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Dreams of Humanity 1. Dreams of Humanity Premium

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Garret Lars was a clone designed and created to command troops. When the war ended suddenly, political manipulation landed him in a geisha house. He's not there long before the truth sets him free.

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Mature story contains dark themes involving graphic violence and taboo topics that may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Please do not read further if this bothers you.

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My all-time favorite Science Fiction novel is The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.  I own both a hardcover (actually trade paperback) version and a Kindle version.  Every couple years, I open one of them and re-read it - each time finding some new facet that had been undiscovered until that reading.

Dreams of Humanity is the same for me.  I read it many years ago here on Gay Authors.  It disappeared for a while and then reappeared, but I have always held onto my own copy.  It and its sequel are my favorite completed Science Fiction stories on the web.  Each time I read them, I discover some jewel within that my previous readings had missed.

In almost all of my reviews at this site, I have stressed the importance of character portrayal by the authors.  In Dreams of Humanity the reader is drawn to Garrett Lars/Atrix as steadily as a moth to candle flame, first in sympathy, then in admiration and finally with an unbridled sense of respect for Garrett's personality, strength and - amazingly - humanity.

This is a complex story with many threads weaving a tapestry of a future universe where great power is held by three different - and differing - forms of governance.  Dan Kirk is masterful in his descriptions to us, the readers, how those different alliances are governed.  Because it is important to the overall tapestry, he even gives very plausible histories of why each alliance operates as it does.

He draws the readers into each military action with such prose that it is almost like watching a video, it is so real within our minds.  As with his other stories, Dan proves that he is great at giving his readers very plausible military situations and actions.  

The supporting characters, and there are many, are also fleshed out so that we become familiar with each one to the point that we develop opinions of each whether of admiration or contempt.

The story is a grand epic which focusses on a main character that is most remarkable and is told in a setting that is so imaginative and so large that when we reach the end, we are physically tired and filled with awe.

It is at that point that we turn to Dreams of a Father and find that it is possible for an author to write a tremendously good story and follow it up with an even better one.

If you like Science Fiction, space battles, International (Interplanetary) drama and intrigue and characters that you are drawn to inescapably, I would not recommend Dreams of Humanity to you, but rather beseech you to immediately go to Chapter One.

As with all of Dan Kirk's stories, the English construction is superb, the grammar almost perfect and without error.  Though it is a large story - like Mrs. Russell's The Sparrow, there is not a wasted sentence or phrase.  Just a superbly constructed piece of prose.


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This is an absorbing, exciting, well-written story.  One where earth is the enemy, clones are the norm, and space fights abound.

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This story turned out not what I was expecting, and that was beautiful. An epic science fiction tale, that I would recommend for anyone that loves SciFi.

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The story has so many twists and turns sometimes I was a little confused. But as the story progressed things coalesced to the point where we are left at a cliffhanger. I don't know where to find the next part of this epic story.

Very well written, proof-reading way excellent and I could see the purple & green eyes of the clones & humans. The year is 2018 and I have not found part 2 which does not have Dreams of Humanity in the title. I subscribed to gayauthors.org and nifty.org because I enjoyed the stories so much. Authors should not be ripped off because many stories aren't individually priced as does Amazon or Audible.

Thanks to dkstories for the adventure with all the characters!

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This is one of my all time favorite science fiction stories.  It does start in a different place but it moves on from there and becomes pretty epic.  As with all of dkstories' writing, there is a heavy, believable political weight to the story.


Definitely worth your time if you like science fiction!

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