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Model Behaviour - 2. Chapter 2

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Welcome back for another chapter of Model Behaviour. This one is... well, hotter.

If you like my story, shoot me an email! Dearpetersfo@gmail.com

Fourteen long days.

That was how long Harry had to wait before he could see Alex again.

They’d filled that time exchanging DMs, sending each other selfies, and talking on the phone when privacy allowed. The electricity they’d shared in person was still present in their remote conversations, with Alex’s irresistible charm somehow shining even through the phone handset.

The end result was, Harry was falling hard and fast. He’d had a massive crush on Alex for as long as he could remember, secretly hoping that Alex had posted every time he opened Instagram, but two weeks of basking in the boy’s radiance had now added a whole new dimension to his infatuation.

The real thing was so much better than he ever could have imagined.

Despite Harry’s infatuation though, he was actually running late for their second photo shoot. Christopher had already selected Harry’s outfits for the day, for his half of another concurrent shoot with Alex, but Harry was still stuck with the decision of what to wear to the studio. He wanted something that exemplified his best assets, something that would make Alex think about him the way he thought about Alex.

Nothing was working out, though.

He’d tried on half the clothes in his wardrobe, but he just couldn’t get the look ‘right’. Everything just made him look pale and skinny.

“Are you ready yet?”

Harry’s mum poked her head through the doorway, wrinkling her nose at the combination of Axe deodorant and Alex Wyatt fantasies.

“Why is half your wardrobe on the floor, Harrison?”

“I, uh, can’t decide what to wear.”

“You need to pick it up.”

“I will.”

“That means now.”

“No way. We need to go!”

Jill shook her head and looked around the broader mess of the room.

“You really need to clean this room, as well. Open the windows, let some fresh air in.

Jill shook her head again and then exited the room, leaving Harry to stare into his reflection. After examining his button-down shirt from all angles, he decided it just wasn’t cutting it. He yanked the button-down shirt over his head, then reached into the floor pile and grabbed a plain white t-shirt instead.

“Keep it simple.”

He nodded to his reflection, then rearranged a couple of tufts of hair so that they’d spill over his forehead.


And with that, he grabbed his phone and made a beeline for the garage.

* * * * *

“Harry, hey!” Christopher looked up from his laptop as Harry entered the studio, genuinely happy to see him. “How’s my favourite new model?”

“Good, thanks.”

Harry looked around, immediately searching for Alex.

“He’s in the changing room. Should be out in a minute.”


Christopher was under no illusions about Harry’s infatuation. He watched as Harry began fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. His stupid, plain, boring shirt.

“So how’s your day going, Harry?”


“And how’s school?”


Harry looked toward the changing room again.

“Where’s your mum? Is she coming today?”

“No.” Harry offered a sheepish grin. “She, uh, had to go to work.”

“Well that’s a shame.” Christopher’s wink suggested it was anything but. “What time will she be back?”

“I don’t know.”

At that moment, Alex emerged from the changing room. He was wearing a full red-and-white soccer kit, complete with knee-high socks, and the sort of smile that not even a supermodel could fake.


He looked Harry up and down, appreciating both the outfit and the boy inside it. He then crossed the studio floor and offered Harry a quick hug.

“You’re late.”

“I know. Sorry.”

Alex squeezed Harry on the arm, then turned back to Christopher.

“You ready?”

“You bet.”

Alex stepped in front of the camera and instantly ‘switched on’. Catalog work like this was his bread and butter.

“I was thinking I’d stagger you guys today,” Christopher said, as he adjusted settings on his camera. “Shoot one of you while the other changes outfits, and vice versa. Does that sound okay?”


“I guess…”

It sounded more than okay, despite Harry’s bland answer. How could he resist more time in the changing room with Alex Wyatt?

“Okay, cool.” Christopher nodded and prepare to take his first shot. “I’ve laid out your first outfit next door, Harry, so go get changed and we’ll get started.”

* * * * *

It took only one outfit change for Alex to have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and still be in the changing room waiting for Harry.

“Took you long enough,” Alex said, shaking his head dramatically as Harry opened the changing room door. He waited for Harry to enter, then pushed the door closed again. “Did you bring your swimsuit like we talked about?”

