione asked

“Well this is going to be a long story, it goes like this…” Harry said




3:55pm 12 Skies over Adendele


“Sire we must turn soon.” Orion said

“Why!” Draco called back

The Pegasus’s were roaring through the sky. Draco was admiring the view of his new land.

“My lord ahead of us is the Plains of Fire, the intense heat makes it impassible to fly across we must go around.”

Draco looked ahead to see blackening smoke in the distance. It indeed appeared as if the ground was on fire.

“Which way do we go?” Draco asked

“We could go left and head toward the temporal storm or we could go right and over Mt. Eurious but that would take almost twice as long.”

“Then we go to the temporal storm”

“Sir the Pegasus’s need rest” Twfen said

“Then lets rest on that mountain top” Draco said pointing downwards”

“Yes sir” the elves chorused



9:43am 12 Grimmwauld Place/ Back Lawn


Harry spent most of the night explaining everything that happened to Hermione and Ron and in the end they agreed to go with him to the elven realm. Hermione looked excited and room seemed a bit skeptical. They kicked off from the ground and doing their very best to avoid being seen soared over the nearest cloud and were out of sight.

“Due east” Harry called

“How long do we have to keep this up?” Hermione asked

Harry couldn’t help notice Hermione looked a little green on her broomstick.

“It’ll be alright Hermione, Ron won’t let anything happen to you I’m sure” Harry called.

Sure enough Ron was flying close to her making sure nothing happened to her.




10:30am Forsaken Mountains


“Are we set to go?” Draco asked Solstice

“The camp is pack and Twfen is preparing the harness as we speak”

“Good I wish to get off the ground as soon as possible”

Solstice bowed and ran to help Twfen Draco looked into the distance and saw one of the most menacing clouds he had ever seen. It towered taller than a thunderstorm and was as black as night with lightning seemingly radiating off of it.

“Why do I have the feeling that’s where we are heading?” Draco said to himself




11:50am Edge of the Temporal Chasm


“How much longer do we have to keep riding, my ass is killing me” Ron whined

“Watch your language” Hermione snapped

“I don’t know” Harry said “the midday sun is approaching and I don’t see any portal”

“Well this was a waste of time” Ron said “lets just head back”

“Yeah maybe” Harry said slowing to a halt

They sat still in the air for a few minutes

“Do you see anything Ron?” Harry called

“Do you think we should head back Hermione?”

“Hermione?” Harry turned to look at Hermione, but Hermione wasn’t looking at him, she was looking behind him. Slowly Harry turned around to see what she was looking at

“Oh shit”



11:50am Edge of the Temporal Chasm


“Oh shit” Draco said

They were nearing the edge of the temporal storm and the winds made him hold tightly to his Pegasus as if his life were dependant on it.

“We’re almost through it Draco” Orion called

“That’s nice!” Draco yelled back sarcastically “why do we have to fly so close?”

“We’re still over the plains of fire see…” Orion pointed down… “It’s only the wind keeping us cool.”

Draco held on tight

“But we don’t want to get too close otherwise we’ll get sucked in” Twfen said

Just at that moment a strong gust of wind hit Draco causing him to lose his balance at the same time he hit a cloud. Instantly he was sucked into the storm.

“DRACO!” Orion shouted instantly flying in after him, Solstice and Twfen followed close behind




11:50am Edge of the Temporal Chasm


“Oh shit”

Those were Harry’s final words before he saw a cloud as black as night with more lightning then he had ever seen fly right into him and he was almost knocked off his broom form the force. He had seen Ron grab Hermione just before hand. Now he was fighting to keep control.

He urged his broom into the storm through the lighting flashed he tried to remain upright. Suddenly he looked down as saw fire. Panic spread through him but it was like the storm was pushing him downward. Suddenly he saw some trees in the distance and started flying towards them. He was over them when suddenly he looked up and thing he saw was a flash of hair before something slammed into him knocking him off his broom and sending him into the canopy of trees below.




7:50pm Forest of Sorrow/ Edge of the Temporal Chasm


“MY LORD!” Orion screamed

They had been searching the forest and areas around and through the storm and no sign of Draco had been found.

“Orion, maybe he… he didn’t make it” Twfen said

Orion grabbed Twfen and slapped him across the face

“Don’t you dare say that, we keep looking”

“Orion” Solstice said in a gentle voice “he’s gone; we need to go back and inform the king”

“Just five more minutes please” Orion Pleaded “we haven’t check up here yet” he said wiping away the tears.

They fought their way through the trees and were about to head back to the Pegasus’s when sudden

“OVER THERE!” Orion pointed and ran off into the distance

Twfen and Solstice followed until the came upon Orion he had found Draco’s Pegasus, Draco was not with it. Next to the Pegasus were the forms of two unconscious wizards, a male and a female.

