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The Elven Chronicles of Draco Malfoy - 9. Chapter 9: The Missing

Chapter 9: The Missing

Through the night sky they flew with incredible speed soaring though the clouds racing as if the whole world was against them, fleeing from an unknown foe. Harry clung to Draco’s back as they raced to the fire in the distance piercing the blackness of the sky. That light was Adendele City, the center of the elven race. Draco himself clung to the back of Saibeth and watched in horror as they were getting closer to see the fine details of the battle.

“It appears luck was with us” Lady Saibeth said solemnly “there was a hole in your defenses, the army as amassed there, we have not yet engaged our siege weapons, but the first battalion has rushed in attempt to take the wall, Elven forces are scattered but are grouping around the castle.”

“How soon till we are there?” Draco asked

“just a couple of minutes, till they see us” Saibeth said over her shoulder “just so you know as soon as I get over the city every single weapon you possess will fire at me, they know of Zaghan my personal royal transport. So hold tight we’re going to go in fast.”

At that moment they dove out of the sky literally freefalling. Harry felt his stomach go into his chest as they rocketed to the ground only to pull up at the last second whizzing past trees and breaking into a large clearing. There in front of them was the might of the dark elven army. Harry was horrorstruck as he saw hundred of thousands of elves converging on a single point in the wall. Through the army siege towers and catapults were preparing to fire. They raced past them and suddenly a bright light fired into the air.

“That’s a signal flare from one of my generals signaling me to land” Saibeth said “hold fast now”

With a burst of speed they raced over the remaining part of the army and over the walls of the city. Instantly as they crossed the sky was alight as every tower of the castle focused on them.

“Ok boys, ready for the jump?”


“Yes jump… fastest way down” Saibeth said

“Erg how?” Harry asked

“Well you’re a wizard aren’t you?” figure something out

Suddenly the dragon flipped upside down and Draco and Harry fell off. The dragon then dived and headed back outside the castle walls.

Wind was rushing around Harry and Draco and the somehow they managed to hold on to one another as they watched the ground quickly approach them. Harry looked up fro a brief second and looked into his companions eyes and suddenly time seemed to slow down. Their fall became a gentle glide and they landed on their feet still staring into one another’s eyes. Harry suddenly became transfixed on Draco’s lips when suddenly Harry saw a Dark elf with a sword take a swing at them but he was moving so slow it was easy to dodge. Suddenly time seemed to get back to normal speed.

“What just happened?” Harry asked

“I must find my father”

“What just happened?” Harry asked again

Draco looked around and saw they had landed in the central square of the city around all the shops.

“I’ll tell you later Potter” Draco turned to walk off

Harry suddenly blinked as if awakening from a trance, the tome of the voice the inflection... the familiar glances… the eyes…


Draco stopped and turned suddenly

“Yes?” Draco asked slowly

The shouting in the distance seemed to die down and all he could hear was his own heart beat. Slower and slower it thudded into his chest until time seemed to stop altogether. Harry saw the puzzled look on Draco’s face even as the swinging of his head was frozen in time leaving his long hair frozen in mid-motion.

Draco was Phoenix…

Phoenix was Draco…

Suddenly the pounding in his chest returned and there was suddenly a roar in his ears… time slowly returned to normal

“Draco…” Harry said again

“Harry… are you alright?” Draco asked worriedly

“You… you’re an elven prince…” Harry asked shakily

“Lucius stole me as a baby” Draco said

“Septumshampra!” Harry screamed into the night

Draco ducked and watched the curse blast a hole in the wall

“Harry stop!” Draco cried but was surprised when Harry shouted

“Stay out of this… that was a warning shot!” Draco looked behind him to see several dark elven soldiers looking stunned

“This is between you and me Malfoy!” Harry sneered “you tried to kill Ron, you killed Dumbledore” Harry said spitting on the ground “you lied to me! You tricked me!” Harry shouted

“No Harry I was…” But Draco ducked to avoid getting hit with another nasty spell

Harry was enraged as he then conjured a sword from his wand and was vaguely surprised when Malfoy did the same and they went after each other. Harry was surprisingly good as he had been getting private lessons for years now as was Draco. They fought with a fury of clangs ringing into the night. They had developed quite a crowd too watching the young prince fight this unknown foe. Light elf and Dark elf stood side by side transfixed on this battle.

This is how Orion found Draco when his guard came into the square to find them.

Harry saw a small group come into the square and for a brief moment was distracted as he heard Ron shout


Suddenly he had a sword pointed towards his throat

“You’re supposed to be the hero Harry!” Draco said to him “I’m not your enemy”

“Some Hero I am!” Harry shouted “I want you dead Malfoy!”