“I did.”

“Show me.”

Harry reached into his backpack and pulled out a pair of knee-length board shorts, much like the ones he’d worn at his first shoot.

“No, no way.”

Alex screwed up the boardies and tossed them across the room. He then turned to the clothing rack and began rifling through swimsuits.


Alex held out a pair of black Speedos with red detail, the briefest Harry had ever seen.

“I can’t wear those.”

“Why not?”

“I’ll look ridiculous.”

“You’ll look hot as fuck.” Alex leaned closer and whispered a plea. “Please wear them. For me.”

Harry looked into Alex’s sparkling eyes, hating the effect the boy had on him. Alex then leaned closer, close enough to leave a trail of hot breath on Harry’s neck, and planted a brief kiss on Harry’s cheek.


Harry blinked slowly, barely able to process what had just happened.

Did Alex Wyatt really just kiss me?

Holy fuck.

Harry was still motionless. Dumbfounded.

He then looked down, mortified to see a growing mound in his modeled tracksuit.

“Oh my. Can’t get one of those in a Speedo.” Alex’s smirk did nothing to help Harry’s cause. “Well actually, I’ve had plenty of Speedo boners. Not a good idea with the camera around, though.”

Harry went absolutely red-faced. A blessing in disguise, as his blood rushed from his cock to his crimson cheeks.

“Anyway, I’d better get back out there.” Alex gave Harry one more million-dollar smile, then checked his outfit in the mirror. “Sooner we’re done here, the sooner we’ll be in the pool.”

Alex disappeared into the studio, leaving Harry still motionless.

* * * * *

Half a dozen outfits later, the boys were done with their respective shoots.

After cycling through active wear, soccer uniforms, and skating gear, Harry was actually starting to feel like a real model. Christopher seemed to think so, as well, complimenting Harry on his rapidly-improving skills.

“Are you still not changed yet?”

Alex came back into the changing room and found Harry shirtless, still holding the black Speedo. He was too nervous to put it on, and not even Alex’s smile could overcome the nerves this time.

“I’m really not sure about this, Alex.”

“You’ll be fine, it’s just us.”

Alex stripped off his t-shirt and stood there expectantly, waiting for Harry to do the same. When Harry still didn’t move, Alex stepped closer.

“For me. Please.” He placed his hands on Harry’s shoulders and rubbed gentle circles. “I’m so looking forward to seeing you in that Speedo. Just me and you on the pool deck, soaking up a bit of sun…”

Alex got a faraway look in his eyes.

“I don’t swim a million times a week like you do.”

“That doesn’t matter.” Still Alex rubbed gentle circles, noting the relaxing effect it was slowly having. “Please, just try it on. You’ll look great, I promise.”

Alex leaned even closer and placed a soft kiss on Harry’s lips.


Harry sighed, and immediately missed Alex’s touch as he let go of his shoulders. He stared at the Speedo a moment longer, then turned his back and hurriedly pushed his jeans down. They were followed quickly by his boxer-briefs, before he stepped into the black Speedo and yanked it up to his hips.

Meanwhile, Alex was also getting changed. Harry watched out of the corner of his eye as Alex pushed his jeans down and reached into his backpack, retrieving the same powder blue Speedo he’d been wearing on their first day together.

He then turned away slightly and slid down his own boxer-briefs, giving Harry a close-up view of his perfect ass. Even better was the reflection in the adjacent mirror, showing Alex’s front in all its naked glory.

“Take a picture. It lasts longer.”

Alex stepped into his Speedo with a wink, then turned back around to fully face Harry.

“See, I told you you’d look great.”

Alex grabbed hold of Harry’s shoulders again, gently maneuvering him to stand in front of the mirror. Once there, he stood behind Harry and examined him head-to-toe. From the tips of his messy blond hair to the curves of his shapely feet.

Alex then ran his fingers down Harry’s arms, before taking a detour at his elbows. He stroked the sleek back muscles, the small-but-defined shoulders, and the shallow six-pack that graced Harry’s abdomen.

“You look so good, Harry.”