“He’s not here” Orion said with his tears forming again. “I though he’d be here”

“Solstice tie those wizards to the Pegasus, we are returning to Adendele” Twfen said

“Come Orion, we need to get home”



7:10am Forest of Sorrow



Harry opened his eyes, everything was blurry, he checked to see if he still had his glasses, which he did. Then he noticed he was looking up into trees. Sitting up carefully doing his best to ignore his body’s protests he glanced around. He seemed to be in the middle of a forest but he didn’t know where. Did he make it to the elven realm he wondered. Suddenly he spotted what looked like a pair of feet and he got up and rushed over to them.

Laying face down was a body of a person, turning it over he discovered it was an elf. He checked to see if they were breathing, they were.

“Wake up” Harry shook the elf

“WAKE UP!” Harry said louder, but the elf wouldn’t budge.

Looking at the elf Harry felt something stir inside him, this elf was probably the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and a part of him wanted to bend down and kiss it, but he didn’t know what was making him feel that way.

Deciding to distract himself he checked the elf over and determined he had a few broken ribs and a broken leg. He healed them with his wand the best he could and conjured a stretcher with his wand.

“I don’t know how seriously you’re injured and we can stay here.” Harry said to himself. Picking a random direction he headed north into the forest the elf in tow.




7:30am Adendele Castle/ Infirmary


Ron opened his eyes to see the white ceiling and for a second he thought he was back at Hogwarts. He felt a warm body next to him and realized Hermione was in bed with him. he turned to his side and snuggled next to her.

“Before you get too comfortable I have some questions for you.”

Startled Ron quickly turned over and saw himself face to face with an angry looking elf.

“Like how did you get into our realm?”

Ron visibly gulped

“Well you see, our friend Harry Potter told us how”

“I see” the elf said “and where is this Harry Potter now?”

“He came through with us, what do you mean? WHERE IS HE?” Ron said starting to panic.

“I’m sorry but we searched the area quite thoroughly and no trace of him was found”

Ron felt the tears swelling in his eyes, he felt an incredible pain in his chest and before he knew it he was sobbing uncontrollably. He felt a hand touch his shoulder gently. He looked up at the elf that was now comforting him.

“I lost someone too last night, who was also dear to me.”


“My son” and with that Lord Zasuan walked out of the infirmary




8:50am Forest of Sorrow


“I could be heading into nowhere and I wouldn’t know.”

“You’re not very talkative”

“These trees just keep getting bigger”

Harry had been talking to himself for over an hour walking north and still hadn’t figured out where he was going. There were no trails or marking of any kind to go off of. He was lost.

“HERMIONE!” Harry called

“RON!” no answer

“This is hopeless”

“Could you please stop shouting, you’re hurting my ears”

Harry spun around at the new voice but there was nobody in sight.

“Humans, what are YOU doing in our forest?”

“I’m looking for my friends; we came here looking for signs of Voldemort”

“I do not know this Voldemort, but what is this elf you are carrying.”

“Where are you?” Harry asked

“Right in front of you silly”

“Harry looked in front of him and only saw forest suddenly he realized he was looking into a pair of very yellow eyes. Backing up a step Harry realized he was looking at a much camouflaged elf wearing green battle armor and holding two daggers.

“I found this elf and I decided I couldn’t leave him, so I bright him with me.”

“Put him down and I will check him over.”

Harry complied and lowered the stretcher he watched the elf rush over and pour a potion down the elf’s throat. He looked him over and unbuttoned his shirt. The elf gasped

“What’s the matter?”

“Conjure that stretcher wizard and follow me”

Harry did so and followed the elf through the forest a short time before he found himself in what appeared to be a elven town, it was sparkling in fairy lights and half was settled in the trees and half were on the ground. There were many elves running about and almost all of them stopped to stare at him as he entered the town.

The elf started going up into the trees up elaborate ramps and platforms which Harry carefully followed and soon he found himself up into the canopy of trees.

Breaking through the canopy he gasped at the sight before him, what looked like a whole city had be carved and grown into the treetops. They were headed for a tree that stood over all the others.

Reaching the main tree some guards parted for them and they went inside this huge tree. Reaching the center Harry found himself in what appeared to be a throne room. Sitting on two elaborately carved chairs were two elves a male and a female who looked down on him in puzzlement

“BOW!” the guard who brought him in hit him behind the knees and in surprise Harry fell forward

“Your majesties I found this wizard heading into our realm, with him he had this Elf in tow. This elf bears the royal signet and clasp of the Phoenix.

The king hastily stood and rushed to the elf on the stretcher. He put his hands to his face and then placed a hand over the elf’s heart. A warm blue light emanated from his hands and suddenly the fallen elf opened his eyes and gasped

“Where am I? He asked

“You are in Treeknot, in the northern forest, you are safe now”

“How did I get here?”

“A human wizard carried you here.”


“Human” the elf king addressed “what is your name?”

“Harry Potter”

“Harry Potter?” Draco asked as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.


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