Clouds rushed in across the sky and formed overhead and lightning flashed across the sky… rain started to fall and the started to pick up blowing bits of dust and debris across the ground. A storm had come in at unnatural speed and Harry’s eyes started to glow.

“I hate you!” Harry said

“Harry please…” Draco lowered his sword

Harry didn’t realize what he was doing as he suddenly leaned in and was enraptured by a kiss

As soon as it started Harry broke away

Harry’s face suddenly broke out into a smile and he started laughing

“HAHAhahAHAahAHAHAhaAhaH” Harry cackled “HAhahHaHhAaHAaaaaaa”

He laughed and laughed and suddenly he started crying

“Harry” Draco asked concerned as he saw the tears forming in Harry’s eyes

“Draco…” Harry whispered as the tears fell freely down his face… “I can’t control it… RUN!” Harry gasped

Harry stuck his had out and was shocked when hundreds of tendrils of light burst from his arm. The tendrils shot out and wrapped around the air the power radiating from his was enough to knock Draco backwards at least ten feet. The tendrils hit a nearby building destroying it before wrapping around the air like a whip and destroying the other buildings around him. Similar strands of magic started coming out of his back and other arm.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!” Harry screamed as the magic tendrils suddenly pushed him off the ground

People watched from afar as a light broke the darkness as flashes of magic radiated through the air… suddenly a bight light shot into the air and suddenly the clouds from overhead started to get sucked down forming a tornado around the light. Inside it Harry screamed and screamed as if he were being stabbed over and over.

Draco watched in horror as magic around him started to take form and the ground around him warped as if being melted and reformed like clay.

“Harry!” Draco screamed rushing forward only to be blown back from the wind rushing around him.

Suddenly the guards started to move forward on Harry

“STAY BACK!” Draco ordered keeping the people away

Draco watched in horror as the magic continued to condense, there was an eerie glow surrounding Harry now as he continued to absorb all the magic in the air.

Draco focused and time seemed to slow and he watched as the wind seemed to slow and he watched as the debris in the air started to slow to a hover

‘now!’ he thought racing forward and without realizing he managed to jump high into the air feeling a slight breeze as he blast through the tornado around Harry and plucked the boy out of the sky falling back to the ground with him in his arms unconscious, but before they even hit the ground they disappeared into the light and it faded from the sky.

Around the place where they had been Light elves and Dark elves were broken by the sounds of a trumpet playing in the background signaling the stop of the attack. The battle was over.




Almost a week later the Lords of all the major cities including the Dark Elven cities had met and all agreed to send aid to fight the new threat of Voldemort uniting the elven realm like never before. Lord Zasuan sighed as he was finishing up a few final letters in his study.


Nico my son,,


Many things have happened since we have last spoken, and though you have chosen exile I write in the hope that you may again return to us. Your brother is missing again, and though your aid returned him home I am afraid I must seek your assistance yet again. He is missing, and from what we have gathered he is in the beginnings of an elven bond with another male. I know you know what this means and how important it is that we find him. I beg you, please return home.


Your Father



Zas sealed the letter and looked up to see his friend glaring back at him

“You can get this to him can’t you?”

“I can” his friend replied but I don’t think he will be happy about it” Orion growled “perhaps you might persuade me to help him see?”

“That won’t be necessary; however I will give you what you ask”

“That is most generous, what gave your change of heart?”

“I just realized I cannot stop true love”

“About time”

“Ever the Slytherin aren’t you”

“You did send me to Wizarding School”

“I did”

“Very well” Zas watched his friend get up to leave “Orion… good luck”




“Percy, have you the files I requested”

“I do minister” he happily replied

“Good, with this warrant we can take Potter and use him by force, we can’t take the chance if he is the chosen one.”

“Very good minister” Fudge said appearing in the doorway to his office.

“ahh excellent fudge” Scrigemor said then standing from his desk “take this to the Aurors, they are orders to kill anyone who resists taking potter.”

“Very good minister” Fudge said with his eyes gleaming

“This will teach that nobody crosses the ministry” Scrigemor said “now go both of you.”

Percy hurried along the corridors, this was his chance to show his family, and finally they will be useful. They had to know where Potter was. Soon his father would finally give him the reverence he deserved he knew it. He happily skipped into the Aurors office with orders and his last thought before entering was ‘by the end of the day, I will have saved the world’

By the end of the day, the Aurors were sweeping streets and combing areas looking for Potter. The Dursley’s were brought in for questioning and their interrogations were not going well (Percy frowned at the thought.) It was time to step up the search, stopping by the Aurors office and them grabbing a few loyal followers. Percy led the team out of the ministry through the apparition point.

“Time to pay the family a visit”


The Aurors had just vanished out the apparition point when suddenly six cloaked figures appeared in the atrium. They glanced around. They were all wearing pure while cloaks the covered all of their faces. After determining where they should head the approached the front desk. Upon seeing them coming the clerk muttered a few spells alerting the Aurors there was a problem and to alert the minister.