All the while, Harry tried desperately to keep his gaze straight ahead. He didn’t want to get another boner with Christopher sitting in the next room.

“You guys okay in there?” Christopher called out, seemingly reading Harry’s mind. The voice jolted Alex back to reality, and he allowed his hands to drop back to his sides.

“Yeah, we’re almost done.”

Alex then leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Harry’s shoulder, before scooping up his towel and opening the changing room door. Harry followed close behind, clutching his towel in front of his hips.

“We’re about to hit the pool, Chris,” Alex said. “Wanna join?”

“Ha ha, no thank you.” Christopher looked up from his laptop, where he was already editing today’s images. “You two have fun on your own. I’ve got a heap of work to do on the desktop upstairs, making you two trolls look presentable.”

Alex flipped Christopher a cheeky bird, but laughed nonetheless.

Both boys continued laughing as they walked through the studio door and onto the pool deck.

* * * * *

“I still don’t understand that stupid app.”

Harry shook his head as Alex sat poolside, trying to perfect his lip-sync to an old-school Drake track. He could scroll through his Instagram feed for hours on end, enjoying all the content his celebrity crushes posted, but lip-syncing on Tik Tok was a trend Harry would never understand.

“It’s what my fans like, I guess.” Alex shrugged, after finally nailing the timing on the fourth attempt. “People kept asking me to make an account, so I did. Fifty thousand people can’t be wrong.”

“Unless they voted for Trump.”

Alex chuckled at Harry’s joke, then put his phone down and relaxed back into the sun lounge.

They’d already swum and horsed around for half an hour, with plenty of dunking and laughing and ass-grabbing. Now they were just laying back, enjoying a few UV rays and the pleasure of each other’s company.

“So why do you do so many photo shoots with Chris?”

“How do you mean?”

“You guys seem to know each other well. I’ve never seen you post his shots on Instagram, though.”

“That’s because I don’t. Chris does all of my catalog stuff, which I don’t really post on Insta. I’ve been in clothing catalogs for a few stores.”

“Wow, I had no idea.”

And now I MUST see all the photos.

“Why aren’t your parents around to supervise, then?”

“They just trust Chris, I guess.” Alex looked away, showing a little uncertainty for the first time. “I dunno, they’re always busy. They have their own lives.”

“What do they do?”

“My Dad’s a pilot. International. Mum’s pretty busy at work, as well. She’s a manager at some accounting firm.”

Hashtag relatable.

“You don’t see much of your parents, then?”

“No, not really.”

Harry reached out and squeezed Alex’s hand, drawing a small-but-appreciative smile.

“What about your mum? Why isn’t she here today?”

“She’s at work.” Harry rolled his eyes. “Bit like your mum, probably. Always managing someone else’s problems.”

“If only they could manage their own.”

They remained silent for a moment. The unspoken understanding was more than enough.

Harry looked over Alex’s body again, as he had so many times since they’d sat down. He still couldn’t believe this boy, this sun-kissed sleek-muscled God of a boy, was even interested in him.

“What are you thinking about right now?” Alex recognized the change in Harry’s mood. He liked it better when Harry was smiling. “You’re not having those doubts again, are you?”

“No, I was just—” Alex wasn’t buying Harry’s denial. “I dunno. I’m still struggling to get my head around it.”

“Around what?”

“This.” Harry gestured a full one-hundred-and-eighty degrees. “Us. It’s all so surreal.”

“You’ll get used to it.”

Harry broke eye contact and looked to the sky.

Alex propped himself up on an elbow and took the chance to look over Harry’s body. Despite what Harry thought, the blond boy’s slender frame was a massive turn-on, and Alex couldn’t wait to explore it more when the opportunity arose.

An opportunity like right now, perhaps.

“We should probably get inside.”

Harry looked over at Alex again, surprised by the suggestion. He wasn’t in a mood to argue, though.


Alex watched Harry’s ass as he bent over and picked up his towel, filing the mental image away for later use.

* * * * *

“Give it back!”


