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  1. Cailen! Where did you disappear to? I hope you're having a great birthday wherever you are! :)

  2. Almost missed it, but it's still your birthday in my time zone, so I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Cailen! :)

  4. DON'T PANIC!!! I'm taking down SOWK to make some minor revisions to make certain parts flow better with the ending, I will have it back up in a week or so.

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    2. Jammi


      this is exciting news :) can't wait to see what you do to the story Cailen

    3. Cailen


      I found that despite that the story is told in the first person, it was lacking certain emotional depth, There is a powerful scene coming in a couple of chapter that wasn't working because it contrasted too sharply with the characters at large, too forced, not organic enough. So i've added a few non-sensical scenes to add back-story, depth, and character attachment (before i kill them off... spoilers!)this should allow the ending to come through as it was meant to.


    4. asamvav111


      kill who? *Sharpens knife*

  5. Cailen

    Plagiarizers And Gay Authors

    I share a lot of the same sentiments as everyone else. But I also just had the pleasure of having my work plagiarized myself. I was informed by GA Staff and it was dealt with promptly. It's hard on us because that in this instance it obviously went on for some time. But be vigilant and do your best, because luck runs out, and cheaters get caught. When it happens, you'll be ready to make a difference. GA certainly made one for me, and I cannot express in words how grateful I am for that. It's a pretty shitty world we live in sometimes, there is not one gay person I know that has not had to go through some hardship for being gay, for the most part I found that it makes us closer in some ways. It's sad that some people choose to take advantage of that. This is not the first time for me, luckily this one didn't hit so close to home. Chin up folks, let us not waver our commitment, and remember the love we have for one another in our hearts. God Bless Cailen
  6. I started writing again, (finished a chapter of SOWK) first time in just under six months. it's been a rollercoaster... Mother in law dying, having my brother in law move in, us fighting with him, him moving out, trying to buy a house, my grandmother dying, buying a place, moving... and now final there is rest... for those of you who sent well wishes... thank you. For those of you waiting for me, thank you. I'm hoping this peace will last.

    1. comicfan


      Take a deep breath, relax a moment, and take life as it happens. You can't always plan what you want, but you have the skills to cope with what comes your way. Hug.

    2. LJH


      Peace is not a relic in the far corner of a museum: it can be touched In even the most diabolical moments of our lives. I hope you embrace it. Hugs my bro

  7. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    Hey Michael9344, I'm glad you liked my little vampire story. I tried to do a different spin on the regular blah blah you normally read. Thanks for review ~Cailen
  8. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    That's some high praise. Thanks Yettie, Yes the vampires have an invincible quality to them, but they are vulnerable in other ways. I really tried to capture a human aspect to it, and i am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again, ~Cailen
  9. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    Thank you, I'm really tickled that so many people have gone ahead and reviewed. I'm really glad that you liked it, thanks again. ~Cailen
  10. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    Well, my Vampires do not sparkle... if that's what you meant... For a long time I had a reoccurring dream about a vampire drinking from me while i slept, but in the morning I would forget and that was the basis on Onyx. Thank you for taking the time to review, I am glad you enjoyed it. ~Cailen
  11. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    It was a hint at the suggestion that everyone has some darkness inside them, but it is really what is in their hearts that matters. Thank you for reviewing, I am happy you enjoyed the story. ~Cailen
  12. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    Thank you, I am really glad you liked it. Thanks for supporting the Anthology. ~Cailen
  13. Cailen

    Onyx: In Darkness

    Thanks Wayne, I'm really glad you enjoyed Hugs
  14. A Short Story of a Vampire named Onyx

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