“Can I help you?” the clerk said unable to mask his lack of confidence

“We are here to speak with your minister of magic; you will direct us to him at once.”

“HALT” a new voice rang out. Several Aurors were coming out of the elevator all of them had their wands drawn and at the ready.

“We mean you no harm” the head elf began to say when suddenly one of the Aurors yelled


Pandemonium ensued as then all the Aurors started firing

The cloaked figures instantly huddled back to back and drew glistening silver shields. The spells bounced off of them. Spells hit the figures robes and did nothing. The Aurors stopped firing. The figures drew swords and a few bows.

The Aurors were stunned for a moment

“As I was saying” the leader of the figures lowered his sword and then lowered his hood then dropped his cloak revealing an elf in regal full battle armor, glistening in white and gold, revealing his elvish blonde hair and long ears and sturdy handsome face. “We are here to speak to your minister, concerning the issue of Voldemort; you will direct us to him.”

The Aurors were floored

“I am right here” Scrigemor announced coming from around a corner, Shacklebot your team is dismissed. You may follow me. Scrigemor directed towards the elevator.




The Weasleys were sitting down enjoying a late lunch when the alarms for the wards went off. Immediately Arthur Weasley ran to the windows to see a very large team of Aurors and ministry officials coming up the drive.

“Molly, there is something wrong, get the children out now... through the floo.”

“Molly hastened to do so shouting 12 Grimmwauld Place into the flames and pushing Ginny through”

“Fred and George disappeared into the flames leaving Molly and Arthur when the Front door was blasted off its hinges. Silently Arthur sent Molly a glance and instantly knowing what she meant she ran to her clock in the kitchen, opened the glass over the face and moved the hands in a counter clockwise fashion she managed to get three revolutions in before she was struck in the back by a stupefy, her husband following a second later.

“MOM” Ginny was yelling into the flames of the fire. Fred and George were attempting to pull her back

“What happened” she screamed

Suddenly she felt a prickling behind her nose like someone was tickling it and then it suddenly became more irritated so she began to scratch her nose. Suddenly out of the fire appeared none other then Charlie Weasley and Bill and Fleur Weasley.

“What happened?” Charlie asked sounding grave “where is mom and dad?”

“We don’t know” Fred said “some people were coming up the drive when mom shouted for us to get into the fire, they weren’t death eaters I saw them… I’d say they were

“Aurors” George finished

“How did you know we were here?”

“Mom I would guess she activated the Weasley Alarm”

Ginny gave him a puzzling look

Charlie got down on his knees and looked up at Ginny

“Mom and Dad knew that when Voldemort came back something terrible might happen, they made the Weasley alarm in hope that if something did happen they could get to the clock and turn the hands backwards three times. Doing so would instantly let every person of Weasley blood know where the others were. They did so in case they were about to die.”

“That means” Bill said “they knew something was about to happen so they activated the alarm and the tingling in our noses told us to come here.”

“But where are Mom and Dad?” Ginny asked afraid of the answer

“We don’t know”

The last thing Ginny remembered was a strong set of arms wrapping around her as her world fell away.




“Please have a seat, Cornelius please bring our guests some refreshments”

The elven envoy found themselves in a lavish conference room with many chairs; they sat themselves facing the minister and an odd silence fell upon them.

“What brings you to our realm?” Scrigemor said delicately

“The elven cities of Adendele and Slythersend were both attacked by the one you call Voldemort, we have come in response to request aid and to offer aid to your forces.” The leader said with feeling

“And…who are you?” Scrigemor asked

“My name is Orion Firebrush, I am a representative of the elven realm, I represent the Lord Zasuan Phoenix of Adendele, these are other representatives form other major elven cities.”

“I see, please tell me about the attack”

So Orion launched into the story of the attack and the heroics of the young prince and how he prevented a war and then he reached the point about Harry Potter, the second Harry’s name was mentioned Scrigemor immediately slammed his hand on the table and nearly bellowed


“Well he was, we don’t know where he is now”

“You’re hiding him aren’t you?”

“I don’t understand what you mean”

“CORNELIUS” Scrigemor bellowed

Fudge came busting in with a tray of cookies


Orion realizing what was happening quickly stood and grabbed the minister by the arm the other elves quickly circled in and with a great flash of light… were gone

The Aurors rushed into the room only to find a dazed Fudge on the floor. Seconds later they felt the ground shake beneath them as a resounding…


…Rocked the Ministry

“What was that?” Shacklebot asked one of the Aurors

Suddenly screams filled the air

“IT’S HIM… the dark lord… he’s here!” someone said running by…

The Ministry of Magic was under attack


cailenauthor 2011

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