Harry snatched at his backpack, annoyed and amused in equal measure, as Alex stopped him from getting dressed. They’d been horsing around in the changing room for a few minutes now, still clad in their damp Speedos. With Alex’s lightning quick reflexes, Harry didn’t feel like he’d have the opportunity to get dressed any time soon.

“You have to promise me, Harry.”

“I’m not doing it.” Harry snatched at the backpack again, but Alex was too quick. “It’s a stupid app. I won’t do it!”

“But you’re missing out on my Tik Toks!”

“Well, I’ll just have to live with that.”

Harry snatched at his backpack once more, but wasn’t successful. Hanging around in his damp Speedo was starting to get to him, though.

“Come on. I’m getting cold.”


Alex looked at the goosebumps on Harry’s skin and realized he wasn’t joking. He grabbed his own towel off his shoulder and wrapped it around Harry’s shoulders.

“Let’s warm you up, then.”

He grabbed Harry’s shoulders and started rubbing them, aided by the towel’s friction. He quickly raised Harry’s body temperature and then, mission completed, remained close staring into Harry’s eyes.

“You know we’re alone down here, right?”

Alex leaned in, but Harry twisted away.

“We can’t.”

“Why not?”

“What if Chris walks in on us?”

“He won’t.”

“What if he does?”

“He’s working upstairs. We’ll be fine.”

Alex leaned in again, but Harry still avoided contact.

“What if my mum shows up early?”

“She won’t.”

“You don’t know that.”

“You’re right, I don’t.”

Alex leaned in again anyway.

“What about—”



Harry looked into Alex’s eyes, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Please be quiet.”

Alex leaned in again and, this time, Harry allowed their lips to meet. It was a chaste kiss to begin with, but Alex could feel Harry quickly getting into it.

"Is this okay?" Alex broke their kiss and looked into Harry's eyes. He offered his very best smile, and was relieved when Harry returned it.

He then leaned in and initiated another kiss. This time, he threaded his fingers through Harry’s hair, causing him to lean into the kiss even further. Their tongues wrestled back and forth with no clear winner in sight.

“Wait a minute.” It was Harry who broke their kiss now, breathing like he’d just run a marathon. “I, uh, need a minute—”

Alex looked down at Harry’s bulging Speedo. He could practically see it throbbing in time with Harry's heartbeat.

He knew instantly what Harry needed.

Alex leaned in for another kiss and, this time, pressed Harry against the wall. He threaded his fingers through Harry’s blond waves, and imagined his blue eyes rolling back in his head. He kept plundering Harry's mouth as the boy pressed his hardness against Alex’s thigh.

For long moments they remained connected, with both boys slowly rising to a crescendo. Then finally, with a cry that Alex swallowed whole, Harry came breathlessly in his sodden Speedo.

Holy shit.

Alex watched as Harry slowly came back to Earth, eyes fluttering open and taking a moment to focus. At some point, Alex realized he had also squirted a generous load. It had barely even registered, so focused was he on Harry’s pleasure.

“Fuck. That was…”


Alex leaned his forehead against Harry’s, desperate to maintain a connection. They remained in that pose for a few moments, as their breathing slowly returned to normal.

“I should, um, probably take this Speedo home," Harry finally said, mildly embarrassed with himself.


“I think I need to wash it.”

Alex looked down, now registering the mess Harry had made.

“Yeah, washing it might be a good idea.”

Alex then leaned in for another slow kiss, this time more in appreciation.

“That was really fucking hot, Harry. So much hotter than I’d imagined.”

“I know.”

“We should, uh, do it again some time.”


Harry poked his tongue out, making sure Alex knew he was joking.

At that moment, they heard movement upstairs.

“Harry, your mum’s here.”


Harry rolled his eyes at the intrusion, before leaning in for a final kiss.

“You want me to call you later?”

“Yes, please.”

Alex leaned in for second final kiss. And then a third. And a fourth.

“I should really go.”

“You should.”

Harry quickly pulled his jeans and t-shirt on.

“I’ll talk to you later, then.”

“Count on it.”

And with a fifth, six, and seventh final kiss, the boys finally went their separate ways.

Thanks for reading the second chapter of Model Behaviour. I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for more!

Copyright © 2020 dearpeter; All Rights Reserved.

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